PAUSE & BLOG: figure skaters

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Plan. Cop knows what youre doing is wrong, they look the other way for income. He takes a scim. So easy. Manageable risk, especially if they all cover for each other. Cop mafia. All cops are, until they screw up…

PAUSE & BLOG: figure skaters


Cop knows what youre doing is wrong, they look the other way for income.

He takes a scim.

So easy. Manageable risk, especially if they all cover for each other.

Cop mafia.

All cops are, until they screw up and have to come cl;eran as an iscolated incident with a contract to never mention it again.

Its built into the salary, through handshakes and charities.

Crim still runs the city… just elected criminals

The underworld we don’t know about. The people guiding our evolution and society. The five families that brought the whole world together on base 10, and time and dates and time zones.

The ones that have the plan.

Earth really is a computer, running a program in the petri dish of the galaxy.

If we understand the big bany theory of an explostion that is still explodiung millions of years later.


Think about how fast every explosion you’ve ever known of. Boom, ddoine, twigs settle.


You missed it.

Now, if we zoom out into a perspective of the our universe, where time is relative. We are still existing in the flash of the bang.10 billion years to us, but the speed of a grenade, and over.

I suppose, in space, it floats forever, or forever minus a bit for friction and gravioty

But if we look at the big band as a human earth firecracker, it sparks shrapnel that burds up.

But still, a short moment in the life of the universe. We are 4billions of one second to them

That happened a millennia ago for us.

The milky way is ash and water. The edge of the crater that is the edge of the blast zone. Like the outer crust of an earth bound rock in sand ripple, like throwing a stone in a pond, but with earth.

In reverese, we really don’t know that there is a whole univers of stuff packed in some undiscovered binary, non base 10 forignh math. Live is digital.

Dna could be code.

Actually code. Encrypted data transfers, exactly like a computer could, in theory, evolve to.

Once we harness the interfaces between tech and life, the real science fiction starts.

We become fringe.

If they disover races wrere all just different science experiments on a big planet,

A game in a snowball dome. A set time and place, as if we are actually the video playback.

I am never amazed at how well vidxedo games can portray real life.

What facsimnates me, is that real life works the way a video game would, with an evolution of tech.

We are very mathematical beings, easily created through dna mixing. Every exchange of fluids shares dna and assimilates it into your own.

Every contact changes you.

A single dna exchange could work together to grow stronger.

Obviiolslky, more with sexx that sweat exchange.

I qam made up, of everyone I ever slept with, and it has changed my math.

My ID badge knowns and genes and dna. Two different things, but both converted to diogital real world duplicatable science.

The more I learn, the more I see the world reacting, through a set course of evolution. Who decides to have fasion change every generation. To have fads. A very deliberate plan to separate seaons to alayw s have something new as an option. As many choices as there are people.

I like to imagine there is a small group, guidng all of earth in a path.

Government is for show.

And local stuff. The plan is above it.

Smart people.

But I’d rather make tyhis all up with a friendly contact than a stranger anyway, for the show.

I hve no idea what that meanms.

Second writing… maybe third tonight, but all constant.

End of1

9:40 on a Wednesday, and I need to be productive tomorrow

Litening to DI.FM Trance

Made me think of going to the Guvernment sometime, if I can find a chaperone, #1. I wonlpt go alone. I would obbcess my way out of there in no time.

I need a #1. Attentive partner or date.

Somebody to stay with me, through a high. I want to go to a dance club once mnore, on good E and maybe acid. I want to feel the rave one more time.



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