NOW? You just missed it.

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I may have been thinking about NOW a bit wrong. It exists, and may even be the same universally, but we can’t really detect when it is, or was. Our perceptions are too slow. In previous writings, I have stated…

NOW? You just missed it.

I may have been thinking about NOW a bit wrong. It exists, and may even be the same universally, but we can’t really detect when it is, or was. Our perceptions are too slow.

In previous writings, I have stated that we percieve NOW as a moment that our sences can detect. Our visual now, descibed as all I can see without turning my head. My audible now was written as all I can hear, touch or smell at the moment of my existance.

However we now know these things to have a speed, and light travels fast, but measurable. Sound travels significantly slower. This means, we may exist in the now, but it was just before what we perceiev as now.

If now is where we exist, at least our brains live in the moment of perception afterwards, and iyt’s diferent for everyone. Visually, everything I see around me in this moment, is actually light reflected from an object in the immediate past. Inperceptable to the brain as a delay, but it becomes more noticable with distance.

I may see my shoes techically faster than you do, so mt perception of NOW is ahead of yours, with regards to my shoes. If I drop a drop of ink on my shoe, it hits and makes a splash, and I may see it before I feel it, and hear it a moment later.  In reality it was one moment, but my senses witnessed it at different times. Different NOW… and you may have seen and heard it at a diferengt NOW for you.

If you were on the sun, the moment of the drop hitting my shoe is unchanged, but your perception of it would be 18 minutes later, discounting the obvious fast that you would not be able to see my shoe from the face of the sun.

If you lived a mile away from me, and I farted loud enough, you would not hear till a second after I did, but even my sences would be delayed in the time it took my fart noise to travel from my butt to my ears.

We may think in the NOW of the universe, but we percieve only on reflection of what just happened. It is possible to think ahead and anticipate what we will do in the now that is to come, but we;re always living in the moment, and percieving it after the fact.

I imagine early huamns struggling with the idea. First, calcuated only in day and night. Then in morning and evening, and then, through history, giving names to the increments they’d split a day into. EVentually, people started detecting time in a loop. In addition to days, we had an obvious loop of seasons, and we didcovered ways to predeict when the days got longer or shorter. We started naming the passage of now.

We developed time mangement, and learned not to travel farther from home than time would alllow for us tio return safely before dark. We learned when to plant our crops so the snow would not ruin them.

We also learned that these discoveries and names and rules were ot absoute and our perception of a day difered from our neiughbours.  Our NOW was out of sync with theirs. Their sun stayed up longer than ours one direction, and less the opposite. Morning was earlier on the other side of the street.

On new years eve every year, millions of people realize its a new year in Australia than it is in North America. Midnight strikes there, hours before it does here. We kid about them knowing what is coming. They live a day ahead of us.

6am. Sleepy. Jeff run ending. Too deep for morning blogging.

Edit. Part 2: 6:28am

I was tired, but my thoughts of time continued, as did time itself. It’s alwsy there, moving forward as we perceive it creating a new moment following the last. Our reflection of light bouncing outward into the universe to be witnessed cronologically at the speed of light or sound as others ee it. On the moon out now it witnessed a second r so delayed, and on another star, a few million years delayed.

thought: if we see stars as beams of light containing a chonicle of the NOW from a distant star, is it not possible that in our future, the sky will be better lit. As the light of new stars reach our perception, either by eye or by telescope, it is conceibavle that we may be able to see a brigt sky all night long. This is dependant on the ratio of new light appearing vs old star dieing, and I do not know the ratio. In some ways, our logic and statistical anaylasis of life itself, everything seems to have a start and a beginning, in a mathmatically calculatable way.

Educated guesses.

I write these blogs with educated and ignorant guesses and theories without a an education. I am just a self in time, riding it like a surfer on top of a wave. I learn as I go. I make up my story as I live.

In prevous writings, I decribed the univere as a box of finite content. Every divided spot in that unievsre has a finite point it can be divided to. When I was young, theat was an atom. That was my truth. The atom is the smallest divisable part of our universe. Later, that truthe was changed, as we learned an atom contains smaler bits, and when we split an atom, energy is created.

Perhaps a finite universe can be expanding. At any moment in time (NOW), it is x size, but as atoms or molocules or whatever the division is splits, we increase and expand. Perhaps this is what time is.

EVery vibration of our elements, every vibration of a wave is like the movement of the ovcean. Time is just another wavelength. Another vibration. The upswing on a pedulum causes a new moment of time.

A heartbeat of the universe. Universally the same everywhere, but perceieved by living creates a moment later. Our bodies create new cells. A tree creates new rings. A couple has sex and concieves a new life.

Everything happens in the now.  Then we start telling the stories of what just happened.

There… It happend again. Cells split and we’re driving the NOW train into the nothingness of the fuiture.

My hair grew a little. My ears grew a little. The trees grew a little.

Even the bricks my home is built with may have changed, but life creates new cells… dead objects lose. Rocks fade away and cells separate, returning to the space between them and us.

The cycle of life lives on the edge of NOW and NOW and NOW and NOW and NOW and NOW on till each of us dies and our now becomes fixed from our perspective.

We become a rock and start giving back.

Some have conceived that the universe may die too, one NOW in the future may be the last, and it has been conceived that it will start to fade and give back those molocules and atoms in a reverse loop. Time then, would be operceived as going backwards. Without growth, we receed.

THat is a conecpt too deep for this writing. It requires drugs. Today, I wriote sober.

End of part 2. 6:48am Sunday. NOW


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