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Let me tell you a story, Many times in my life, I have thought about what I wouldhave done, orm could have done, if I wqsn’t me. By this, I mean what somebody else could do. An old saying; it’s…

Let me tell you a story,

Many times in my life, I have thought about what I wouldhave done, orm could have done, if I wqsn’t me. By this, I mean what somebody else could do. An old saying; it’s the thought that counts is today, usually used in a mocking way. The idea that a thought would be as valuable as an actual gift or action, might seem absurd if nothing made you think twice. Gifts are better than words, I would say is the normal reaction.

I beg to differ, and ever since I’ve been working on my thesis#1

NOT a thesis probbly, I just hate calling it a blog. I’ve tried journal, diary, stream of consequences, New mexico
I regret the New Mexico joke add on the end. I did however use Cortana with my voice to figure out which state Truth or Consequence was in, and it worked perfectly. It reminded me that my Grandmother and I would watch Bob Barker on Truth or Consequences on her 26″ colour TV. I also remember Chuck Wollery was the host of Wheel of Fortune and they used to buy prizes like a shopping spree. I loved that part.

I also didn;t know Paul Lynd and Charles Nelson Ryley were gay. I’m not sure I knew much of anything about being gay till I was quite a bit older. The thought and topic never came up. I do however, credit a fair amount of my own wit and humour was from watching people punchline everything on game shows like Match Game and Hollywood Squares. To me, that was better than stand upo comedy. I could do a pretty good paul Lynne laugh impression when I ws 15.

I stop.  I look around.  I have waled into a park while typimng and have no idea what I was talking about.  My mind fills with the excitement of a new thought, and floods the mind with momentary joy. The moment, defined only by it’s end*2 before negative thoughts take a pass and defeaut the joy felings. A battle begines between the positive and negative… or wait


Maybe the two voices are not positive and negative. Maybe I can reframe this entire story, and tell it as two passes. The happy front face that loves to smile, laugh and create smiles and laughs in others. I am in therapy, but I still stand to the ideal that for me, and the life I have grown into through obcession and writing and therapy, is one I am finally confident in, and proud of. I am however, new to thes efeelings, and internally the esteem issues continue.  When on a little bit of weed, I can feel the two sides almost literally. Because I have rained my mind to think at the speed of the medium I use to communicate, I literally types as I think… or talk as I think. I don’t filter, and fior the most part, I don’t correct ior edit.

Many of my writings on Android devices auto corrected the shit out of it, in many cases beyond understanding. The flow of my proise is filled with distracting non sequiter words that most humans can not fathom.

Side Story: I had a dream that I was a stand up commedian. I started my [blank] 4 minutes with this statement.

Darn.. I fiorget the setup… but esentially I was asking if there were any autistic people in the audience, and if the answer was no, I’d say “… but darn it.  My brain actually re-eouted these thoughts as I was typing. It stopped me. Not because it’s politicaly correct, but because it’s wrong.

I understdn it has taken decades to change the world, and give new freedoms to a group every generation. At least half the people belong to a cult that has convinced their followers that to belong, and serve in exchange for preide, if you stick with us, and follow our stupid rules, then you get to be evil and make a shitload of money w2ith little concern foir the universe.  And own a shitload of guns too.

It occured to me that less government with the same budget is a great idea for anyone left in the layoffs…

Television’s truth-like stories of Government have actually ruined giovernment. It clearly is almost never about the issues or the people. Government officials are all makking deals that will piss off half the country and make the others happy. They ask for your unquestionable loyalty.  Then, to truely join the gang, you have to be tested. Could you, if asked, vote for Trump?

Yes?  Of course.  You do as the cult requests.  One side against the other.

I learned recently that the whole idea of folding the strong Christians and religious values was fairly new. A planner, often called the storyteller, created a story and chose an enemy to unite religion and olitics in a party changing move.

There are two types of Rebublicans.  The ones who understand that the core values of this government benefit my wealth and business and allow for certain freedoms which may in fact be ridiculous. Certainly not Christian.

Those who understand the party’s public face has to appear to the very large percentage of the usa population in all races of … I so want to say stupoid, but I would just say, less … what would I say.

There are a million stupi euphamisms or synonmns.

In 2016, America’s Rebublican party played a pre written election, where a dicttator spouting the craziest non opresidential things a writer ciould come up with… and yet, much like “Springtime for Hitler” he could not fail. From wanting to have sex with his daughter *4 to saying he could shoot his gun down a busy street and it wouldn’t make a difference.

He is a clown, intentionally, because half of the country gets it. They’ve never paid attention to the public face of the republicans. Hell, most of them probably laughed at the absurdity of the public face and might have eeb Colbert fans, or John Stewart.

When you join a Christian churh, or at least one of the 6000 spin off nit poicks. I always found it ironic that anyone would dare spin off a religion and create a choice. Religion ONLY works if there is no choice… and so you have to convert or kill. That’s always been the problem.


The greatest invenion of all time was church, and community
the worst invention of all time was religion

I add, but they were so close. If only power had not required absolute origin stories, but I suppose the creators of the official stories didn’t consider that the collective over that mountain might have made up their own stories.  Whoops.

The second type of replicicans are the people that live different lives, and hold true certain beliefs that are considered facts, without dispute. They pick their story, and they stick to it.

When they join, they say, Jesus Christ is my LOrd and Savyor. They may do the spectakles, testicals watch and wallet. salute.  The first half say that to. It is the price of adission to have a lie and say you believe it.  Perhaps there is a wink I’ve not learned that goes with it for the brighter half.
Darn, I said it.  I don’t mean brighter.  I am having difficulty thinking up how to address the lower class. The idiots is too strong.

