Simulcasting this blog with a video that actually….This idea has already run stale, and it’s too much of a distraction. I will need to talk tonight. Enough news to tell.

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Whoops. Okay, I think maybe this might work. The idea was that… Not sure whether that’s failure was Google’s for the internet’s or the Nexus 7 mm whatever the 2012 movie And it’s clearly in the fear review YouTube all…

Simulcasting this blog with a video that actually….This idea has already run stale, and it’s too much of a distraction. I will need to talk tonight. Enough news to tell.

Whoops. Okay, I think maybe this might work. The idea was that…

Not sure whether that’s failure was Google’s for the internet’s or the Nexus 7 mm whatever the 2012 movie

And it’s clearly in the fear review YouTube all of those products because I didn’t collect it to mention I have no teeth now sit there or stand there for a

Pause unpause.

Soooo many….. Pause.  Soo oooo much. Soo fast the story comes and wants to be told.


Since I believe that I am capable of being a reliable productive worker

momentstupid things AWw

Part 2.

I’m having a hard time, as I realize new things which .

Warning. This one is going to be hard to follow, but I’ll do my best. You’re not expected to get all the references. I just try my .

It will be impossible…. Sings, that’s what you are. You’re I possible.,. I glad two memories of my current romance. I have already sabotaged it and set myself up for another no touch relationship where I survive on smiles alone.

Ryan Stiles yells; change from his chair at the back of the stage.

Colin scolds him, I am not doing punctuation because it will undoubtedly dist… Fact, yeah I get it. Alanis even sees the irony.

Ding. Interesting. In my years writing I have seldom…. That noise will bother me, just because of the possibility, recorded to my memory as, it kept her up. She will either blame me, and stay silent, assuming, or she  ding wait.

A whistle blows and … Fuck. Yay.

Ideas usually see joy crushed. I just experienced a moment of frustration that is growing inside me and I hate it.

As p….. I must check.

Pause blog.

You may be an unedited first draft, but you don’t get to know what it was really like.

Buz\.yes Dana Carby.

Old age cliches for 500. You don’t know what it was like back when I was a kid.

Yes Dana, that catch is your fifth in a row.  Combining your points with the episode of Jeff’s life from earlier tonight where he spilled his beans as a crazy drug user who’s going to run out of money pretty soon.

I confess to the ad stuff.

Memory spike. I have a friend that went through what they call the program, and it was very hard to be his friend in the beginning. These stories usually when somebody is quitting.

Weeeeoop. History ….. I sat at the word history and before typing the second word, I stopped and stared into… I just thought, is this what they call tweaking? Unable to really think one thought through to even a middle.

Ding callback a.d

I never finished . Ding  I have finished very few things on my own in my 54 years. drugs did not make me forgetful with a short term memory.

I was going to say my memory made me turn to drugs but that’s not really the truth.


The problem with blogs is, everyone newly discovering it will enter on a different story, so I can’t start using my own …

Buzz. James Broking. You buzzed in the amphetamine category.?

I believe this is where he complains he can’t make up his own language ….

The end.

Break to itch, move and reconsider the next 6 hours. Day two of an on again off again binge of bad and worse without medical supervision.

I actually made three cries for…

The problem with cries for help are missed and the sadness of

People who need, nay are making what they consider cries for help over and over. Part of depression comes from the feeling you can’t explain it to a non believer.

There are two types of non believers. Those with a brain chemistry that has a makeup that can’t comprehend the reality of mental blocks, fears or even downright paranoia.

People who might say I know what it’s like, but doesn’t really believe in dibilitating mental status because they have no experience.



Nawwwee… To hard to write that extremely complex imagery I invested in imagining for a simple concept. Not everything needs an analogy.

Ding. Callback.


Nope. I lost both trains of thought. In between each letter I type, my mind has finally realized it doesn’t have to think  on liniar time.

Wjooooosh. I’ll stop on that one. I should at least try to tell the story. If I was a a campfire telling about my 3 days past this way, you’ll have all left.

