Signs from the Universe

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I have a saying I often use in much the same way others use; “Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior”. It’s not so much a chant or affirmation, it’s just a hint at my own religion. “My Universe Provides”…

Signs from the Universe

I have a saying I often use in much the same way others use; “Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior”. It’s not so much a chant or affirmation, it’s just a hint at my own religion.

“My Universe Provides”

When I refer to “my Universe” I mean just that. I am the center of my own Universe.

Let me digress with a side zepelein story;

In The Hitchikers Guide to the Universe, by Douglas Adams, there is a machine on the planet Frogstar. This is known, universe wide as the Most evil planet in the universe, because it’s home to the Total Perspective Vortex Machine.

When one sits in the chair, and the Total Perspective Vortex Machine is turned on, one is instantly shown the entire universe, and their singnificance in it. Everyone goes insane insnatly.

One man, Zaphod Beeblebrox survies the experience, because he exists in a different universe, where he is the center. Nothing is more important to Zaphod than Zaphod.

I first considered an earth equivilant to be the Internet. For the first time, every day people with any education level are exposed to the world and the Universe. However, instead of being depressed by their insignificance, humans seem overjoyed to discover they are not alone.  Suddenly everyone is equal, and possibly anonymous – but the education can be mind boggling.

I named my comopany Frogstar.

I have created my own universe, tolerant of science and religion, but separate. I’ve always wanted a Universe that had explanations for the seemingly impossible. I’m still undecided on weird sciences. I understand that “we do not know, what we do not know” and I believe certain people know things we don’t.

The most dangerous thing of all, is an absolute new belief.

People don’t like to be told they’re wrong, and will fight for it.

I have a hard time believing psychic powers exist in the standard universe we learn about. I can imagine where some of them exist, but I don’t believe anyone actually predicts or sees the future. That doesn’t fit into our universe, at least the one I’m led to believe.

It’s true however, that acceptance of changes to our universe will cause a lot of trioubles, globally. Existance of time travel or a non fluid time line would strike terror in almost anyone’s heart.  Or existance of Aliens, or enhanced Humans. Perhaps one day we’ll learn TV and Movies science fiction stories were all based on true stories. I can imagine a top secret plan to introduce Aliens into society as a truth.  I imagine I’d plan on rolling out the idea over 75 years or so, with rumours, and conspiracies and fale positives, and then pad the idea with comic books, books and media.

By 2016, when a lot of people have died, it is possible the population is actually EXPECTING and WAITING for the truth to be told. SOme people will be surprised our Government could keep a secret like this for 75 years, and be outraged, but I think a lot of people will understand.

If we’d admited that everyone was wrong, and our origin story is Aliens, then wemight have blown ourselves up by now.

That was off topic, but my original message is that I live in my own Universe, and I am not God. I am me.

My Universe seems to take care of me, more or less. Once I started looking for it, it made more sence, and I can totally see why some people would want to put a name and body to their God. People genuinly believe their God takes care of them in the same way.

When a Christian suffers tradgedy, many of them recite that God works in mysterious ways, or all things happen for a reason, we just don’t know it yet. It comforts them to believe they are personaly cared for.

I get it.  KInd of.

I’m not saying I can run off a cliff, and my universe will make sure there is water below me, but I do see interesting patters and signs in my universe from day to day and I smile.

Recently there was a sitcom on TV for less than a season where a woman meets her life time adult Guardian Angel, and we get to see the insidd orld of how they work. No change of free will, but nudges and hints and coincidences.

Like Facebook only showing me Liberal biased news feeds diuring this election. A minimum of Conservative fear tactics show up.

If it wasn’t based on my viewing habits, it might be called a brainwash… or a nudge, hint and coincidence.  Whatta ya know. I vote Liberal.

Of course, that happens. All media seems to be one sided or not, and commercials from both sides want us to be part of the right side.

And fear the wrong side.

It scares me.

However, in my Universe, I know I’ll go with the flow.


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