No coke, Pepsi. Cheeseburger, cheeseburger

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It’s probably not worth making a specific date as to when I did come again. I’m not sure but it might be related to the moon. I do believe I should abandon that joke. The story so far As I…

No coke, Pepsi. Cheeseburger, cheeseburger

It’s probably not worth making a specific date as to when I did come again. I’m not sure but it might be related to the moon.

I do believe I should abandon that joke.

The story so far

As I am known to do, when people come into my second life universe from a group I listen to, I’ll check their profile. It’s the in world equivalent of Facebook checking before the date.

I don’t always look before I interact, giving it a more old school chance if connecting. Click or clash. It takes only a moment, quite usually defined by the first smile. It turns out I like meeting people and trying to connect.

I have a great talented is being best friends.

This week, after someone within the Cards Against Humanity group had enquired if we had enough interest for a game. As I write this, I realize it was me.

For some reason, I completely ignored that I got the interest of 3, the minimum required for a game but less fun than with 4 to 10.

However my attention shifted to the profile of a new face to the group replies. To be honest. Ding change. I wish I remembered the exact origin story but I believe I spoke first, and quickly forgot where I knew her from. I wasn’t using a pick-up line… I was stoned and forgot.

The profile has no lesbean, furry or beastiality groups listed and eventually I got to hear her speak.

We clicked.

I stayed high for a lot of it because I enjoyed the joy without the other voice crushing that joy. I still did a lot wrong, but in my defense,I did get really very very high.

4 different drugs tonight.

So this new woman is really quite nice. She is not a body/style type I would choose to romance in my real life universe, but in Second Life, anyone who puts a little effort and cash into it, is gorgeous. She is gorgeous.

I broke most if my rules. Hung out on E and over shared. After we played a game of Cards, and the voice personalities were equally well matched.

I smile for the rest of the night.

Inside my head, I couldn’t stop. I do it. I introduce myself and tell my story like a documentary. Here is why if you think you might like me, you have to do the … Well almost everything.

I am as delighted as a cow on the first day of spring and they come running out if the winter barn for a new season outdoors.

I wonder if cows have personal preference over fresh grass or bailed hay.

I become a victim. I’m not sure I like that, but I do love being taken care of and I need to learn like a 14 year old.

Maybe I should reframe that without age. Since I did not date in high school, imissed out on the Virgin training that high school usually provides. School is as much about adapting and choosing friends and interaction than any lesson.

I had one dance in high school. I think i may even have been in a suit. I remember I was moist by the end, and i ran away abruotly  and never danced again. I still have a crush on that girl to this day.

After two false starts where I was able to hide my run away mindset, and we enjoyed a first date. I was high, awkward and charming. I made her smile and laugh in a way I hadn’t since Lollypop.

The date was semi planned … Blog brain… Recalculating.

It may have been a poor choice to show that I had a list of landmark locations in that universe I had in my dating file. It would have been better to have made it less generic and calculated.

I always remember the scene in Flasdance, the movie I watched over and over again at the age I should have been dating. I had not yet discovered masterbation but I really loved flash dance.

The scene that has become a constant thought, when he’s taken her on this wonderful second date and his ex wife later crushes the joy by telling you that’s his go to second date spot, for everyone.

It was such a crushing moment to the smile I loved so much.

There was a girl on the school bus that looked like her.a smile I often worked for.

Tonight would be my first ever in world voice date. I’m being technical and not referring to Lollypop as dating. That experience just was.

I learned cool people are everywhere. Much like a lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play. (Unless your girlfriend plays)

I tried to engage in something I read in her profile but the wiken community we visited was lame, and she’s not really interested in that, so the next item on the list was New York City and Battery Park. It was a name that rung familiar and an art gallery is often a good first date to have conversation in because the scenary is slow. It’s as easily ignored as it is to admire.

We both fairly simultaneously agreed it was dull so I teleported her back to Paris France in the year 1900.  I am getting more used to the post apocalyptic eariness of an environment like Paris currounding the Eiffel tower devoid of people. Paris was even creepier because there were people scattered about, but each was frozen in place, as if we existed in a single frame of time.

I got to go up the Eiffel tower with a date. With a girlfriend.

To be honest, I don’t remember much about that except her.

By 6pm we were almost naked in bed. I realized I don’t have underwear so I wore my too loose orange denim swimming trunks and I forgot to take off my sandles. She stripped down to a smart white bra and panties with the Mich Jagger lips in the centre where the ass is.

Rather than compliment how sexy I thought it was, I chose to make it about me and rerouted to my life long dream of wearing the Jagger lips but with the addition of a blotter tab.

Or 4

Judgment called. That last sentence was unnecessarily negative. Making a conversation is not the same as stealing attention. My mind has shifted to remember I complimented it first, and then tried to improve upon it.thats more my MO

So the evening progresses much like it would in this world with the exception that I can’t afford to go to Paris for lunch and New York for dinner.

I use it to ask a few questions, but often as rebuttal inquiry about what I just talked about, such as asking her favourite music after listing mine for her. I said, as I always do, I don’t like opera, especially non English opera, which is probably all but Tommy.

After that I’m not a fan of twangy lost ma dog and ma truck country.

My bottom choice is her top choice and rave beat music often just called techo is her bottom choice. I adjusted to narrow my distaste to one type so I can love her music too.

We make innuendo remarks and suggestions that lead me to believe it is in the cards to have voice sex with her tonight.  The hints and jokes were obvious enough to me, which is good.  It’s nice to have those kind of communication sort of let me know in advance.

I tried my best not to have my brain start worrying and running scenarios. I was high and going to get laid.

I snorted a line of the coke sample I’d been given to share with one of the ”party friendly” escorsts I have been fantasizing about visiting. I don’t like coke. It clogs my nose for a week if I don’t get a cold. I’ve been sorting my bad meds and the new moon rocks mollt, but something about coke clogs it up.

It’s 133am and I did a bit more. A third snort. I remembered that, although it doesn’t give me the same euforic high others experience,it doesmake my masterbation hard on fucking awesome, and the combo with weed is great for the hypnosis trances.

I decided to stay up a bit. Life is nearing tragic poverty bankruptcy but I met a new girl and we clicked, or at least..

Stop. We enjoyed each other’s company and look forward to interaction again.

Yes… The evening was drawing towards the bed and a magical escape out for me appeared. My room mate behind the thin door came home and I can’t have voice sex with her there.

We hugged kissed, expressed our joy, and I vanished. That was 1030 and I still wish…

Life is long. Savour the best parts.

End of part 1.




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