Pausenblog: Victoria Secret Inspiration

Not Proof Read - 1st Draft, Pause & Blog

Idea: I crieque shows as I watch them… On WEEEED. I can pause and rant. Somebody edits and posts as a syndication to stoner stores.  Only one per city or region. My column… On weeeeed (reference Jon Stewart referebnce abnd…

Pausenblog: Victoria Secret Inspiration

Idea: I crieque shows as I watch them… On WEEEED.

I can pause and rant.

Somebody edits and posts as a syndication to stoner stores.  Only one per city or region.

My column… On weeeeed (reference Jon Stewart referebnce abnd respecxt to what’s his name. Oh I feel horrible.

Half Baked.

I just noiw turned on Victoria Secret Fasion show from this week.  One thing happens, and I have to pause.  I know iyt is going to be a show filled with examples of how an A.D.D mind sees the world, through the aid of weeeed.

I am excited.  I always get excited when my stoner ideas lead to fabntastic business plans or matrletying campains or business concepts.  I am excited because my brains scenarios a dozen outcomes, and approves this message.

I am high on weed.  Untested new old crud looking weed that I am now feeling the either very nice, or wildly lacebo effects of this weed.

I will ramble.  IT is my personality, showing through,  Opening up to who I am, and why I like to write, but sad I am alone.

It makes me sad, because I wish it could have been Kelly.  I really do.

I’m just not sure I want to bring a circle into my future fame.  I am terrified of success.

One of my first slogans for markeying and catch phrasing is;

I don’t want toi be famous.

I just want a few fans.

I would like to be known for this, because it simplifies our world.  We don’t want the inconvenience oif fame – at least not yet.  I am terrified of being exposed at this moment, especially on weeeeeed.

But it is what we all want.  A community where we ARE in fact, the ecbnter of the universe.  Thr ight amount of fame.  Not Justin Beabner fame, but Al Franken fame.

Of Star Wars kind, and gthe guy who sang Chocolate bRang get when they try to cash that fame in for absolutely anything except irritation to fake care about the fans.

We ove the IDEA of fans, and the notion that we could use them for something, like profit or power.

Lost my train of thought.  I shall here mention “Oh look, A zeppelin”. This is a catch phrase I’d love to catch on, because it has so much power.  The more people who undersgtand the coide to Oh Look, A Zepelin the funnier it is, or the more useful it becomes.

ZEPPELIN: I should see if the store owner wants to partner up for a Blog companiy, and maye cosniedr ddoinh a company.

I ashuld Seruiously ask him if he doesn, and ikf not, if he’d mind me asking oyther vendors.  I am worth a lot.


CHAT is better than blogging.

Interaction is better than journaling privavtly.


If you’ve ever smoked weed, some things along the way may be just for you.  You who have not smnoked weed may not get the joke.  Don’t try to hard.  The weather channel is funny to a stoner.

If you’ve smoked up in a circle with friends, you’ve probably startuing thinking, and takking about grand ideas fior the futures, and what is scenarious.


I am an obcessive person.  I have a story I cdould tell about how I learned I was.  I think I’ve madre it a funny story, and intriduyces me a litytle more personally.

If I did tell that story here, it would be a zeppelin.  A story that distracts you into a new story, without having to tidy the first one up.  A total shift of focus to a new story.

Oh, Look, a Zeppelin is the line you say out loud, if you want the conversation you are in, to end abruptly with no further interaction to the old story.

An unwritten rule of the game.

If I say Oh Look, A Zeppelin, you MUST change the topic.  It was inspired by two really cool fat chicks that took me under theikr wing, and intriodyced me to acid, and the pharse – command. The End.

A command you can bark at somebody in a spirale loop of downward thought, or jujst somebody whio is giving way to much detailm and all the stoners have lost focus. In my case, a dull monoilogue forces my A.D.D brain to look around and think.  Always seeing and evaluation, and also obcessing over every choice.

Whatever.  If I am talking, typing or chatting, a THE END command is final.   The topic MUST be changed, 100%.

It’s a kind of rule of stonershp. It saves people.

I will introduce myself slowly, and calculated, as iyt may seem this blog was. The truth is, I have non idea what I am going gtoi type as I type it.  I have to stp, catch up, and decide which way to go.

I think the full ME package and bran ding shoulkd wait. I’m scared. I’m terrified of fame before I’m ready.

I will be honest.  I wil never lie about who I am, and what I have done.  I believe I will not go to jail for my storties.  Some may be shocking to my friends.

