Side Effects may include
blog thoughts late at night.

Side Effects may include

I’ve been a daily user for two weeks now and I was hoping to cut back or quit but I have another weeks portion here so doing without is hard. I don’t like being seen sleeping all day.

Ironically I just ended up doing more. I’m at that maintenance stage where I feel no effects of doing more and more and more. I only get the side effects.

Dehydration, low appetite, constipation, sore gums, loose teeth, and staying awake for consecutive days until I need to sleep. The last few days I should have slept, I did more instead and stayed awake again.

It’s obviously not sustainable, but it comes so close, I can let myself be fooled. It’s noon on Saturday and I could sleep a few hours but I may end up extending my streak till tonight, and if not careful, another restless night.

I’ll try a nap now.


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