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Not the News

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  • Later that same day.

    Later that same day.

    Probably about 8 minutes later. The rush of pride points and pleasure I experience as I write cool ideas with …
  • Stoned Science: Quantum Phsyics

    Stoned Science: Quantum Phsyics

    I have an idea. If a cell phone vibrates because of a mechanism, it would follow that it’s vibration is …
  • Monday Chores – Bad Start

    Monday Chores – Bad Start

    I can’t act surprised when something that has been alerting me for 3 months finally makes the decision to fail. …
  • Drugs are like virginity

    Drugs are like virginity

    Drugs are like virginity. It changes you and yoou’ll never think about things the same way. The reason weed may …


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