I have had some really dirty stories, which my mind remembers as quante, but each was as dangerous as any TV plot with heavy base tone themes.

With or without your sunglasses on.


The first save.

This was written at 8pm on Chistmas day, 2011.  I am alone, high on weeeed, mostly.

Then, my fear takes over. Will I ever be tajkes seriously if I am oopen about my weed use.

ZEPELIN IDEA: People today are still terrified of admitting in public that they enjoy the benfits of weed.

AN executive handling anything important can’t be seen breaking the lkaw, and weed usage is still disrespected in middle and upper class.

TV tries to show us that all classes have drug issues, but the truth is, it’s mosly the lower class that has the problems.

Society takes care of that.  Users are deamoinized in media for the most part.

I get that.

But please agnowledge the fact that a lot of our earth’s history of choices were constantly stoned.

High brains think differently than straight brains.  Different 0s and 1s with everything we ever put in ou mouth


Everything.  You are changed.

I saw a poll survey online today (really) – crap.  Lost it.


A phrase I learned from my cool hippy pot smoking girlfriend.  The wave whooses you with a rush of orts, and your brain is forced to call a Zeppelin.

You have no idea what you were talking about.  You can try, but you can’t re,member.

That happens to me all the time when I am writing.  A wave hits, and I am standing on the beach with people looking at me.

I need saving.  A lul cuts like a knife. I want to not speak first, but the deal seems endless, ans more awkward with each passing moment.

In reality,m I learned later, it was what outsiders called an insnsnat.

This is 100% time worse if I find her pretty.  I cabn not speak first to a pretty girl.  They must initiate.

I will not know how to end opurt first date.

My friend have named my exits, as “The Jeff  Run” .  I stop talking, say goodnight and leave. Or I end a conversation, wherever it was going with, an unspoken YTHE END.

Oh. Forgot to save.


I am excited about sharing this with the store owner.  We’ll see if it’s too out there.

The arcvhuive.

I have a 30 year history of me writing.  Inventions, TV shows, business plans, and other stoner stuff.

I believe those ideas that sgtoners talk about, are worth money to the ither kind of people.  I say thoise who get things done

And those who think up what to do.

Sadly, those who think up what to do, travel in packs, and few have bridged the gap and dated outside their geek.


But we know – at least I think in my own opinion to be a fact, so obvious, I shouolkd not have given uit a second thought.  That stoners are from everywhere and every type of persomn.  We can’t admit that our leaders have mostlky been stoners..  Written out of history, and replaced with bar alocohol stories in the vrevised editions,

A lopt of them were high.

A lot of the best ideas come when you are, and then the not stoned version of you goes to work to change the stoner idea, into a business or campaign or stardom.

I fear my writing sometimes.  Like there.  For the most part,m I do have pride in my writing,m and PRIDE VS SHAME is also a slogan

Zeppelin.  I just walked to the bathroom to turn off the ceiling fan that I hope blows my j smoke outside, and not into the ajoiined houses’s bathroom.

I live in the master bedroom of a man’s house who has his kids every other weekend.  If I am known to be doing drugs on this premices, some asshole could take them.

Shit.  That just came to me as I was writing.

I amm lcky enough to be able to tupe pretty fast.  Back before it was cool for the kids to learn two finger tying, and people were impressed.  It was another pride point.  I liked the comments.  Not Fame. Fans.  Even if for a moment.,

In my —

Stutterd in writing and lost one.

A wave.

I have a conspiracy that links lost ones to a higher power.

Or program.

I have a world philosophy, and a relisgion and an idea for a Church and everything.  I want to sell my idea to the highest bidder.

It is a basis for a full blown serious new religion foir the rest of us.



The world can be at peace, if the population all have a church.

If the relsigion allows it.

Our current relisgions, for the most part, tolerate it barely, or battle to overthrow opposition.

Our history is filled with battles that added new relisgions and there were toio many power figures for one Church.

People started adding amendments to the relsion.

As chiices needed to be made, people could pick a side and enither move with the majority, or oppose and create your own.

There are THOUSANS of “Christian” relisgions.  They don’t even really all agree on any of it.  But they know it makes a great story.

My book, a project still unstarted, could be called


I explain society in story form.

Another title;  Idea of the universe by a smart, but untrained mind.

