Names for the show
The New Daily Orange report. Orange doesn't choose a side BAM... Except in Canada, it's socialist. Whoops. That might be a problem. Orange may have just trumpoed to the top of the list of reasons it might not be the best path forward. No. I refuse. ding. Whoops. I am sorry my President, I'm in the wrong room. My apologies.You're Orange Jeff? Cool. I use a lot of your submissions. Thnaks. The 137 year plan is going well, yes?

Names for the show


The DVD Comentary of NOW

The O Face.

Joy Joltdsfgdsfgdsfgd sgdsfg gdfsfd;kfj lkasd gfkl

(I did that to find my curser.

Joy Jolts isn’t a good name, but I used it and thought it was special.

The New Daily

The Orange Daily
(Because moring OJ was rejected)

Talking at the speed of thought.

The river

Things that go without saying, really need to be said more often. I guess we assumed that went without saying. It’s clear that almost everything we assumed went without saying is currently showing us that it didn’t. When parents don’t say the things we think go without saying, . no.  When we don’t say those things we say go without saying, there is no way to understand what lessons we assume we don’t need to teach. People today have grown up without being told many of the things that went without saying.

Well that was a I long pice of wind..


At this moment in my head, I imagine that a good life change, migt actually be, to move into Calgary with my long time friend, who I secretly, behind her back, refer to as … I stop. There is no reason I need to use her name here, but suffice to say it included the word crazy in a triplle illiteration.

Wouldn’t it be cool, otherwise known

The Memories of past NOW.  I open the memory chest, and talk.  I need a co host. adrienne and Troy might be perfect, but I will never ask for such a comitment and I’d be afraid to fail, as I always am – video.

I want to ask people I know questions. You may


Segue MAN

It is 5:30.  The high is very nice. It’s … oh… wait.. maybe it’s still hiiiii…. moving to bed.  Continued in … ballskjdhff.

end of part 1.

I did not stop.  I swayed. I’m not ready tio give up just yet. I have an idea.

5:52. I try to start a singkle task. I have forgotten it just now, but let me try to get video running as the first step.  GO ME


debated the fork DO I bother to add the GO ME emoticon? frack. This is why I want the camera.

Who are you yelling at?




I’m the only one wriuting.

Oh that was neat. I seem to be live scripting a dialogue in my head.. DO I do that oiften?


Write scripts live, streaming. Like we’re doing right now?

What are we doing?

Using the word “we” to start, and then teh bBriutish Accent.

Oh what, you mean this?

I don’t know, we’re just words on a page so I can’t really hear you, but in my memory, I spoke a lot of my own humour in a British accent bvecause my best or earliest (Not sure, don’t care) memories are from Monty Python, Peter Coioke and Dudley More.


Get the fucking camera working –

FUCK OFF. If I did that like I was supposed to, you and I wouldn’t exist.

We don’t.


I walk out from behind the curtain, insert the jeff bowing at stage graphic . ding

Camera close up of Orange Jeff ding on camera live with reporter question.

I have to say, that was a fun experience just now. I really enjoyed losing reality and NOT obcessing over the idea that creating two voices talking would be considered grounds to be committed… or at least that’s probably why I know I considfer never sharing that story.  Certainly ding I want to consider that I am not alone in some of my … I am sorry, the connection to the internet has dropped.  You have lost yourt streeam of life. Perhaps there is a waterfall puzzle you must divert attention to, and solve or resolve or re–solve before you can continue.

ding. Don I create waterfalls? Is that how I should..

ding.  In life, you have to make desicsions every day. Imagine for a moment that the visualization of life, is represented by me… aline on an orange canoe, in the background of my thoughts. Each time I had to make a descion in life, was resopresented by the stream I am floating downward in, a fork appears and a limited time to decide. Sometimes the stream is running high and fast, and sometiumes it is running low and slower, calmer, but I always have to decide.

In my life, I tended to let the canoe decide. When the stream isn’t rushing rapids, it tended to pick one and go with it.

When you’re living the NOW of your life without paying attention to the past, but only things in front of you. I have discovered a concept that I am proud of. If I tell my story openly asa I intend to… ding I THOUGHT, I wonder if it should be changed tio past tense because it might be read after I’m dead.

ding ding. I always want to state I am not tyhinking of suicide at all, except in that I hear it spoken in the world media and especially American Televiosn every day… 1 to 4 times a commercial break.

Oh, am I doing this now. Yes. The mood swing should be npoted. I am excited that I can actually rant, without the fear or reation, because if I think of the text that appears above me, I do not remember any of it, but I know it felt really good as I was typoing, and I hope that it might give jo….ding.I am hitting my keyboard hard. It is probabluy loud. I need to communicate with the romate and agrree that me wanting to know if she was home or not was asked for this piurpose first in sincerity. If I know you’re home, I swiotch to a quiet keyboard, however I am just at this moment, considering that this desk is actually a far better place to spend a few hours tyyoping at the speed of thought.

bam. Pride point.

