Hello. My name is Jeff. I like Orange. I’m currently quite high. I’d like to tell you my story. I am a 53 year old simgle, never married, great best friend. I am social, and confident in myself in some…

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Hello. My name is Jeff. I like Orange. I’m currently quite high.

I’d like to tell you my story.

I am a 53 year old simgle, never married, great best friend. I am social, and confident in myself in some ways, but only newly. I know I am a great person. I’ve worked hard at it all my life. An interestiung life.

I say a Fascinating life, if I tell the story well.

I’m looking for somebody to tell my story to. A woman. Age isn’t impoirtant as long as I like your face, and yourt smile makes me smile. Really. I want a pretty face for this venture. I know that may be a lot to ask, and so I’ve decided to start my adventure – this next chapter in my klife story, in Second life.

There, everyone is beautiful, and makes me smile..

I have a pretttyy good click or clash brain. i I’m awkward o a first date because I don’t yet know what you like.

Ok.. lets start at the begininning. I think this high will last about two hours.

I am alone. Lonley. Seeking a partner for life. I am a co dependant mn who needs to live in a couple. I’ve tried.  Well.. kind of.

My story, starting with the disclaimer that I really am a nice genetleman. A Canadaian. Raised well. Respeoctful. I say intelegent, but not well educated.

I have a few roadblocks I’ve styled my life around.

At age 27 I discovered the idea of Attention Deficit disorder and in fact, the whole new world of mental health. I had grown up oblivious.

I was just the super smart kid that couldn’t live up to my poytential. I failed at everuything.

You might know somebopdy who is good at everyting? I’m the opposite. I heard it called The Divito on Saturday Night live tonight. An awful term for Danny, referring to the leftover parts of a man when twins are created.

Let me start again. I grew up in a loving family, but with a lot of mental issues I knew nothing about. I was A.D.D. before anybody knew what that meant. To me, it meant I was lazy, unmotivated, and could never complete anythging. A procrastinator.

But… smart, so without knowlefge that brains have different types, I was just me…. and I modeled my persona quote well as I remember it. A perfect kid to the outside worlkd, or as close as I could be.

IU becae a bluffer. A pleaser.

I became a friend. I listened and offered aqdvice. I lead.

I don’t really remember a lot of it. That’s one of my things.

NO drinking, smokig or sex. Nio dating. No dancing. No kissing.

A fun friend to many through high school, and they let me pass without doing the work because that’s what they did back then.  You don’;t fail the smart kid who learnbs but can’t do the work.

I was great in class.

I loved class.

It was live.  I made people laugh.

I made cfriends.

I think I had a happy cghildhood in school.

My sisters were from a generation ahead.  7 and 9 years older than me, and moved out by the time I was 10. I was mammas’ perfect boy.  Apparentky, the boy they’d tried for through those 7 years and I think maybe lost one or more. I don’t know the story.

However, from 10 on, I lived as an only child in the country. A dirt road and RR#1 outside a small pulp town that was clkose enough to Toronto to be a commuter community after facitories closed, as they did in the 70s.

My father was a strong minded German who came here moments before the war. We never really talked about it, except to say he was in the Hitler Youth, which was like scrict boyscouts.  Somehow he and his brother came to Canada and my father worked hard to become Canadian. We never really talked about Germany, except to get cookies on Christmas that he loved and I hated.

Anyway… my father was probably quite a cool guy.  He may have had frfiends and hobbies.  I know he liked fine cars, photography, pottery, and even became a glider pilot and go cart racer.  All things I remember him doing withoiut me. He also belonged to the Limehouse Riofle club, but I don’t know if he ever went.

Family life was normal I guess. I really have little memory of it, but I lived in the country 1 mile (exact) walk to the corner store that sold farm goods and amazing ice cream sandwiches worth the walk for.

My only neighboutrs withion a walk were a girl my age on the one side, and a guy my age on the other side.  I rode the bus to school.  A long ride.

I kind of remember.

Snap back to tioday. I ted to ramble on.

I am still single. I didn’;t really feel puberty kick n till I was in my 20’s and working in Toronto. I found support and retail were perfect for me. I didn;’t have to learnh anything except the answers to questions. As lonmg as I believed in something, it was a helpful service to sell it.

I was happy. Interactgion with customers daily, and I made them smile.

I fed off smiles.