I sometimes think as a pride oint, that my mind may have been on par with einsteins.  Not on par, but similar chemistry.  A person that likes to understabnd, and then I remember.  I can often follow alolng and be listeing, because my brain needs me to pout energy into focus.

I’ll explain A.D.D in a way others can understand.  I don’t need it to be a disabliolty, but I wish people undersood better.  A lot of people say they have A.D.D and it’s an excuse for anything you forget or mix up.

I believe I have it, and I explain some of my experiences about that topic.

The book, OH LOOK, A AZEPEIN is how I leraned to cope, and move forward.

I believe I have a specific brain chemistry, which I am nicknaming; Reaction Syndrome.  I am a reactionist.

OH MY!  I have not saved yet.  I am riding the brain high of pride, because I maintain optimism of the potential for my ideas.

When I get excited, my mind start running faster than my dingers.  If I fall behind, and think faster than I can type, I get lost.  However, simnce my tyoping requites that I be looking at the keyboard, it works.  I read as I type.  At my own dictation speed.

It I a real stream of conciousness.


This is not a real blog I’d publish. It is sales tool.  If you enjoyed this ramble, or see any glimmer of potential in marketing my mind.

I stronglky believe that I am an exceklent critic.  I can be witjhot emotion, and express my thoughts, as the type comes out of my breain.

I can’t think at the speed of video alone.  I can do it with somebody next to me, but I can not do it alone.

It’s the lie I choose to ue as an excuse for not trying.

I have failed many times before.

But I have pride in my ideas.  I imagine in my dreams how much better the last ten years of writing would have been shared with a partner.  I give my brain, and they help turn it into a business, or at least a profiot, or at thevery least, a few fans.


In days before YouTube, we could practice life.  We could try stuopid things and learn lessons.  We could be fools, and succeed later.

Today, it’s a shame. You can’t even sing in then bathroom without some deep fear that somebody caught that. I live with that now.

It’s my Jesus.




IT’s beter than Santa Clause.  If videos of people failing has an audience, the ways they create to catcjh us vunerable is scarey.

I behave, because I don’t want to get caught.

Plain and Simple.

I have evaluated the outcome scenarios of  being famous for being stupid.


I’d much raher be remembered for the things I did well… but news is a business.




A file save is a mind fuck Zeppelin foir me.  It blanks the slate and I go into ecap mode.  I re-evaluate thoughts and reactions from the day.  I look up into my mind, looking for stray zeppelins that got cut off, but that were actually relivant to the understanding ,of me.

After a file save, I start thinking who I can share this with.  It exposes toio much toi be an actual blog, doesn’t it?

See_ Example.  When you’re alone, it’s a blog. An idea.  With another person, it’s a conversatuion.

I think a business idea of an agency that matches you with the other kind of person.  Like the two strains of weed, we match your Oscar to Our Feelix.

It is not a datinbg site, it’s a coupling site,  We don’t match-m ake, we decide and send you on a date.

THOUGHT ZEPELIN:  Peole who can’t date in real life can’t date online.  We are terrified.  We need a date, to date.

We need a friend.

Everfybody needs a #1.

Each one of my #1 storuies can be told as a chapter, and reflected on what growth I left the circle each time.

I am who I am today, because of you.  If you ever saw me, I am changed.

EVerytjhing I see and hear and breath and eat changes my zero’s and ones.

Everfything is a drug.  Don’t you get it?

If a teeny tiny blloter of acid can fuck you up so much, you think different, imagine what an orange can do.

Everything uis medicine.

But each brain change when enough zeros and 1s change, a ne species is born.  Evolution is the same as religion.  EVertually, everyone thinks they have a better idea, and rtgey take their followers and branch off with a differet name, and any number of Amex Mods.


The 11th through 3000 comandmentss, with some overlap.

TO many for a zen diagram, but that would have been nice.

Thoise that believe Jesus is a true story, and thoise who say they do, to get the benfits of the church.

Religion has answered yoiur question before you askled it.  Picdk it or shut up. We don’t want to hear your story.

My Church is all about th stories. The undeniable truth that a universe with this many contradicting gods can’t exist.

Or can it….

I have a way to change the world.


A contract with your faith means sacrifice. You won’t be able to do certain stuff.  Your freedom is taken away in exchange for the benfits of church and comnuity.  A shared story of creation and religion.

An agreed apon story, to be told as trtuth, but with a wink toi logic.  Almost all the reliogions make a fantastic story,  They are designed to benefit from followers.