People who live theiur kives in ful truth both publically and privately in belief of Jesus Christ and the Bible as anything but stories. They scare me a bit.

I find it hard to comprehend the mindset that could believe that their fairytale is the truth and everyone else’s fairy tales are all just stories.

There are those who believe it’s all true. That Dinasaurs are a fiction and almost all science is poropiganda.

The cool side thoughts I play with now and then, is how possible it could be.

My favourte saying

EVerything in our universe is the stories we’re told, and the stories we tell.
NOW only exists in stories

All it takes to change the world, is to change the stories

I see people trying to do this.  And although it may shock you to hear many people want to rewrite history. There really is an argument for it.

Conceptually, people have the freedome to change teh story. To live in a universe you create.

Mankind could, if it wanted to, live in a Trueman show environment, where the rules of the univefrse were a script, and everyone just goes with it.  In one generation, thay universe would be the only one they knew.

Douglas Adams wriote some stories in his later Hitchiker books, and one that I think about often, is the planet that was overcast. They never saw a sky. Because they never saw a sky, they presumabkly never discovered some basic things about their polace in the universe. Without a moon and stars and a round sun, a great many discoveries would be delayed, or never happen.

Sliders showed us universes that were the same, with small changes.  That in theiry is possible.

SNAP.  The kicker… there is nothing we d\can do, to prove this is not the case today.  There is no real way the average person can prove beyond any doubt that our history, as told to us in stories, is even close to the way it happened.

EVerything in our universe is the stories we’re told.
All it takes to change the wolrrd, is to change the stories.

Side fiction: what if… as a planet, we decided to change some stories.  As an extreme example, what if nationally, we decided ti change the story about Hitler. There have been many fictions written where time travelers eithe debate, attempt or succeed to kill hitler. It’s the go-to paradox or moral question people talk about when time travel is mentioned.

Although… now people are starting to talk about time travel with a new question. Would you go back and stop TRump?

Notice I did not say kill…

For the past few yers, I have been rolling some ideas in my head about — blank zeppelin

I am reminded before I close, that the title of this piece was about Whisper.  It is a social media chat and post tool. It’s unique hook is that all texts are placed in a cool font on top of an image of it’s choosing or yours, and that nobody signs in. Each post can be reasonably anonymous.

However, newer versions do allow people to see an author name or cute handle, and track mposts by the same person.

Tonight, as I posted 3 or 4, it hit me that I had pride in the posts. They were pretty much the kind of things others might post on twitter, but Whisper is small enough, and organized in such a way thgat people actually see your posts. Unlike twitter, you don’t need a folowing.  Pretty much every post is seen by a good many people. They interact.


I thought I had some wit tonight, and it felt good.

I thiought, I must save these. They are pre-built sharable memes.

Then ding.  Could I actually become a Whisper Personality, in the same way some people are known for their social media leads.
There isn’t really one already.  Since it;’s sanonymous, I don’t see peole using it to gather folowers… but is is a place to make a joke or  lien, and get virtual applause and smiles. To get feedback.
With a shockingly low amount of idiots and assholes and in general, negativtive posts.

Not sure where I was… oh yes.  The title of this was that I tend to overthink.  Instead of just trying to come up with some more posts and get some smiles… I stopped altogether and started to write about ikt. I sat down with the intent to discuss the idea of becoming – or attempting to slyly gain recognition as a character … To gain a small following on Whisper.

I don’t want to be Famous
I just want a few fans

(Availble on stickers and tshirts)

In any case, the part about overthinking was all the rest.

In closing I callback and say, sometimes a sstory is a gift. I actually love giving the gift of a story, and I attempt to do it frequenlt on social media as I am nogtified of friends near and far’s birthdays.

I give the gift of a story. I recall my version of a shared memory. For many, it may be our origin story as friends, or the defining moment. Almost anyone you consider a friend should have a minimum of one story linked to them. For the rest of your life, you can always recall at least one.  It is fun to retll it, shared on Facebook or elsewhere.  It is a gift that, if told well, may come with a smile at the end. Remembering shared moments is almost as good as the event itself. Like seeing a movie you love a 34th time, it’s a comfort.

There are many times in life where giving the gift of a story creates special bonds and trust. It generates smiles.  Early relastionships of any kind are built on stories more than anything.

If you tell a good story, you’ll click with mlore people than clash.

Click or clash is almost insant

There is something equally powerful, if not more than a well times gft of a story.
The gift of lsietning to a story of theirs. More of the joy to them. People love to share, virtually anything but money.

Snap back to a previous zeppelin. I was describing the Rebublican party split into two distinct groups, which probably shocked a lot of group A.

I then jumped to religion and left that story open. I wanted to explain that I was leading tiowards showing how Politics is just a name for religion where you vote for God, instead of believe a 2000+ year odl retelling of the previous story.

A cult that tells you not to hve sex, or abortions or education.  Be a good boy. Vote for opur party. Keep your guns.

The part that I hate is, even though they don’t have an allmighy inhuman God to answer to and follow, but they still kept the part about abolsute like belief. Follow along. DO as youre told.

Omce, a long time ago I wrote some awful thoughts, but it’s what I like to do. To think up scenarious to change out story. To change earyth.


Getting a bit fatigued. Fat-ee-gooo (ignore that sillyness)

hinkjing… have I summed up my points?  I liked the idea of being a Whisper personaity that makes people smile

I need two accounts.

Repubican Party has shown us a great number of peol,e in tghis country are of a lower general intekegence than the other hal;f, and we are led to believe the parties are split almost 505 every election, so neither side feels cheted.

Imagine what an election of not 505 does for those that are in the minority.  Delicate balance to keep stupid people happy.

I’m tired.
Now I can’t tour colleges.

Time for rest.
330am, Saturday.