Random Saturday Fun Images
I was just playing around on my phone tonight.

Random Saturday Fun Images


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  • Rainy day adventures

    Rainy day adventures

    It’s raining but I wanted to go out. With only $50 I could not afford much but I ventured out …
  • Sunday Subbing In

    Sunday Subbing In

    Starting to get a little chilly to sit outside at a quarter to six. The last feeding of the pig. …
  • It’s Pie Time!

    It’s Pie Time!

    My family have always been game players, although I was almost always a loser. We played card games, board games, …
  • Second Life Gallery

    Second Life Gallery

    This is a gallery of some of my favorite pictures from the alternate universe known as Second Life. The original …
  • Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne Johnson

    I did a pipe scrape. I’m now with quite high on the white flakes that my wire mesh scraped… Or …


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