My thoughts are almost like a crowd yelling for their chance to be ..

I stop and stare, almost as you would expect actors in TV and movies to do when they flashback.

Each n


A-hh.. the wave analogy of new thoughts coming in to fast. You never. Ding seldom get to see… Oh wait. ALL we get to see are waves ending.


Sub story.

Jared. Mr submarine, now Mr sub. Canada.

I told Dave Alker I would open a sdwich shop with felted flat or open fave sandwiches and call it Mr uboat.


Another weird huge revelation.

Pew pew pew

New side thought both relevant and thinly connected nonsense fly by like storm troopers on ewok jet speeders.  Loud mosquitoes.

Oh. Do you know I just realized on my own in the middle of a similar realization, and then somehow it clicked.

Mosquitoes live in the missed.

I don’t like to make a Duuuuh sound as if to infer I feel stupid when I learn something new. I think a part of my charming is in how sincerely I am interested in any discussion as long as I can be around joy and thought

I just recapped at least… Well I stopped at three because I think I would forget 1 when I heard 4.

Learned … Pause. I like the feeling g, but the truth is, I know for me, knowedge brings a smile.


Ding ding ding ding. Doug crosbey blocks 4 out of 6092 incoming tweets.

DVD commentary, when I was typing that sentence, I had a different ending in mind. I decided to change it as I lifted my fingers from the previous word. I was going to say opinions or complaints but…

Every generation complains the new generation is way to fast.


New distraction at 3am.. when


Sudden stop as I saw it is 3am. I am surprised.

I can probably told again without smell be…

I don’t finish sentences as much anymore. I’m

Did one. Have zero clue if it smells in the room or in my nose.


I have been snorting several days a week. No needles and no smoking.

Both of those statements are inaccurate.

3am break… Tumblr


Nope, part of my jump forward into MADness … Stops for the time more sentence but then waited to type…. See, in my mind, if you’re listening, that’s all the sentence you need.


No. That’s all the sentence I need.

Now I time.

Ding improper use of now.

OCD internal pet peeves are few until I realize them, and each time I am surprised at how extreme things were… But my memory is accustomed to


Hmmm., I edit myself there. I have a lot of story to tell,


Ok now.. wait, I respect now. If you want to use it to promote your introduction to a TV show, you better actually start now when you say now.

Sings, say my name say my name say my name.ame.

I like the comfort level with my new candidate. I am already making….

Have I told yet? Oh yeah, at the start into that orange towel.

I always know where my towel is.

My lastest


Pause.  Not sure next.

Toked. 3 Tim.. 4 times since discovery.

I like to say to people, I don’t remember the past chronologically. It serves no purpose. Stories are better told as needed.  So my memory is RAM. Only access by request.

That’s why I like writing or talking free flow. So far, every single person I’ve shared this blog with has never mentioned it again.


Pausing to try a shard, switching to stronger pipe too.


Whoa.  It’s probably the best high I’ve ever had from meth because the THC is so high too.


The article Gareth encouraged me to read said it seemed rather stupid to mix a sedirivevand a …. Whatever the other one is. I never really got the full feeling of the ., What

Interesting forget


I will say I could blame my inhuman speed on society…



WTF that was one of those sentences where I give up on the ending of my own sentence before I’ve said enough to be clear, so I forget, and do my best to finish the sentence, the thought, and in some cases,the semester, and the rest of your life.

It is possible for many people to live a full rich happy life, with the clear understanding that all men and women are not really created equal. Another fantastic….should I try to be less feminine?  Another great example to use as an analogy to…

Ok. This next bit is one of those things I do. I stream my opinion about a topical… Aaaaand it’s gone.


Half time buzzer.

Coach says we still have to tell the whole story, and you’re the one ly one that was present.

In the movie version of my life I would be interested to …


I have like..

Oh, PP is for pride points.  It is a sudden internal warmth during the NOW at the exact


That is an important sentence…. My brand new phone just rebooted. I forget if I turned it off or not when I stopped talking and started typing g.

I am full of pride for who I am, how I think, and my ability to match.

