No photos please.


I was surprised to find one of the hens dead today. Viciously dead. It was inside the chicken coop which was an odd place to find it. Right in the doorway where the other animal would have to walk past…

No photos please.

I was surprised to find one of the hens dead today. Viciously dead. It was inside the chicken coop which was an odd place to find it. Right in the doorway where the other animal would have to walk past or over it to enter exit. Myself included

I wasn’t 100% sure what to do with it because if I left it in the chicken coop able to track the rats all the more. If I left it outside the chicken coop I would still be leaving a feast.

I know he’d want to see which one it was and mourn it when he comes home so I used to stick and dragged it outside the coop out of the traffic area and put a cover on it. Ironically the lid of the kind of pot you might boil a chicken in.

I don’t mean that as a joke. It just happened to be the largest covering around. The feet stick out and I’m sure the smell will still attract the rats who will probably be smart enough to push the covering aside. Time will tell. They may not come for it this evening depending on when rats sleep.

I haven’t seen them in anywhere near the same numbers as a week ago at 6:00 p.m.ish When I come out to feed the pig.

I prepared quite the gourmet meal for it today since it seems to have been eating more to fatten up for the winter. I use that as a common term rather than a descriptive term because it’s hard to imagine this pig being any fatter than it is.

It seems to enjoy banana peels which I’ve been able to supply recently because I’m eating bananas from my groceries each week. I started that trend when I was using a drugs but in lieu of vegetables, I figured I should have at least one product grown up the earth in my diet.

The pig also got carrots and potatoes and celery and some cabbage which has a surprisingly pleasant aroma in its stew form rather than the somewhat disgusting smell cabbage is known for. I’m not around when the pig farts so I don’t get that particular type of aroma in my nostrils or memory.

I’m sitting next to it as it jumped down it’s final remnants at high speed. In truth it’s impossible to tell what it likes. I only think it has a preference for bananas because it seems to smell them from the farther distance and come out of the chicken coop to higher speed.

I’m happy to comply. Even if the pig couldn’t care less, it makes me feel like I’m treating it special.

It’s the first time I’ve seen it spill something and I’ll take part of the blame. Because the feeding plate is large I’ve noticed he sometimes has difficulty finishing the food at the far end so I attempted to make this easier by putting more on one end than the other but he came about the plate from the opposite side I expected and so my plan backfired and when he put pressure on one edge it flipped food off onto the ground.

He eats it equally quickly off the ground including some additional mud and dirt soap It’s probably true that a banana treat isn’t so magical for him.

It’s clearly still hungry though and I love the way he pulls the dish closer to him. He’s now bouncing it at me which I’m interpreting as unhappiness that it’s empty.

I watch him struggle too lick the last remaining bits presumably I still starving despite the fact it was an amazing combination of extras like a bit of applejack cereal some of the dog food pellets and an extra scoop of his stew as well as two banana peels and a little bit of the chicken feed which he seemed happy to eat.

He’s done. He’s not satisfied and could probably eat another plate equally big if I allowed it. I’m tempted but by the time I went inside, prepared came outside again he probably have waltzed back into the chicken coop not content, but accepting.

The animal Kingdom has gotten used to accepted It’s position. In a way it follows my own life philosophy. Embrace your now.

I don’t know whether animals embrace it but they don’t really have a choice. They haven’t turned on us yet. They also don’t visibly appreciate or thank us for presenting their food. It is merely the way it is. Their life. Food appears. They eat it. They shit some of it out, and then go back to sleep.

This is pretty much the same as what I do except I have to get and make my own food. That’s not really true. I don’t make any food. I don’t cook. I microwave things other people prepared for me but I still have to serve it.

I just realized this blog post that was supposed to start and be a little bit about it the death of animals on the farm turned into a pity piece about how I have nobody to cook for me. I don’t want to write about death anymore than you want to read about it so it worked out for both of us.


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