Reboot. Jan 1st 2023
A new beginning of self discovery and blogging... Until it's not.

Reboot. Jan 1st 2023

This blog is big. I’ve been writing random thoughts and business ideas and personal achievements or discoveries since my teen years. I’ve been blogging since the Internet’s early days before they coined the term. Only now, in my 60th year on this earth, I’ve decided I’m going to worry less about the drug use aspect and share more.

I’ve been open and honest about drugs in my life with the exception of my inner circle. I hid my drug use from the people I knew… Mostly

I’d like to start over and reblog more of my life and troubles and share more of the person I have become. I have a weird type of personal pride, combined with skepticism that it’s worthy. I think I’m pretty cool, but it’s time to share and see if I’m right.

When you don’t share, it remains perfect in your mind. The first share, usually with a best friend is a necessary risk to expose yourself and confirm or deny whether you’re right.

I have lived a quiet life inside my head, and only shared myself with the rest of the world a few times a year. I love the me that comes out through interaction with others, but I am aware it’s a different version of me that lives alone after that interaction ends.

I can see this sharing may be more difficult than I’d expected. I suspect I’ll start small. Baby blog steps




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