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The 10 most recent posts as of the moment you view this page. I'm trying to decide if I want to use this in the sidebar instead of the current sidebar. If you see this in your sidebar then I decided between now and the time you're reading it.

Recent Posts

This is an experimental post because I’m too high to go to sleep and it’s something that I’ve noticed on the mobile bothers me a little bit. The blogs are too big on my mobile and I can’t quickly spot the ones that I want to read so this is a different way of displaying the most recent blocks.

This appears to be designed specifically for the sidebar as I couldn’t get it to go full width which is fine. I am curious to know whether the dates will change to the 10 newest posts regardless of when you’re viewing this. As I view it on June 5th it shows the 10 recent posts from today and yesterday but I assume if you view it in the future it will show the 10 most recent posts for that date.



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