Second Life Streams
Second Life is an alternative online Universe where I sometimes hang out and occasionally live stream from there.

Second Life Streams

Orange Jeff Simulcasts in two Universes

Orange Jeff from second life smokes weed and talks for hours.
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  • Blue Monday

    Blue Monday

    I slept well and had some cool dresms. I woke up a bit later and it was nice. I knew …
  • Oh yeah… magic meth.

    Oh yeah… magic meth.

    I am awake day 3 or 4.  I think… its 5:30am… I’m tired. This won’t be a very productive Thursday.  …
  • Reunion. Egan, Norman and I.

    Reunion. Egan, Norman and I.

    With appearance by Trish Renton accepting the … forget it. I would loe to try writing a lot more of …
  • You are not your farts

    You are not your farts

    As is often the case, I read something, and it inspirers a thought stream in another direction. This morning, I …
  • The Heights by Princess Regent Via Flickr: ???? Here at The Heights (An Adult Role Play Sim), you will experience …