I stop, and the droopy character I deveop that is in no way like an orange version of droopy, but printing that sentiment with an cartoon bubbkle version of an orange droopy would be … possibly I change from probbably beacsue the truth is, I am about to splurt a faklse fact. An idea I am proud of and will get a pride point if  tell, instead of the truth.

BAM. This represents what I jjust tonight I discovered I do, and some peiople might even detect the mment on the video that my o face became a comodity and I …

no. I stop. I was about to say that it changed when I started trying, but I distinclty remember the moment of joy MoJ ding

DING – I need volunteers to ask me about every ding.

OIh. THis is a good moment to show you why I tyhink I might do better sitting here than I do in bed..

DING. I really got excited at the idea of saving long bits of #pridewriting

ding. This one I need fuck.

I didn’t plug the phone in.===




a moment later. *PP

I believe I am in a good mood tonight, without ecstasy Carol. Orange Jeff is posing for the camera, and the clip can then be used by anyone if they choose to report this news.

ding ding ding ding.

Grand idea. Frogstar.TV where banyone can have a channel producing individual news clip ieces as of then as they want, and create a catalogue uf sharable news.

FRogstar.TV presents;  This is my universe and I’d like a seconnd opinion stop… delete… I’d like to find a fan.

ding. FAN seems at this moment to be a much better term than friend. I have always.. ding.

If I was a different person, ding a better person, ding if I was Elenor and Cheaty, sitting in a tree, what would I do?

No. If I was a different person, I would be ablke to decide, to start regardless of the assumption of failure and a repeat of tyhoise bad feelings I have lived my life avoiding because the canoe sailed away from anything windy and loud. I steered clear of the storms without even getting a chance to read the message on the sign on that pice of land thet seperates the two streams.

I am getting higher as the time passes ina very gentle .

Oh. I forgot to put the cameras on again.

I did a lot of clicking there an autopilot. I want toe be super excoted about myself and some of my ideas, because in this moopd them can come this fast and furious, but faster sometimes than I can tyype.

I had a lightbulb moment today.

ding. that’s why I wish I could decide if I want tio share the secret that I don’t leave this x by x reasonably sized bedroom.

and… dare I share, I pee into a cup, and that’s only the first half of a story that I might not remmeber to say if anthing nmearby distracts me before I finish telling you the worse oparty.


That was a live relvelation of somethinmg I do. How my brain works.

ding break.

I fucking hate that my obcession tonight is that I am afraid its not recording audio.

6:38 audio fear. My eqiuivilent of leaving the oven on, or for me personally, that I never know when the old man upstairs will burn my home down, anvery time the alarm goes off, our first thoughts are that this could be the time, and fuck, I am not in the mood to salvage, and I explode.

In my head, a realistic imaination play of that being the best thing my universe could have done. I am all about the stories I say, but it’s a load of wind because .

ding a load of wind is dangerous. A ooad of wind everyone remembers differently, but they might be telling tales ofd that load of wind for generations. In nature, great story loads of wind in the eather were always from Grandma in my universe. The time hurricane Hazil became the real live horror movie of a flood that shook the southern coast of my universe a safe 2 hour car ride from lake Ontario’s north coast. Since my mother obviously hald believed that I was a cursed child with almost the only stories that I retained for personal recall when needed instead of needing an external request or remindfer key word. Hashtag


MIs the idea of OH ME too bld a move?



Is it within my goals, acceptable to say I am clearly the God and creator of my universe, and explained and narated by me, sometoimes at the sped of though like tonight, high on two chocolate chip brownies at whatever oclock. On a Thursday.

I promoted tghat today was a good day online with a GIF of BBC Autrhur Dent saying (in text silent gif) that he could never get the hang of thursdays, with the caption… I tyhink I finally got the hang of Thursdays.

bad idea: ding pp I often overheat while enjoying talking to mjyself and calling it a blog instead of crazy. It trueley is amazing what a feling it is to say things out loud… or to be honest type.

drink. break. I hear voices. I think… ding. oh yeah. I did not smoke anothing. There is no smell. The voices will not be about me. I smile thinking in my head of people all over the world just having a reaction to some of the things I say, or the way my stream can be lost.

I used to tell the story of wandering into a forest that has perhaps been a second or third generation, .ding fake . I have no idea, but my memory iof the kind of forest in the story Iwas going t start with, needs the forest to be the kind I grew up in, unless all forests are similar… I don’t even know the .. I stop and think.

A tall tree forest with tress spaced conveniently for space enough to wander without much risk of eye poking. That was our first go to back then. On mythbusters they used to have patches they’d put onto … ah shit. As I was typing, I had pre-realized I ding buster. Thats his name.  I am please I was able to get it before the sentense was finished. I was stalling and I kew I wasnt going to remember the name by ythe time I needed it at the end of the senetnjec, so I started to tak about anythingh tyo stall. It worked. Buster would wear patches to indicate the amount of pressure he was expsoed to after some stunt, unsually involving … blank. I choose to end there rather than add my memory.