Point firm.

Rapid fire…

Stage Fri…

I just had my phone replaced. Although I am aware I must learn.. I know..


Oh. Every story does lead to drugs.

Fake slap.

Side story. My entire universe of contact is … Could it be… I would say 100 % referral. My entire life is in response. As hinted at earlier in the river. Take two. I clap. I figured out how essential the capboard at the start of every take is, or at least once was.

Directories notes.directirs. good.


Pew pew pew


Argh. You didn’t get the chance to read it hear any of those thoughts or jokes.

Confession time. Swirl graphic like a real. Ding. Change . Professional. Ding change. Experienced. Ding change. network show.

There is no real reason you are held back from success, except your fear that it was all in my head.

I saw the scene this.. yesterday maybe, but my yesterday’s are 2 to 4 if your earth days now. Half here, trying to maintain, but dropping since it started.

Since I

I am thinking I should not even try to get deep when your…

Ooooooh… That’s my hook.

One of the very ., No. I .

Crap.  Left .. ooooooh. Realization point.

In both the nation’s I am at least basically aware of the two party and three party systems of my home in Canada and the pants of …

Edit. Don’t belittle the masses when they out number you. One of the greatest.

.. considered huge gay.



I try my best not to act gay or feminine because the third biggest hell for me is not being believed about anything I don’t consider a side.

Pause and stare. Lose track trying to get a…

I love the term Elevator pitch, and I just heard it last week for the very first time. I have requested the memory from my recent recall but with only one clue, I have to build a scenario in my imagination and …

I have no idea where that sentence was going.

If I wasn’t high….fuck. now I’m getting emotional because the ideas I’m choosing not to re it’s as I survive forward on the wave of my river, my stream of consciousness.

Sleep in a portage brrak in your stream of consciousness.


A few times tonight.. err, this morning, I … I something.   I….

Pause.  4am. Another long inhale.


The fear of upsetting others with my drugs terrifies me. I never want to be a bother and a crisp image is imper

Note to self. I only noticed this last one, but it is my educated guess as a person who specializes in .

Please brain may I.




I went through the first …


This monologue, which my highness, that’s not royalty I’m referring to, it’s Natalie Portman.

Ding. We fact checked this statement after the fact.ding. I did not.

I gave myself self doubt because being absolute is a risk.

I know I have been wrong. Because of my tendency to stop listening to virtually anyone the moment my comprehension falls to far to catch up.

PP I am happy to be in that sub section of self awareness of a..


High muligan. It is very likely I was about to explain the every race has a blank supremacy issue that… Delete that. Finish.


In television, jokes tend to come faster than .

I am on stage fulfilling my dream. My brain is showing me failure like…

I referred to earlier about the scene.

If I had to choose from literature a scene that best defies my existence, it is one I’m sure you will be able to recall at least one scene with the same shared community stories.


How can you possibly.

Gisub 10

Do I regret? No. I have loved virtually every relationship that has forged before me. I’m finally very happy with … Is it weird to refer to that version of me as the driver. Maybe his conciousnes which stoned me never gets to talk to.

Confidence is new to me. However, it has its limits.

I am re working the stories of my past and each time I do, it’s a horrible story.

I do not really remember it correctly I’m sure.

I would like to state that … Something something. I caught up so now side memories are new again.



I have a party once a month and my only science and labour us a Facebook post, and my bill at the restaurant.

Occasionally my systems fail me. I have no idea of time when I am …

Time to me is extremely mood dependant.

My time without it

My background imagery is a flawless memory of another story


One book title I toyed with was 101 page 1s

For a lot of them I felt the need to .


The good place

No river forkk. Do I .


I think.

Take 2.

I would lik.

That was a ferrel story.


It might be interesting to be interactive with the viewers .

I hate Ferrell’s actually, and apart from that there really isn’t a lot of hate in my universe.


I admit. I scrolled back this text .

Maybe I need a new sound so a harsh table bell from my century.

I half expect…. Wait. There were some.

I stop. I want to look at the camera but my roommate is still .


