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0:04 I absolutely hate when one single click. Takes me so far away from what I was doing that sometimes I don’t make it back. Period. Tonight was therapy. I shared who I am, with someone seeking approval that I’m…

I absolutely hate when one single click. Takes me so far away from what I was doing that sometimes I don’t make it back. Period. Tonight was therapy. I shared who I am, with someone seeking approval that I’m just interesting enough to want to see more, period. I have a bad habit of telling opinions, as if they were fact.

But I always try to correct that if I noticed tonight. I talked for four or five hours. While my partner was sick. Puking sick. And I kept talking for five hours, thinking he’s not stopping me so it must be okay to share this part of me. I am discovering more pride in who I am. Since I learned to tell my own stories. If we understand that we are the curators of our own memories, and that everything we are is from our perspective. Frequently, blind to opposition or alternative thinking. Period. One good fan can change your life. Without 1000 good things to pay for college. Even at 57. I finally believe that. On the MA. Were the character that could build a following. I could be someone’s favorite. And because I’m asexual I don’t give off a vibe of sexuality.

I think it makes women were comfortable with me because they somehow know, I’m not trying to get into their pants. And I usually try and stay away from any jokes that normal people with sexual desire and lust. Period. Are you uniquely qualified to give my opinion better than anyone else. And when I don’t share. I never really know whether this idea was a piece of shits donor idea that didn’t last till day two. Or do I understand that it’s never too late to be the next Facebook, because the world always hates or fears. I have so many ideas yet to share. And I have come to the realization that I share these ideas, publicly in public domain for anyone to pick, as their favorite, try and build a business. One of the most fun things for me to do is figure out new ways to market to communities that didn’t even know they existed. There is now no better selling tool than the joy of referring, and sharing your favorite with someone whose opinion you respect. A fan, but a fan that you trust, because he doesn’t want to get in your pants. He just spoke to his opinions of scenarios. Why am I talking to the third person. I’m stalling, because I know. I don’t want to tell my idea, incomplete, which is why I’ve asked for help from some of my favorites. Each, like a superhero of the orange League, as people who tell you if you suck Gama, but in a nice way. And change your world by confirming that this idea was indeed worthy and I noticed. The faster you figure out that nobody else is thinking about your image. But you period to everyone else. You’re that cool person that they want to hang out with the storyteller. I frequently consider going for a 70s hippie style. Sitting in a lotus position and tie dye shirts, as the Prime project share idea. Period. Imagine a membership community online in three ways of communicating with a community. And then we build the communities. And we pick people. You are good at carpentry. You get a free house, but you have to do carpentry on other people’s floor. If that’s too extreme. Just spend some of your money within the community, but always explain that they only see you as you. No matter what you do. If I like you. Then, there is no difference between tragedy and fantasy. If you make the story the goal. No matter what happens, the faster you can turn that into a story that focuses on the positives without blaming or accusing


Because if you’re not the community doesn’t want a member based referral trust system, like, Five stars. I just realized that what Google does. I really learned tonight by rambling for five hours to an audience that didn’t want to talk, because he was sick. And no matter what he says. It was stressful to be sick in front of me and have me, ignore it completely and just keep talking, period. I want to believe that his reactions


sincere. I want to believe that I can be interesting enough to want to see more,

but not by asking for pre paid money upfront for period. I want to create a community where people can get support and confirm that their idea is plausible and could be a success, with the right choices. The choices that seasoned professionals know how to make, like the agent to Bojack Horseman.

She is the ultimate woman who always tries her best to make you not have to worry. And by you I mean, everyone. And I think I tried to do that. But every time I say it out loud.

I can see the reaction to people who understand what I mean, and people who don’t, because it might not make any sense. When I read it tomorrow.

