Daily Obligation Post
Daily affirmations are not for me... I do like the idea of a daily routine however
  • It works.

    It works.

    Sometimes it’s weird how knowledge evolves. A relatively simple and straightforward concept that I just never thought of before now. …
  • OMG.  I just discovered I have SHARKNADO 4 on my PVR… This acid trip just got better.
  • I like to document my life changes

    I like to document my life changes

    A moment passed just now, and in that moment, I spontaniously had a new idea. I love new ideas. They’re …
  • Barking dogs

    Barking dogs

    Have you ever noticed that when dogs are doing irritating things, and you can’t stop them, but the second you …
  • First fail of the day

    First fail of the day

    It’s been put off week after week. Sometimes because I forgot but today I just decided to follow the rules …


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