Not everyone will get this. Always True
I can't decide whether this is a deep philosophy post or a silly thought post. It did serve the purpose of inspiring me to wake up more and start my day.

Not everyone will get this. Always True

From day to day I never really know what will inspire me to sit up and blog. Sometimes it’s an image, or an idea, or a post. This morning it was a concept that inspired me to stop what I was doing, and open WordPress to write this. In the grand scheme of the world it’s an insignificant concept that I am objecting to. I’m not even sure that I’m objecting. Not quite that I’m offended by it but it is the simple statement that not everyone will get this as a disclaimer people are posting before a joke they feel superior for understanding.

The truth is that no matter what you say or do in our universe not everyone will get it. It’s a fact of life that each of us has our own experiences and understanding and knowledge that make us unique and it certainly possible that someone else might not share those experiences and not understand fully what we are saying or doing. 

We are each our own universe. We share the same space but the experience individually and that creates our universe for us as we live. The act of pointing out that you might not understand it can be perceived as belittling. I get the joke but maybe you don’t. It’s almost an obnoxious reminder that we are different but in no way should it be reminder that that makes one better than the other. 

Before posting this blog I read a Facebook post that said not everyone will get it, followed by an image that I thought surely everyone will get that. Then I thought again and tried to come up with reasons why you might not know. As I pondered what is present in my universe that allowed me to get it and how it could be possible others might not

Sadly, due to a frustrating quirk in the way that Facebook operates LinkedIn directly to a annoying cork in the way that my brain operates, I tried to go back and refresh my memory as to some of the details but both had been wiped clean of the existence of the original post. Facebook values new content highly over rereading what you just read 20 seconds ago so it was gone. Likewise my memory values what’s in front of it more than what I’ve stored away so it was gone too. 

I couldn’t “get it” if I tried. 

The idea of this blog remains, regardless of whether or not I can retrieve it inspiration, I still find that opening statement is still somewhat insulting to the audience. If I try, I can justify a comment because it does certainly make the reader try a little harder. It is a challenge. Am I smart enough to get this joke that my friend posted. If I’m not, what does that mean to our entire relationship and my awareness. That’s pretty deep philosophical thinking for the opening line of a joke. 

Maybe I don’t get it. 

Perhaps it is me. If I read the post, but didn’t get it, would I be inspired to ask, or would I accept some things won’t be relatable. Perhaps I would turn the script and take this opportunity to feel superior over the original poster who wasn’t making their content accessible to everyone. That’s a stretch. 

I know I don’t like feeling laughed out. If I don’t get it and you have mocked me for it by telling me in advance I won’t, I’m not sure who should be feeling superior to that. Most likely neither of us since in an ideal world people don’t feel superior. Some people obviously are in some ways and others in unrelated ways making it difficult for total world domination. At least in theory. Perhaps his time to eat some more chocolate stretch a bit and start my day. 

Some people might not get that, I might be one.


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