But this weekend. I met someone new. Someone I wanted to meet for what I want to say is three years, but could just as easily be

five years, or could be no less than to the kick drum group, changed my life, period. It was the first chat room that I could go away and come back, and still be having the conversation over three days, which for someone with attention deficit disorder

on stimulants. Means I forget things in the middle of the sentence, because my brain says, Hold on. Don’t say that out loud, we have to prove that it doesn’t make you look like an idiot. So I didn’t share for a very long time. I wrote, I wrote in public. But I didn’t tell anyone. And that’s like having a restaurant at the end of the street that only the two houses on either side know about. I suspect that is a very strange analogy. I had so much fun tonight. Seeing my ideas, not to be rejected. And I’m willing to take the win. Despite the fact that my brain can scenario that he reacted in exactly the same way, a respectful person would react when this person you’re hanging out with starts to talk for four hours.

I love these live brain transcripts, and these aren’t even the example when I I concentrate, and I get really high and just near reach as I’m thinking, trying to steer the current as I like to say, I don’t make decisions. I wait to see what decision the universe makes. And I have become proficient in adapting to that. So that I always embrace my now all of existence is one instant therapy of this evening, gave me the boost that I needed to try again. I’m at the bottom of the hill with the Boulder, and I suddenly discovered. I am happiest rolling the ball boulder up the hill every day, hoping to get it over, and having it roll back down to the beginning

than I am at asking for recognition, and hopefully praise. Any first share of yourself is a risk. It’s the moment of truth, between what you think people think about you and what they really think about you.

And that moment of understanding can be the pivot between giving your life purpose. And just coasting.

I will not succeed without making decisions. Or, as will probably be the case, making friends and get them to keep me interested in seeing my idea, be turned into an actual company, or whether it’s better to just think it, get the joy of believing it was a fantastic idea. And for once. There’s not a second voice great yeah but it’s not really something you want to say.

I like to be open and honest. Because it’s easier than trying to remember the lies, period. Instead of striving to be a better person. It’s okay to want to make a period. I actually don’t remember where I was going with that.

But, I’ve said it many times this evening. I really believe that there’s a lot of people like me who just think, and take those steps to a conclusion. Hundreds of times a day, while you’re talking, or I’m observing the world.

I have the arrogance to believe that my ideas of the universe are worthy of sharing. Because I believe you can always be the next Facebook. Unless Facebook plays dirty, which of course we know, the bigger the corporation, more dirty they play. Period. That’s a pessimistic view that I’m sure isn’t the case for all business. But the moment you’ve been the shareholder the priority for any business over the satisfaction of the customer. Within cost limitations. It’s still a shift of priority that makes me uneasy. I don’t know why though so I just finished that sentence with the word. I do that a lot. If I forget what I’m saying in the middle of a sentence. I’ve got a number of stock, and things that I can say out loud. And they seem to fit almost any sentence. If it doesn’t, I’m talking so fast that they don’t notice.

I only recently figured it out for myself. If I can’t control how people think about me. Then make about my audience, all it will take to change my life are a few good fans.

Fans. Finding these online opens up a whole new world of support. And that can be scary shit because the people who figure out it’s easy to shape the minds of people eager to fill in knowledge to their universe.

I sometimes think my lack of emotion. makes me think like a psychopath. Because the scenarios of what could be include some pretty extreme scenarios of ways to have this be a bad idea and not follow through my brain crushes, my joy before the first share for a lot of things that probably didn’t deserve my fear of being ridiculed for a lunatic stoner idea that I didn’t realize was useless. The girls behind the curtain, pulling it back and laughing at my failure. Because they can win. We have to stop people trying to make themselves feel better by making other people feel worse. You won’t believe how amazing it is to go through life knowing you are making it better for everyone. Just by telling them, You like them and don’t notice any of the things that you think I do. Period. That’s not how people work with me. I said it before, the faster you can figure out that you do not suck. The better your life would be, period. I want to believe that everyone eventually figures out that they don’t suck and everything they’ve been worried about with pretty much, combined with the package deal of you. And the good news is, if this version of you fails, you can rewrite your you until you find one that works. I believe that having separate community projects can build pride and moods. Just by reinforcing that people think of you as a whole package. The things that you see as negatives are part of what other people see as you.

