So heres the pitch

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I had a fantastic time.  I have a Wednesday night bingo game with some if the sexiest people from all over.  Im more like Kramer trying to be a regular at cheers. Wow.  Mixing up Kramer for Frauser Crsne from…

So heres the pitch

I had a fantastic time.  I have a Wednesday night bingo game with some if the sexiest people from all over.  Im more like Kramer trying to be a regular at cheers.

Wow.  Mixing up Kramer for Frauser Crsne from Cheers,  less Seatyle Dr Fraiear Crane

Tick Dennie Crane

Tick. Oh my.  Do I have literary rerettes. My thinking slowed down ti the speed if my phone typing with a never look back.

I have no time for my past, I’m always surfing the river making left irvright fork choices.

Oh.  The main.

I had a brilliant idea this evening, coinciding with the end if a sleepy week. I strongly suspect my circle will be forced ti bring it up.


Bug zeppelin had my other storyline.

What is the goal I will hate least ?  Somebody saying,  I’ll be your handler.  My number guster .  I need a gesture.

My idea was ti create a show about what its like for an old happy raver from the 90s while has taken the sacred orange windowpane acid mistaken as a stage light 7 inch orange filter.

I actually have confidence that…

Ok. Let me state. I think my natural wit and style, in my sincere desire to make everyone smile.  I have pride in myvdtiry,  and I bekurvevi am hashtag prideworthy sharewirrhy

I am however always of two minds and each has their moment.

Pause . is thstvsnythibg?

Is t… Was

Herman head sitcom.  The odd couple living in my brain apartment.  Single shot video of the process that goes in yo makibgva choice or statement.

Im often too far behind evaluating.  I imagine calling Howard Stern when Robin makes an error about our handsome prime minister … And 45 minutes later he comes on and asks me if I know how mad venyemtres I am.



I said in a


Oh oh.

I just saw text below the line in writing.  I believe I may have traveled back in time.

Let me look. .. I scroll and read at the same moment.  S shared now across time.  We may gasp together.  Where will I react?

Ready. ..

Big lick and Tarren Toker wakes up with minimal back story because she was never the hot one at 27

Oh.  That’s the origin story loop

Show idea.  Who wants a project? A goal. A tean. Community theater with even fewer bariers than before

Ding.  I see how that probably be deleted.  Im dream stealing and it’s clear I have hurt my first love too many times.

All my camels have broken backs.


Will you be my first share?  Its a big responsibility

Dont make your first share the grand one

I will do better if I can get a new first share.

Everything I do is great, in my head.

Then, evaluated by the other voice, often if reason. .. Crushes the joy and pride with either a reality check that your globe … I am slowing.  If I rethink it in already behind.

If I punchline, get the laugh,  I might be able to sneak in a recap.


So here us the pitch

I need a live in woman of mild nature to adopt me as a life partner for a 5 year trial.

I am almost as quirky as monk without his first share.  The one you discover that not every one is a winner .

As I write this,  high as fuck on st least weed I believe in my hesrt, I am worthy.

I can’t live without a companion.

I want one forever, but meatloaf warned me. .. Don’t promise the end if time, oromise


Msybe it is a terrible idea.




Its easy to feel bad than good if your mind has generated stringer negatives over time. .. Like mom.

I am worth a look. I need to believe I am not william hung

I am sharing too much.

Either nobody noticed beyond a circle,  and it fizzles. A van diagram where the circles are meters apart.

Its hard to believe that was an amazing visual in my head. Hotels hoops on the grass as

Snd then I forget.

My mind during these writings is more representative of a brick back wall such as you might see for a stand up comedy set.

My ears hear tgevseinfekd chord masterpiece I love the story of .it is my pleasure ti hyperlink you here.

Then, an orange summer water hose spirting.

Regret. I understand that some things in writing are a no win situation. No matter how much I can say this has not been edited, there will always be the opposition story that believes its all scripted.


It is scripted in handcuffs as a transcript but it exists now as a script.

Now.  A fourth wall issue in the world if my orange window one trip. Im orange jeff

If this is a read monologue, and neither jeff in either world is live. ..

Has it lost power? Why do we need good stories to be true? It limits us do much.

I really hate my original will be so filled with efforts, especially eith the two letter words. How is it picking the wrong ones so consistently.

It is likely that future viewers of these types Transcript style writing is on a phone eith a poor 2017 non google corrections.

Ding. Is it possible yo buy android keyboard and dictionary separate.

In still undecided on my thumbs up or down on this one.


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