Let me just .

I can cut the front off sentences too.

I mean, as long as I’m getting high anyway, I’m glad I’m still in the good glory.



…. The waves

450. Sweaty. I failed again.


I don’t like to confess each time something in my torso calls for my attention. If I did not have the lifestyle I have had, a guy that eats burgers, fries, pizza and frozen bagged vegetable and chicken pastas and breakfast cerial.

I used to eat a lot of steak but it was a luxury I gave up because more than 50% of the joy I recurved from my universe daily is seeing g it in the now. A smile is so valuable because they only exist in the now.

My existence has grown into the shape of who I am without a number 1.

A solid number one you can either count on 100% or you know and trust well enough that you both know you can’t count on them.


The imbalance in how we grow is that the ones who believe that the idea of owning a race of found natives that … Whatever. We don’t know the reality.we know the story.

Quote. Everything in your universe is the stories you’ve been told, and the stories you tell.

We live in the retellings of Now.

It gets weird when you must give in to the truth that it is inconceivable to give absolute trust to … Stop. Wrong sentence.

The original sentence was…

I revise this quote as my writings ….

Lightbulb realization realization moment.

As I move towards a self assisted crazy rapids where I don’t have any control over which forks.


Imagine if the very first books Tobe reproduced had auto correct¿ Even our early books have been somewhat rewritten for each community.

It is absurd to me ..

Stop. There were soooo many first sentences started but I suppose the opposition played by William Shatner and the Blaclust Star that was also the first Daniel …. Blank on Stargate. The movie.


End of part .. it seems like it’s really the end of nothing. My mind was flooded with at least two people’s memories.  This is probably the sort of things crazy people say.

Note. I may already be too late on the somewhat unpredictable second and third waves that follow along just behind the curvature of the wave the entire universe cones into existence into when one cell clings, combines universe and time begins with the river.

I hear a bell type sound, like one might hear if you used a wooden spoon on a frying pan 14 inches or wider… However it now occurs to me that frying pans are one of those items!s that has found several class price points.


I debate in an instant whether belting out the first few lines from the money python ….

My teeth made a sound and forgot. It was rejected anyway. My wisdom comes from seeing everyone younger than you live through many of the same loops you did. Somewhere around 30 you start to learn a few things that are not told to you.

For me, I always missed on a lot of social reaction. I lived with one 7 year old neighbour on one side and 3 years later, a red headed bit on the other side, over the hill behind the hydro station, and much to our surprise, his farm was on the other side of the biannual pond. That ferrel story might be …

As I tire and consider rest,

Ha. Ya, right.

Maybe a break from writing for as long as I can resistance the urge to document as my husband as you can.

Oh yeah. The


Oh I see.

Oh wait.

It might be one of my first time cure stories.

There are some secrets I won’t give up….

Ha… No, really I’ll spill everything the first chance I get to do When with anybody.


Consider this.

You are the judge and librarian of the reality of your universe.

It isn’t the same reality as my universe.

It is truly the greatest power in the known universe to understand what it really means when I say.

Everything in my universe is put to memory with my interpretation slant. I am the keeper of reality.

If I believe it

It is true, until I stop believing.

If you’re quick to stream a chain of realizations together


I missed a lot of the work that led to this story.

I am blinking between smile and frown like a Vegas no vacancy sign in one of off strip motels. Joy crushed. Those signs even buzzed the no extra loud because as I understand it, bison light is essentially a constant fire.

Note. This is an example of a reality that has no opposing accounts. I do not know if neon bulbs work by heating or sparking neon gas but I know something does and I can recall a visual description that . A visual description.

Teeth clatter again.

Point 2. One of the many vital roles that a number one performs is alert you to any variations from the norm. Not everyone will tell you ..

Reframe. Some people might not tell you about the spinach in your ,,,

My mind went through a few while the bell rang and Ryan yelled change.

I ended up

One of the things my wisdom will include that my …

No. Lost the though in the delay of the typing. 5.35. maybe I’ll masterbation and nnap. Nap.







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