Post Birthday Depression syndrome.

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Ding. Right out of the gate, whoosh. The Zamboni of my mind is clearing the ice. What… Ding. Surprise check and I remember, but the guilt in my mind of … There was a lot going on in my mind,…

Post Birthday Depression syndrome.

Ding. Right out of the gate, whoosh.

The Zamboni of my mind is clearing the ice. What…

Ding. Surprise check and I remember, but the guilt in my mind of …

There was a lot going on in my mind, but the closer I get to a reality the the more I tried to be more selective in my . Ding.

Fork. Do I .. pause.  I can’t.


I choose to try to write, despite the far greater risk for distraction. As I write a premise down, my mind d actually has a moment in between the end of the task at hand, and is idle. From my brains point of view that can happen between two syllables if I start a file on anything of note.

Ok. Let’s regroup in point firm. The idea that a first draft for ding for almost everyone, or so go the version taught as lessons.

I don’t think I write Bible stories. I think in that way. (Red alert noise from original Star trek Enterprise, and a …I think in Bible stories all the time. One of the few, and o mean that even if it might take a teensy bit more effort to not just assume a lie.

Ding. Insert gif of Kim catrel saying, A lie?

Spock answers back… Blank.

I have failed. I was not able to write and deliver the story, because the name or concept I needed for the story to count was delayed in transit to my brain. It was stored in auxiliary memory, out sourced.

fork left¿ Fascinating smart person teriry unencumbered by the negative voice. One to be sure will be told somewhere at some point…

See, what I’m doing her, is imagining these words not as the crazy stream of my now. The trigger based … Now the paused in text make sense.

Ding, and why talking it into a camera makes more sense, plus a live stream make you work harder, feel more guilt, be more real, and find the woman watching at the window to come into the pet shop and take me home.

But what if, my inner voice clearly trying to … Shit. I looked away. I looked to see if it was recording. I am a dear …dear man caught in the spotlights. In visual effects they will enhance the size of my eyes with a Snapchat filter so the people closer to my age will think of Disney or puppy dog eyes, and the people norm the week after me will think of anime.

Cash register sound. Ask about my t shirt company, my …

In my mind I now visualize the story of how this would go, if it were a script for somebody who isn’t me, to recite as they’re own.

Credit link Night Court although…. I may be !istaken, like hitting the buzzer first because you can, but only if you concentrate so hard you don’t hear the question but at least get the first chance.

Ding Stephen Colbert web referral.

After a motion break, relook, hydrate break…I..  well I’ll continue then.


I talked a lot in exchange with this writing because both mediums have value when I’m alone and writing while high. Quite high. The kind of high that makes me think a little faster than my usual speed… But the goal is to try my best. Ding, switch the goal is to, awww fuck. Thanks ding.

Ryan Styles says, you know my Name’s Dan.

I suppose this is where I might get some pennies for inserting links between this paragraph and the next. On a desktop I insert a line.

On look, a Zeppelin.

I sincerely hope that I … Do i? I pretty much… Ding change.

Positive words. At this point, the easy choice would be to choose our fork based on my experience as a self proclaimed loser. Since I started paying attention, it’s shocking me.

The new, .


Personal Santa….

Hey Google, make a note to open a file on the santa theory.  It is reasonably . Guilt says, stop trying to think backwards with your double speed mind.

It speaks back, using the voice e of Carlton your doorman. You told me I couldn’t think faster than you could type. The speed of my fingers controlled the advancing speed if my now.

Of my now.

I know I’m leaving litter as I run through this blog rather than write it. As scattered as my paragraphs are, be glad I didn’t look down the stream to the right.

Sorry. That setup and joke were cut.

I got into the habit of stoping, changing face and starting a new. Hi, my name’s Jeff Goebel, and this is an orange shirt blog.

Or, it’s the orange jeff show.

I could try to get free press if I called it, morning oj


Ponder. We may never know how many something something dark side.

I was running on good pride points there.

If the celebrity reading any part of this as they’re own, I’d love to cut away to a clip of Harrison Ford saying, I have a good feeling about this, and then being shot by Guido or whatever that thing was.

Ding. Does auto correct guess shit so that it take a note of the word shot, sends two sentences pre and post keyword and may be flagged for inspection room two.

Can you sign the release. Your story was good enough to have you be in it instead of Harrison Ford.  Canada customs TV show is awesome Lok at how people handle discomfort.

Link to shooooooow.  Pooh. New toy. Google is in my keyboard like a gif search or emoji.’s+Front+Line

???? Border Security: Canada’s Front Line


Awesome new way.

Jeff version 54. JJeff H. Goebel.

My random fear scenario is that I will look foolish if they get to choose my story before I do. I don’t want my origin story to be the wrong lead.

