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What a great set of web key words. Two great memories from our shared youth when everyone watched the same shows at (basically) the same time, give or take a day or two. Nobody wanted to be behind in the…

Seinfeld Star Wars

What a great set of web key words. Two great memories from our shared youth when everyone watched the same shows at (basically) the same time, give or take a day or two. Nobody wanted to be behind in the conversations each episode sparked.

This strange combo of words appeared to me tonight in an episode of “w/ Bob and David”. A classic sketch comedy show that breaks a lot of the sketch show rules and brings back memories of Python.

I’m not comparring Bob and Doug’s show to python. In most ways, it’s far superior, as a show should be today. Our comedy is always evolving.

I first want to say, I usually watch this show at least a little high.  It is my go-to Netflix pick when I’ve just toked a dab or three. It’s far easier to watch sketch when you’re waisted because you can miss a whole 13 minutes and just catch the next bit.

The show knows this, and the not-TV special powers that come with a paid streaming service like Netflix, is the content can be aimed at those adults who either get high, or are either really dumb anyway, and stoner comedy fits just right… or 14… or realy smart, and you claim to be high on life, and you appreciate this level of sofisticated humour appealing to an audience.

What the hell was that paragraph all about? I just mean they can do more. 16 minutes more, but do a lot …



too wordy. I’m the stoner demogrphic.  SHOW. GOOD.

Jokes on multiple levels.

I want to giev special thanks for this episode’s deep message.  Where the stoners go; Whooooa.  I see what they did there, and the other stoner goes; Whaaaaa?  What are you talking about man.

I wanted to go back and look at the end again… Because … Oh yeas.  I remember.


In the episode, a running theme was that AMAZING MOMS like to love and treat their chidren equally in every way, and show examples of over happy moms who treat vastly contrasting children as if they were the same.  Brain Surgeons and Holistic Hippies was one example, but then they tried to play off any offence by making the holistic one the bdass doctor.  That made me smile, on both levels.

However, just as we’re starting to get tired of the examples… although now seeing why we needed so many.  That memory needed to be painted with a few coats so the stoners would remember the messge.  It’s ridiculous to judge everyone identically.

My words, Juge may not be right. Love and not show favouratism is a good message.

At the end of the show, we are lead to a kind of punchline that wrapped up the show.

God, in one single heaven for all his children, loves and treated euqally regardless of ho they are, such as Hitler.

God ends saying he loves and treats all his children the same, I’m an amazing Mom – the title of theseries of example moms.

Credits roll and I can’t help gasp out loud and be compelled to write.  Kickass ending.

It made me think.  Had I been with *YOU we would have discusse dit.

Was it a bash on religion, a bash on what relsigion has become, or a religious message about a good God.

Apparently Mohammed the profit isn’t in heave, at least not in the episode.  He’s probably notoriously hard to cast in a show.

I did a double take because it reminded me of one of my Favourite of the Mr. Taylor stories.

Mr Taylor’s debate class… I stood up and walked across to the other side, and when told I can’t do that, I said, isn’t the purpose of a debate, to convince the other side to switch their opinion? Why would I continue to defend my argument beyond the moment they have won me over.

… or something I’m sure eqully smart. I remember it getting a laugh, and a discussion after class. I have always remembered it because I’ve based a part of my thesis on it.

*Not a thesis. My journals is suppose, but my hopes and dreams and eveyhing.

Oh Look, A Zeppelin.

I was downtown today. It was… 12 minutes ago July 1st 2017, which is referred to as Canada Day in my country. IT was the 150th big deal party.

It was also maximum humidity and rain on and off.

I wore red but surprsingly my activity partner did not. Perhaps her hidden pain is wearing a bit on her spirit, but we abide by Saturday Adventures almost…

As I write, or speak words allowed, I hear them. I hear myself. I re-think the days events from a new perspective.  Sometimes – as was the case here, it happens as I am typing a different thought.  It pops uplike a lighbulb just to your left outside peripheral vison.  You can’t help but look.

My brain works that way. An idea steps up to the microphone behind each internal ear and speaks;

Often it says; But what if….

Often it says; No. That’s stupid.

Usually it is thinking a thought ahead and is ready to announce;

My side thought, as I typed… My friend is an amaing woman, and I’m super glad she’s in my life. Our Saturday adventures are almost like a therapy, and certainkly as addicting. When we skip a week, it is felt.

As I was expressing that sentiment in my head, about to be typed I heard from the guilt lightbulb stage left.

“She needs these as much as you do. When you cancel for a “date” or drugs, she is personally hurt, and may feel less loved. Second place.

Yes.  Remember in your writings you’ve claimed every single breaking up or un-friending before it was a term. I used to call it buddy divorse.

All my breakups were caused by an uncomfortable transtion in friendship levels.  From 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 or 1 to outfield.

Right lightbulb and retort; It is mutually benfitial but less satisfying.

A conversation in my head ensews.

I am not having as much fun. I am aware this is me,and my head.

We’re in repeats and I try to com eup with new, but less so.


Drugs have changed me, and in several causes caused me to dissapoint her and others morethan twice.

I missed a wedding, last minute.

Oh look, A zeppelin. I have to go quiet now. Guilt reminds before shutting down for the 1st show.

end of part 1


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