Pausenblog. A german word I just made up that translates to, blogging during the show. Live on webcam and streaming… not streaming tonight, because I can’t figure the best place. I am watching the brand new MURDER MYSTERY, and I absolutly love it.    37:28 The second person is murdered, which makes it almost a… Read More »


Pausenblog. A german word I just made up that translates to, blogging during the show.

Live on webcam and streaming… not streaming tonight, because I can’t figure the best place.

I am watching the brand new MURDER MYSTERY, and I absolutly love it. 



The second person is murdered, which makes it almost a game. I understand lonliness more when watching fun shows alone, because they really are a sport. Pick a suspect and see who gets illiminated first and killed.

 There are so many combinations of two (or one) killer.

The lights.

I can turn my lights off by whispering in my phone or pushing a button on my phone.

When I ama lone, my enjoyment comes from the movie and rewroiting it in my head over and ocver like a maze. Pick a lane and hope you don’t have to walk to far back when you hit the brick wall.

My key is to ignore the obvious hints and think of good stories on my opwn, but it’s so much better to share sgows with.

Show idea: We sit on oure couches or beds and 2 or 10 of us watch the same show and chat. Text chat is fine, but if you want to ask a question or make a coment you can call pausenblog in a fake german accent that ends with a sort of sneeze yell

That wob’t pass the editors I suspect. No nazi-ish overtones for a mass audience. It’s fathers day. I tend to think of those stories from my memory/ My father was born in german during the time just before nondoy wanted to be from Germany We never talked about it.. I learned never to ask anything.

I was thinking, in the 90s, this movie might have been in theatres with 23 well known actors insetad of relative unknowns. It gives more focus on the two leads and also plays to the plot well if this is a theatre  muredr.

side mention. There is an amazing movie that I highly recommend, but if I do so here, it will actually spoil them entire preimise of the movie by association and spopil the movie for you.

You’ll know it when you see it.

Unless of course I’m wromg amd this movie ends by catching the bad guy and their breakupo over the lie ends, he’s forgiven and then at te end she’s pregnant.

It coulkd quite concievably turn into a movie franchise. The spit Murders.

Spit and Spit. PI

Oh. Idea. It would be neat if a homecide team used to hire a theatre production company to make hugely elaborate stings almost like flash mobs.

Undercover staged 

Biz Idea. Theatre Roleplayers LARP in rentable enviornments. Like Renasaince day all year round for parties.

Murder Mystery cruises

Murder Mystery party Planners.

ding. Ask JAson if he wants to create a casted murder mystery house party you buy.

The Man Who Knew too little with Bill Muray and a payphone.

Singles evenbts..

idea: tour small towns and communitiues and teach how to create a community thetre to do plays.

to do interactive murder mystery surprise parties like howie mandels flah mob shgow but with a scriupt.

They sell the games in a box. I already own some.

ding. could I cast one in time for ad astra?


but somebody could.

buy a boxed game, but instead of being a mystery to the actors, actuall regere and pounchline it to be acted among spectators who can all conversate and play along.






At 35 minutes in, I started trying to guess how it ends. It why I enjoy mystery TV procedurals. This movie is perfect. It’s a light mystery in the style of plays and novels. Over the top situatoions, but done as a straight show instead of a comedy. It’s just camp enough to be enjoyable like a lot of 80s mysteriies and parodies like cluve

Agatha Christy and more. I used to have a pottery indian prop from when my Mom was in the stage production of Ten Little Indians. She founded Geoegthown Little theatre with her best friend and it grew to be one of Canad’s most successful town community theatre.

At least that’s always how I tell the story. It’s actually a huge part of my journey, because my origins came from a very British town, or at least friendship circle of my parents. They were storytellers and two of then are mentioned as very early characters in my life story.

We always remember the storytellers along with the stories. The people I remember from my childhood are the ones attached to more stories. The more stories you make with your friends and circles, the more those people stay a strong story.

Murder mysteries are so big and bold, they create a story ouitside the story. Characters. 

But in a word of stoners smoking weed for the first time, this show appeals on many levels. Sandler’s audiece grew up too.  A murder mystery like this isn’t trying to offend, but if you watch it with people, it starts a friendly conversation more than most shows.

I take this point in my story to say, I did in fact, smoke a huge toke of indica just before watching.

Jennifer Aniston is still hot and shaply in her tight knits, but more in the “that is a hot wife” more than — I stop without finding the right words. It works for me, and I don’t feel the need to masterbate instead of wtaching the movie.

I’m new at crudeness, so I’m stil learniong what is inapprioppriate casual sexual conversation. I have learned so far, after oncluding that v recent attempt, I should not try.

In any case, at this paud, I figured out the end. It’s like putting the pieces of plot onto a puzzle. I have written the ending in my head, and can now pay attention to the characters. As I watched, fully knowing the premise from the start, how it gave me joy, spotting all the plot points they used to introduce us to the characters and give tem all some quirky reaction to their rollcall on the yaght.

The knife arrives and in the moment before I’d been waiting for the lights to go out and the murder to happen, I still was’t certain who would be murderd (first).

It could have been anyone for the story to begin. We knew they each had a motive and a grudge against father, and true in form he —

Spoilers. My point is that I didn’t know for certain who it wopuld be. The knife was there – on cue – The murder.

I sumized the rest of the movie and the ending.

Not who the murder was, but how the movie life ends.

Just a guess of course and it is bound to bounce around as the plot thickens. I’m sure we’ll be guided through the story wioth everyone being suspcious, including the first one or two they rule out for an explanation to come to them thanks to a fluke memory trigger.

My first guess. The entire thing, murder and all is a murder mystrey boat cruise, perhaps a contest win. I’m not 100% sure who knows and who it’s for. She’l enjoy it way more which is good. pretty face, great smile, and her tolerance of idiot husbands rivals Marge Simpsonm.

ding: THe real money is any TV show that spans two or three generations and hold up. The Simpsons could produce new episodes and still be proifutable for 300 years.

Any show could. We’re used to cast shifts and a loyal audience now.

NEil Simon was the name I was looking for. Not known for mysteries maybe.

unpaise and let the murer mystery begin.


sneezes are ging to out the killer


52:44.  I wonder when the line, Siri, IO would like to make a voice recording will be quante 

Nice paid and timly reference.

53:32 – Dead guy laffs, thus confirming my theory… oh, knocking door shake, not laugh.

119.  the cople besty friends set it up. new guess.


game night was a good film. similar but thats not a spolier.

carlos was my first choice

french cop reminds me of deitrict from barny millere. same head shake.

I accept that is was a nicer story withopuit my twst. I enjoyed every moment of this film, on weed.



Like a Scooby Do mystery.



Care to comment?

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