I had a few guy friends and we did all the 20’s guy things. Movies, cards, games… strip clubs.

I was never really turned on by women. I didn’t get hard ons.

It was a world I came into late, and decided to stay away from.

So I lived as a roomate in other people’s lives, not unlike Michael Landen or Sciott Bacula. I lived with people and tried to help them.


I never wiorried about myself. I was active and fun.  NOt  beer commerciual fun. Not bar fun… but activity fun.

Remember that I did not know about A.D.D. or emental illness till my late 20’s.

Wow… I am rambling.

skip ahead. I am 53. I lived a good life without sex. I had female best friends and male best friends and lived about 5 years or so with each before moving on… like the Littleest Hobo.

At 50, it seemed like I was faced with living alone for the first time.  Nobody else’s life to cling to. I had to find ways for me to be happy.

That was hard.

This is hard.  My high is fading and I have not even started.

I need a partner. I need an editor. A director. A spouce. A manager.

Whatever… I need a friend to cling to.

I’m lost.

My income doesn’t pay for my bills anymore, and I’ll soon be broke…

Oh. Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that here.  It’s only PART of the motivation.



I am Jeff Goebelk. A 53 year old really cool good conversationalist supportive biyfriend that doesn’t know how to touch you or have sex. I can be romantic. Charming, witty, funny… but I don’t know how to transition to that.

I don’t know how to do anything. I have created a life for myself based on support. You ask and I answer… but if nobody asks, I sit idle and watch TV.


Less so since my change at 50.

I hate this posyt now. It’s not a good first impression at all.

I just need to find a pretty faced woman who will be happy to put up with me and take care of me and be tolerant of the man I’ve become. I love tio be best friends… I lo…


Argh.  I’m losing you. My negative voice is starting to come back into play as the high wears thin.


Start Again.

Hi.  I’m OrangeJeff. I’m as good and funny as any TV sitcom or romantic comedy man can be. I will always be respectful.  I’m looking for a woman who is smart enough to be right most of the time, and intellegent enough to know she isn’t right every time.  I need somebody who is old enough to get that great minds come with quirks, but as long as you don’t yell at me and make me cry, I can live and adapt to be good for almost anyone. It’s exciting to meet a coimpmnaion who doesn’t get frustratted by my awkwardness.

I’m OK without sex… if that is what the relastionship is, but man I’d reaaaaaly love to make love well.  I hope I can. It scares the shit out of me.

I’m obcessive about making people happy and equally criushed when I faiul.


And I fail a lot.

I’m really good at failing… at least alone, but I’ve always been happy and optomistic abouit it.

I really am a good catch.

I just fear I might have waited to long fot my dream movie type matchup.

As long as I can make you smile more than frown, I’m golden.

You just have to keep telling me to take the garbage out because my mind literally doesn’t remember the past. I live in the NOW and like to be doing things.


I am terrifiued of change, but love change the moment I’m on the other side., I adapt instantly and always love my new NOW.  I just say no before a lot.

I smile as I type, hoping to find my Rachael.  The one who makes me smile and doesn’t yell bevcause I forgot the milk again.

I try my very best.  I do.

I want to make somebody happy again.

As lomg as it isn;t hard… hehehe… or takes some reasearch.

The A.D.D is real and the people you think have it, are not like me…. probably…. but my anoyances are so minute compatrred to many. I don’t do drama. I run from it. I give in. I coimpromise. I smile at your cancvelatiuonbs but I try to never be late.


Perfect match:

A smile that makes me smile.

A laugh that makes me laugh

A calmness that doesn’t show frustration through anger.

A silent discussion…

I have a saying; Every dispute in the history of disputes ends one of two ways. Either oe side convinvces the other side, or they decide to stop trying to coinvince the other side.  I love being comvinced you’re right. It’s learning.

I hate not being ablke to convince you I’m right… so I shut up, and look for more evidence.  I run from fights.

Either you’re right, or I’ll try again next Tuesday with a different tactic.

If you make me cry, I’ll want to run away.

I’ll want toi run away a lot… but I won’t.

I don’t want to ever say things I can’t take back.


The problem.  I am support. I never learned to ask.


I don’t ask.

Second life is helping.

11:17. High wears off.  I will post this and share.  It’s a crazy high ersion of me, but I am glad I typed it out.


Orange Jeff.

End of part one.



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