A true story of life, the universe and everything (DA) is all abouyt the stories,




I went all over tonight, and didn’t ev]=ven ouch on the stories of how my mind workd.

The tragic part is, this is 1 in 5000 similar rants, all written while on weeeeed.

I can’t even comprehend how my life would change,m if I foiud a match.

A GET THIONMGS DONE side to a THINK OF WHAT WE CAN DO sandwich. I’m lost.

I am a co-depenadnad without a co.

It’s tragic, and yet I don’t do anything abot it, becaused I am a reactioist.  A made up syndrome that has the benefit of alkowing me to be lasy, if I just sell it… which for me, means I believe it.

I find that kind of lie hard.  Everything I am, I do for you.  I find life easy if I am making decisions for somebody else.  I moinitor their face, and have a skill (in my mind) of feeling their emotions.,  I get insider ther head and think like I thinjk they would,

This has always been a skill of mine, since I was lucxky enough toi video taope the traqining sessions, and be there for all these super costlky execuituive training videos.  Some with JHohn Clkeese.

Zig Zeigler. Got two stories about him.

My life is so rich in stories I can tell.  I have an opinion and a thought obn everything and everyone and all I need is for somebody else to start.

I am a reeactionist.

100% of my existence is based on reations.

In the dire situations where I must make my own choice, I wil create houghts that will force me to react.

Like thinking I can’t remember if I left the stobve on.

Obcess NOW.

But staying active and dikstractred and thinking on ly comes when you’re ot alone.  An A.D.D mind can’t wruite like this withouit weed.  I could not focus long enough.

I have a way I l;earn.  IT woprks, bui it isn’t the norm.

I know a lot of kids are like me.

I know a lot of adsulkts do.

I have done a lot of drugs.  Never a few.  I have a line I have mnot yet crissed, but if I found out I was sick, I may still try.

I’d hate to think I missed some.

Each one an experiment.  So far, weed is the only dangerous one. All the other wonderous drugs are to great to alow me to write like this, withouit brteak since I sat down.

Admission on page 23.  I am also on some crystal E white powder.  I waws led to beleve it was MDMA and oit was very soft and light and gentle.

I wnt to see a prostitute.

New Zepelin.

This is the secnd time in a few months I have, both times on E, and a sample single pill of Levethra I was given in a sample two paxk on my birthdayt.

Lets just say I was unable to maintain hard, and left unsatisfied.

I want to have sex.

That story isn’t included.

I sincely believe I am a fascnitaning human.  I don’t compare myself to Sheldon on BIG BANG THEORY, exceopt to say we both believe we are superior.

Than some, not all.  I’m a smart, but uneducated mind, with a learning disab ilty.  I will call it that, only because it’s real enough to mean I couldn’t do well in school..  Not my fault.

They didn’t know what I needed to learn.

I didn’t till my 40’s

Ever since I went on anti-obcession medication 20 years ago, I got a girlfriend, a high paying job as head of my own mulkti employee company.

I had a cush contract with a pharmaceutical industry that, f played by a salesman, would have been a life long role.

But I would have had to learn, via cxonventional methods, and fail.

I can not listen to anyone speaking for more than about 45 seonds, before my mind will have to leave focus, and look at, hear, see, or imagine as a scenario paossible outcome of this moment.

I daydream.

A.D.D isn’t attention deficite disorder It’s focus deficite disorder.  I don’t have a deficvit of attention, I have too muich.

All of us daydream, if you’re not a.d.d then you have no problem with control.  When your mind wanders, it alwsys maintains a connection, and returns to full working duty at any moment.

You never get somebody’s 100% attention.

But in my brain, it feeds of the excitement of new, is oftren finds new distraction more interesting that the original, and never returns.

You follow the seppelin.

You always follow the zeppelin.

GOSUB RETURN, In  my youth, I was into magic.  My #1 at the time was my partner. In my version of the story, he had been iven magic kits like so many children, but really took to it.

He then abanodonned it.

IN my version of the story,m ourt early frfiendshio waas based on conrol.  In the early stages of a great CLICK OR CLASH win, you hit it ofdf and bvlend into a great two0-some.

He and I had that, but it was certainly a following support role.  I am happiest when I am creating smiles.

I am feuled by the smile. It is my warmest feeling, and I become blinded by them, most especially when by my hand, gesture, or – lost for a word.

My opinion.

I’m 47 years old, an I’ve got an opinion on that.

I have dozens or more ideas for web site comopan ies that compete in busy markets with revolutionary game changers.