I just discovered my essential follow u…accompanying vide is mute. My biggest error and one does not stick.

Brain proceeded three slogans and jingles for a non stick part of my brain, or perhaps ears.

Fork chosen. Proced

Secondary fork was about to steal the reins of now.

I paused to debate steering wheels, drivers seat and other ways to be the one saying left or right, yes or now.

Anonymous story fragment stuck on the fridge orange post on the fridge in the library if my universe.

Ding. The quiet mousy woman from police academy finally says with confidence.

I had to give my good feeling pride…

Squeaky girl yells, I remember. Now thee are two key enhancements to this idea that Tumblr.  They come to surface like a dolphin might.


Hi. My name is Orange Jeff, and this is, the orange jeff River run.

I’m here today running the Zumba flume at Canada’s Wonderland.

Ding. Cut to Derek Serianni at a game show buzzer. He starts to say, I am older than Canada’s won…

Jeff buzzed to steal.

I Trump with… Hmmm… That buzzer vibrates weird and startled me.

I forgot.

Beakmans world appears and says did you know popular children’s novelty, the handshake buzzer… Freeze. Can you remember the story of the first time you saw it,cans how basic it was?  Even if you don’t remember your origin story for everything I do, I’ll bet a fair number of you smiled and remembered comic books and those crazy ads. X day specs.

Those ads were a kind of young wonder about faith and trust.

For me it was mad.

The end

Request file. Fat chicks on acid, the ha?oween hayride and the phone sex call.

Related files. My story if charm and confidence two minutes at a time, or less.

The phone chat lines where like a pristetic enhancement for my interaction.

I write my story with the confidence that words and ideas are pride worthy and share worthy.

All it takes to create a new universe is a fan.

I have one in each universe. If two people can smile, I know more will.

Gif of Sally field Oscar gif. They like me…

There is a magic is bring liked, and a poisoning the belief you are not… To some. Others may have been secretly building up an immunity to iocane and don’t care which goblet they drink from.

Live, you can scan the faces and see who gets the link and who thinks it’s jibberish.

I made this joke today on whisper chat.

I had a hopeful scenario of becoming a comic artist on whisper because it was far less known than others and is actually fucking awesome if you let it be.

Oh, sorry. I’m not allowed to wear in public in my new storybook community.

Slooow. Cut to scene from requiem fir a dream. Mom on speed without understanding the concept of being high.

Maybe not.

I never could watch trainspotting but I can still picture Jennifer complies red lips. She was top of my charts for a while.

I stop before compiling a list.

Break. Chest thing. I exercise and fygufidyicutcigckg



Oh horrible wolf telling joke.



Joe pisipoe.

I just saw myself shouting out names and how many stories are attached to them in my universe.

I am currently attempting to eat a bulk good story penny candy. The toffee wrapped orange bat decorated candy

Halloween candy: in defence of Canada’s molasses kiss – Kitchener …

Original Halloween Kiss Candies in recall may contain metal –



Crap. I want a sign stop telling me the things I love are bad. I don’t care.


Favourites I have seen vanish. I remember the point of realization. The five stages of mourning for the loss of a favourite.

Favourites mean I can pick that again and eleiminate the need to make a choice.

I live on favourites. In many ways on one. Both Orange Jeff and Now Jeff wear the same clothes for 25 years, but now I know to wash them on a schedule.

My routines are failing me now.

I’m poking the universe with new.

Firsties are where change happens most.

Origin stories

Oh. In order

That was it. I’ve decided my work is most certainly better when read one way.. forward, so you sit along and read it or hear it at the speed of now.


I just now understood why time slows the faster you move.

I get it, totally. I’ve been working the speed of now into the science of my universe.


3 jokes skipped and I briefly sung the jingle address from zoom box 350 Boston mass 02134

Special, Chicago 6 0 6 0 9

I grew up in the 416. A story i remember claims at one time, the largest ova calling area in the blank.  Might have been any limit but I store the story in my universe as the world.

Memory flood. Because I was aware, I started taking links 3 or 4 deep rather that ignoring the follow


Distractions first sigh of brain fatigue. Real break. Sleep attempt 1


My new role play second life has me no longer craving a fantasy night life, and seals the story with a negative review I suck at sex with anyone but me

So far

I am learning to be a boyfriend.

Ponder. When one is enjoying the luxuries and benefits to coupling, one accepts a certain level of friction if yadda yadda yadda.

Jgdjtshtj still thinking like a teletype in a morning snow storm

Fail. School bus cancelations were on radio.

Goodnight Irene

Goodnight gravy

End of part 1 with paused for the video that is probably…


May not ..

Too tired to too.

Tu Tu






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