Stupid moment

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A long pause. If I actually get an audience Oh yeah. I should be blogging as orange jeff in world. I can do that. I just had a whole elaborate plan, but I knew I’d forget !OST of it before…

Stupid moment

A long pause. If I actually get an audience

Oh yeah. I should be blogging as orange jeff in world. I can do that.

I just had a whole elaborate plan, but I knew I’d forget !OST of it before I got to write it down. I’m high on really strong indica. It truly represents in da couch, which is how I now remember indica is the strong sleepy one. I did one dab in the vaporizer pen and felt it.

Tonight, just now I did quite a few using the strongest method person experimentation allows. I got quite high, but sleepy high. I actually sat quiet not really thinking about anything except I liked it but didn’t want to fall asleep already…

So I was about to play my new favourite erotic hypnosis… And I have no idea how I ended up blogging…ah yes. I felt guilty for sleeping instead of at least be writing. It would be quite simple to live stream me writing my blog in real time as I type it in world.

By the way, I didn’t last two days staying in character. Too much of the fun for me, is in how much fun the game is, and finding new discoveries.

Maybe I just need to find the right church.

Stop. Does that word scare you? I worry some people stopped reading at that word.

I just did. The potvwave hits again. Whoa. I worry it will cost me more next time.

Hypnosis time.


Loud instead of headphones

Mood broken.

Fast greatest. Fear.


People who do things the hard way often are very imaginative about figuring out the hard way when the easy ways are seemingly too hard. I never know how many obstacles will be thrown in my way on my quest to complete the simplest if facts.

It is a real time, slowed by a strong dose of weed… I get distracted by every shiney object along the way.

I’m just getting closer to actually doing anything and I begin to sabayague or at the very least, avoid progress as I always do.

I have already dismissed in my mind the idea of success. I’m not really trying. I have a disability mental block that sadly exists because I believe it dies,cans I’m currently designing my own universe.

I am…

Did I take the decongestion pills? I survived last week taking two so I’ll try again.

That statement is one that should scare you.

More importantly… Should I have used more over? I don’t know what that means but it sounds… I answered my own question.

Oh, sniffle. U didn’t take the pill yet.


I took all my cheques to the car because my out of the house trip was cancelled and I came home rather than to the bulk Barn for that very real addiction.

Hershey’s kisses and footie roll flaoures. One keeps my mouth moist, much like a bum.j9

Ding lightbulb moment

Open mouth breathers often look dumb… I’m probably only allowed to say dumb until Jim

Cary dies.


Genius spotting. I think I am forced to year off each pill before the fairly difficult opening procedure. If by plan I applaud. It also means I won’t falsy believe I have more left than I do.

Or you probably already figured that out.

Ding. The premises of this but has just been detected as negative, well hidden. It makes the assumption they are as smart or smarter than I feel I am. It isn’t concur able I know something they don’t.

Shut up negative voice.

End of this part.


My nose clogs for masterbation and weed.

Once clogged I often start into a two week cycle of red nose blowing sessions or dry mouth breathing clogs. Various meds mixed may be dangerous



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