Even short term, pool halls, darts, shuffleboard and pinball shaved always been hot in bars for a while.



I was into magic in a big way.  I believe that my buddy shoiwed me magic from his kit, not knolwingh what to expect, amazed me, and was hoked.

Back being what he was boirn to do.

He was a GET THINGS DONE opersonality, and I was happiestg serving.

With pride.

Like Jackie the jokeman, and his hidden notes to Howard. Pissed off the world doesn’t know jhow much of what Howard was famous for, was actually him, and he was contractualkly banned froim specifuics.

Even in a blog.

I remember seeing old fatrts in their 40’s with jkids all talking aboiut the day when they had a magic kit.  Everybody’s uncle does the vanishing trick found behind the ears./


Now I am doing that too.  When I diverosed the magician over a loife change misunderstahdng.


Has been because somebody rsnistioned out of being #1 to being less.

A misalignmenyt in our maturity.

Either I wsn’t there yet, or they weren’t.  This refers to every coupling I have ever had.  Each new #1 in my life.  It’s mixed between men and women.  The women ones were the best.  The most bliss, and growth and benefit from the growth with esteem.


I sincerely believe that low sefl esteem is a chemical thimng, and therapy will never get rid of it.  IT can’t be cured, and on a side zewppelin, nor wopuld bwen want to. I fear they day we stoop eating pumlins and we lose al the flute playters.


Bfrain, either chemical from the math of science at birth, opre-programmed with the top 10 A or B life choices yyou may have to face.  Like filing out an online form, once you pick A you can’t change to B – at birth.

Everything we put in our bodies changes the 1 and zeros.

Evolution can happen in oine generation.

It can be a God if you choose, or the math of nature. Either is equally hard to comprehend d.  We know more about relsiogions answer as loing as we don’t ask too manyh quesyions outside the provided material.

To many changes, and you go find a different church.



It’s not enough that I learfn the hidden hand gestures known as praying, and the variation on the official story.

Church is all one story. A unified answer to the questions we can’t actually answer.

If we all agree on a story, we can coin centrate on themeaning of our comandmenst and rules.

Many churches banish or send you away if  you break enough rules.  Others were smart enough and evolved to close that loophole with church coinfesions and forgiveness.

I was a bad man, but I get it now.

Then I say; Jesus Christ is my lord and savior” and I’m in.

If anybody asks; yeah sure it’s a true story.

Religion was indeed a flawed idea from day 1.  When whoever got together and came up with the aceoted stories, and called it a bible.

Then wrote it in some made up language that society would spend centuries refining.

All it takes to change a mind, is gto change the stories.

EVERYTJING IN OUR EXNTIRE EXISTANCE, is just the story we tell.

CHANGE YOUR UNIVERSE: Change the stories,

All it takes to try somnegthing new, is to change the stories,


This was cool.  Better than most.,  I’m glad because an E and Weeeeeeed bige can be sad sometimes, and on Christmas day.

Cool weed E mix tonight.

Did I mention I saqw a prostitute?

Now you see why I need a co-host.  A co-blogger or – ideaqlly a videoi partner.

My Robin.

(Howard Stern reference)


I now say.

End of part 1.  It is when I believe I wil quite typing, and walk away.  I will zeppelin bacjk to life, and think without the keyboard.

At times, the urge wil become far to great, and I need toi joutrazlize the thought.

The faster you can save a stoner idea, the mopre chance it has of becimes a reality in the non stoned world.

My stoned self doesn’t share with my none stoned self. I am aware of the decas of writings, but I never ever look at them.

This was WAY more excitement than I usually get with weeed and e.  It was a nice mix.

A great Cjhristmas day.

Had a Mandarin Chiseese /American food buffet with D&A.

A lot of stories, and credit toi my chapter where D was my #1.  A cool chapter, and I left it with more growth than most.

It taught me how different a mind can be.

D is a story… and ytheyre all delightful.  I can’t pinpoint whether he’s happy, or portrating happy.

WE CAN NEVER CLAIM TO COMPREHEND WHAT THE OTHER MIND IS THINKING.  We can only relate through guessing, based on how you’d react.

We are complex.

Moe than one level of cool.


AN opinion on everythuing I undersgtand, and even an idea on the ones I don’t.

My learning is based on my ability to stop and restart a lesson like I would a TV show.  I need to pause, and catch up with a long speech.