And like it or not, people will have their opinion of you. Sometimes you can’t change them, because that would mean they were wrong.

And there’s nothing harder in the world than getting someone to change something. They have always believed, even in the face of obvious logic to the contrary, period. I would love to see if we reset religions. Every few decades, and made the stories, the goal. The Bible is an amazing story book, no matter how you look at it. And I don’t think people give it that credit, because they’re selling it to you as an absolute, you have to swear to believe in order to learn the secret handshake and be led into the inner circle. A lot of people and think like me have imagined. What if everyone is sharing an opinion of me. That is unfavorable. I believe, then I feel karma. I regroup and try it from a different angle. Because as creepy as that sounds. Everyone needs a best friend. And it’s hard to build trust. When the scenario of evil. Can’t be distinguished from reality. We will never know the level of espionage, that our computers, offer people in one way or another. The best use for this, even greater than advertising is to con. We have glorified cotton con men from the sting, to many others like it, comma, the heroes are criminals, period. But they’re handsome and charismatic, and most criminals, truly believe that

they deserve the right to not follow the rules. Period. They do not have someone to stay good for period. A fan has power. Because you don’t want to disappoint. The one thing that is great in your life, somebody who says, I enjoy, who I am, because I do I enjoy everything about someone. From my perspective, in my universe. And if I like them. Then until they do something that makes me think of them differently. I could be best friends forever I’m always willing to earn a smile, by helping. I think that I feed off the joy of a pretty small,


If I’m captivated by your you. Your choices in who you want it to be seen as

it’s nice to have a best friend, that says, You’re a fucking tech man, take that hat off period, or one that goes. I’m not sure that hat suits you, but we could should keep trying for

finding the right one. Period. I do not exist without interaction, constantly reminding me that this is an actual idea that it’s worth investing time in. If done right. Every Facebook. No. Everything from my space forward was bound to improve upon the previous generation. Because the more you use something, the more ways you find to be irritated

by that you think, don’t make sense. If you can’t grasp how an idea past a board of directors and managers.

And with this stupid, Ben. It’s best to wait till tomorrow and read but when you’re not so high, because, as I’ve said everything I do, is the right thing to know.

That alone is a high thinking without the joy crushing second thoughts is something I got drunk in period. I wanted to believe. So by justified. Gamble gambling 60 Canadian dollars on a Snapchat model that has more exposure than almost any of the others, and isn’t perfect model body. If people like you. They don’t think about all the things you think they’re thinking, and you don’t for them. Walk around once, and think if they think like you do, what could be going through their mind right

now. And if I go up to them and say, I like what you’re doing. Good luck with it. I will support when I can.

Those are the kinds of stories that they tell 40 years later, that kept them dreaming that. The only difference between seeing a great idea through, and not is seeing a great idea through period, make that decision. And most importantly, have someone that will remind you about this whole thing

in two days. And then in three days, and four days, and then give it away. But imagine a think tank of skills and thinkers and labourers.

That all discovered the benefit of supporting in small groups. Instead of catering to the country don’t always believe what I say when I think about it. When I pause.

But I like that I say it. Sometimes, I remember to say that I don’t actually believe that now, I thought it through and the way that you said makes more sense. I like being wrong. because, it expands my universe, period. I feel a joy. When a new memory is made. I call it the pleasure ping, ping instantaneous bursts of joy. Every time a new revelation hits you that confirms, or at least continues to allow for the possibility of good outcomes over the assumed failures that will happen if I don’t find someone to talk to me on day three and say, We’re doing this. I collaborate very well. I tweak an argument with a brain that often thinks of everything, slightly different, only because I’m thinking of everything. With as many variables as time will allow to entertain my brain, period. I try to learn from observations. But, so many things are new to me, that my reactions to new friends, is still very much based in getting confirmation that I am interested enough in my new character, and openness with the belief that I can be a success, with the right support, period. And the cool pleasure point bonus is that I can do it in such a way that anyone can experience that in the United States, they have the same but anyone can be president.

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