I’m not sure if this is just me. But I suspect not. The way we use social media has changed, subtly without much notice Bering paid. It’s a fascinating burst of unexpected culture shock that is a fascinating spectator sport.…

Social Media Life Stages

I’m not sure if this is just me. But I suspect not. The way we use social media has changed, subtly without much notice Bering paid. It’s a fascinating burst of unexpected culture shock that is a fascinating spectator sport. I mean the whole way the plant reacted I totally and then the changes on our life’s that brought us to today.

I wish I could be around for another 20 years to see how it will turn out. Not well I suspect but that’s a sad outlook. Nobody knows how the Internet will continue to create new jobs and new incomes over the next 5, 10 or 30 years.

At first, our friends and family doing Facebook, and at first, almost everyone loved it. It became a morning task either before or after reading your email.

You got to see what friends were doing, and click like on their weekend photos or pet videos. It literally changed my life. I could stay on my bedroom and have more interaction with contacts than I ever did before.

My brain adapted to posts and sharing and I could feel the likes on my posts as if they were smiles. I made witty replys on other people’s posts too. People were textually laughing at my Star Trek punchlines or other interests.

Facebook expanded and changed and it became an actual effort to learn how to keep your friends and acquaintances in your feed. Instead you were presented with other group posts and advertisements.

None of seem to use it the way we first did . It’s still a useful tool at times, but I only see a few friends posts each day and often important life events get ignored by the match that chooses for us. If I don’t like my friends pictures often enough, I get a truck ad instead.

Then the others cane. Instagram and Snapchat and others and once again we start by adding our friends but they have so much content new to us, it becomes a new pastime to just scroll the videos of creative strangers from all over the world.

Or just pretty women. There are more pretty women on Instagram than I ever knew existed. All kinds of beauty.

The object of collecting followers now became the new addiction. I fell for it briefly but not being a beautiful woman starts me off with a significant disadvantage. I was never going to collect 1 million followers.

At some point, collecting followers van become your job. Instagram pays you for posting content of loads of followers will see it. Advertisers may pay even more.

The age of influencers. Women {mostly} lucky enough to pretty is such a way to gain the numbers could actually make a decent living wage. Smart marketers could make a million dollars or more a month out of nowhere. Simply by being pretty and posting.

The more they make. The more they have to make. I’m not sure how sustainable beauty based income is, bit I would imagine your windfall could decline fast and catch you off guard wondering what happened.

You lose the house. The car, the money but your only skill is being pretty so many of them are screwed.

What I noticed. Even for my Instagram of only 3000 followers, my priority switched to posting to keep them happy. I no longer spend much time viewing Instagram.

I think a lot of people don’t even log on anymore. An automated not just posts pics and videos at strategic intervals all day. Hopi g to reach audiences at any time.

I believe my posts are not even seen most of the time.i no longer feel good about the likes. They’re few and far between and I’m not sure I trust they’re real fans.

Instagram has become an art show where only artists attend and everyone it pitching. But nobody is looking at the art.

I lost 300 followers today when I posted that. Shit. How can I earn them back?

On my Snapchat it doesn’t even show me if peoe are watching my posts. There are no stats or likes. People use Snapchat to post their videos and nobody knows who sees it

I suppose the pretty girls may have a different experience. They all started charging for content or interaction.

If I want to interact with just about anyone online, I have to pay. We finally got quality free porn so guys started throwing their money at online girls. Some will interact with you but a lot of women online sell non interactive content only.

Most of them are almost certainly men, happy got sell you some unknown pretty women’s library of pics and videos.

It’s crazy how much money guys are throwing at normal girls these days .

The girls assume a customer is a regular but there is no loyalty of men. They’ll move on to new pics soon enough.

We’re all shouting to be seen, and nobody is looking around at quality posts anymore.

Then a new trend emerges and it starts over again.

This is an exaggeration and I grow tired as I write so I may just end with the old man sentmate.

It sure ain’t what it used to be

I can’t wait too see what it is next


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