New Site Promotion videos

New Site Promotion videos

Three new videos created for promoting this site.

Tags: meth | Promo | video


  • The Friday Grab

    The Friday Grab

    Although I enjoy the drug chat rooms, they are probably bad for me. They keep me active and wanting to …
  • Pass GO. Collect deals.

    Pass GO. Collect deals.

    I’m on a free train ride to Toronto today, and by free. I mean $50 in Uber fees to get …
  • Hi learned to give up

    Hi learned to give up

    Another glorious side effect of the power of Understanding everything about my theory of stories can be understood overtime Ok …
  • My Drug Dealer Might be Placebo

    My Drug Dealer Might be Placebo

    There is a movie, Formula 44. I am about to spoil it for you, which is a shame because it’s …
  • Monday customer service

    Monday customer service

    Yes Hello. I’d like to exchange this current life for a new one. I don’t like the amount of effort …


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