If you talk in an odd way, or look odd in any way,m my distraction crabving mind will spot it, and think about it.

I soincerlky believe I failed my only actual fail, was grade 9 historuy, and it was because por old mr swallow had a facial tich, and it became more interesting than what jhe was saying.

I coldn’t learn from him.

When I listen, and understandm it is exciting,  I can feel the new experuince of lknowdge change me.

My skill at speaking from a level of imaginary understanding, helps me in my role as supprt person.  You ask, I react.

It is what I need to survive.  I am a ractionist, and if somebody isn’t standing in front of me with a stick, or an email, I won’t do anytjimng. I shut down and re-think my life over the past day or week.

I critic.

I feel bad for the hurtfulness I didn’t realize,

My technical emotionless way of saying what I think.

If my idea that all reliogions are just official stories to stop peolem from asking.  We all benefit if everyobody is on the same page, and we use the Gods to keep us in line.  Like Santa, people will not be bad, if they think they’l get caught.

Jesus is a God that makes choices based on how you live your life.

It’s gfenious.

Circulkate the requirted reduing,m and lets meet back here every Sunday.

Or Saturday or whatever is decided.

The problem with relisgion is, they were all based from day 1 for a community.  It wasn’t a world wide accepted story. It was comnuity.

Tbhe problem with all religion (I know about) are based on their story being the only one.

The day we discovered the people,e over the hil thought their GHod was better thaqn ours, we have to kil them.

Eacjh new community had to bow to the will of an acceoted story, with a few spliter groups forming every day.

ALL RELIGION FAILS THE MOMENT I SAY; I have a different story.

MY relsigion is the only one that acceopts we’re all telling stories.  We campaign with incentives an pomuises.  Big business happens I’m sure.

Society still functions better when the ntire Country shares the same God.

Because ythere are the people I know, who aceolt that rewligion is a story, originally created to control the alternative stories.


Unless it’s mine.

P.S  From a business perspective, you may be thinking; can this church and relisgion idea be too good to change the world as it is right now, without a whole lot of peolee still killing the beliefes thaqt cointradict their life faith.

People used to believe it waqs true.

Only a few di-hard believers stil do, and we jjust all nod and acceot them. On TV we thank God and we thank him for our wins. He’s silent for the losses, but it’s Gods fault eirther way. There is a plan.

In my church, – whoich CAN be turned into a club, or a secret society, or an internet social networkl site.



BE a minister of your own creation of the uncverse and official book of answers to all the questions of hwo we got here.

Write a story or two.

Post them on the Church of Stories web site.

People can broiwse and read, and if they like it, become a follower of your church.

We are a coimunity with sermoins and a set of morality choices.

A loss of freedom in many ways, but a way to control, the official story.

Before TV, Church made us be our best, and learn from stories.

Our of existence, are the stories we tell.

Change the world. Change the stories.

Tell our kids which ones to believe and they will. They’re programmed to believe.

We learn, we remember.

I bel;ieve 100% that there are two parts to my brain.  The conscious LIVE brain in front of the curtain, and the thinking brfain behind the curtain, who may be a nerd.

MY memory rememberes stories better than it remembers events.  We have a need to trun memories into stories, or they’l be forgotten.  Everytjhing in our universe is just the story we tell, after the fact. We don’t rmemeber things happening. We remember the story we told about the things happening.

When you live alone, you don’t turn the happenings into stories every day, and you don’t learn from them or remember.  AT least for me, my retetion LIVE memolry doesn’t hold much anymore.  I do a zeppelin and can’t remember.  My best bet is to turn happeninbgs into stories with a #1 – but for the first time in my lifge, I am without one.

I have no #1.

It terrifies me, because without a #1, I may never get out.  I need to react, and with nobody giving me a reason, I don’t.

This is why some people cut.  It wilkl force a reaction.

I can’t change my own life, but I can make somebody else react, and then I’l have to react.

Why kids need to get cauight sometimes.  To reinforce there are consieques.

Today, society screwed that all up, but inventing the idea that public idiocy can go online.


Artists today can’t hone a craft and be bad in public.

Cool is a fine.  Nobody likes it too cold.

It can turn.

A new guy with a MEME worth looking at comes ouyt.  A new zeppelin.

Alt f-s

End of part 1.  That means I didn’t quite when I said it.  Some journals wil have 3 or 6 parts.  End of part 1 means I’m walking away.  Anything less than 3 minutes away I consider the same session.

I obcess.



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