The joke I was working toiwards is now weak, so I epose it as such and jusdge my failure before I tell the joke. It is my biggest fear at this moment in noiw that stops me from doing this live, because I actualy am confident enough that I could be a huge success, but I am not sure I’m ready for.

my first thought was to be, I’m not sure I’m ready to be wrong and a success as a clown. bam. My brain hits its wind buzzer. The sound of a whole bunch of wind is heard.

I believe the whole point of my dream, is that I have tried so many things in my head, and found reasons to say no. I have forced thoe who would listen into the memory that I was once called ask twice Jeff because I always said no in terror of any future NOW that I had no warning of. A NOW without warning was scary. I think in as best a way as I can explain it to you, even if this is the very first blog yopu’ve read this year… (wrtitten Feb 8th 2018. 6:57pm

ding side story about my father. Bonus memory, 15 points.

One of my father’s top 10 stories in my universe is one I can tell quite often, because it’s clear I can end on how it has effected the person I am, and the joy of linkinmg what used to be called crazy, and is now something that doesn’t have to be put into words, with a number of other people.

ding of of my top 10 things I think secretly changed the river of our shared universe is … I pause.  I have no idea and I was excited.

I would call this moment and undertoe, and I can recall a memory from fgairy lake in Acton oOntario where we had a trailerand might have … no, I don’t think we ever left it there but I was exposed to a trailer park with many locals who lived there full time for extended periods, or at least every weekend much like the people who lived similar lives at the cottages ofNortyhern Ontario. I learned late.

Why am I not talking? I suppose if I write, the

ding warning. Live unfiltered thought before innner brain homogiizes it, or ding foul,

I think BECAUSE I am. I speak because I can, but it’s still a part of life to think before I speak, however I speak, from experience that the first time I hear what I’m saying is often the same time you are, and quite often I get why it should not have been said, but I stand by the right to think and not be told thought is wrong.

I never read much story if I can… but need drink.


When I am in an active now, my braqin floods clear with the stream and concentrates on steering to the easiest fork. I tend to lose the thought in current NOW like it was written on a piece of paper and the wind blew it out the window.

I have a memory just recalled of ACTUAQLLY having the Bell late bill I was driving on the highway as a very early driver in the car we named Vivian because the licence plat was VVN 733.. I probably should not be that free with infortaion that can be used against me, but some people skydive.

ding Is that a thing?

You may not understand how I live, but some people skydive.


Ideaq pride point.

1 for the CON column. Image of white “foolscap” paper with “magic marker” columns and… wait, this woulkd be the tiem period where somehow yellow and blue becamse the norm. It was probably  either because photocopying was harder to copy.

ding ding ding REalization.

I remember a story in very recent memory that I dinged and forgot about till now. Some celebrity or prson of note and if I give the memory the benfit of the doubt, may have commited serious crimes in their past. And if I had a mind like mine, or the creative people who write for police crime drama, sometimes a long shot story is the most ovbious to the people who think like me and are often but not always thinking about possible scenariois to solve the puzzle.

If making choises in life is nearly impossible without having a hint of.  ding.

Realization Lightbulb +pp

If you have no emotion, there is no way you understand the concept of preference, so you prefer to not risk I chose the left form stream and you chose the right fork stream. The fear, explained another way is, I am skilled at being what I need to be, to make you smile, as often as I can, in reaction to who I am. The secret power that will re-ignight my poilot light ding death story, might be level 1. #camping #shouldbedead


I want to say, at this moment in NOW, I do not think I am  – pause.  I do not think I really am “crazy” enough to warrent attention. My philosophy in no way is one…. ding

THis is an explanatioin interuoption of my our current universe has passed a major turning point, and may decide the stream of the future should be steered by the red team.  The red Canoes.

Oh yeah. Tghatr’s another ione of my things.

ding.  I am liking the idea that I am building a universe from my perspective out, since when you get right down to it, there vreally isn’t a batter way, because anything you didn’t get an answer to before you died is sealed. Your universe exists as you created it.

At some point, if you use enough weed, you might have revelations like I do, and see some explanations for dessions made, and I start to build a profile.

MY coniousness on weed is an entitity unto itself, I have decided tonight, and I have enjoyed the idea of typing my story as a coneversation.

When I firt concieved this, in the middle of lrteady doing it.


Crazy recoignized and adapted as a screen play to tell the story slowly, rather than be taken away.

I have lived stories I actually considered “Kramering” for profit and have not ruled that out. There is a poss…


Play. Video.


ding look into apps to textualize my videos to perhaps hilarious textxt I can hiughlight as a segment.

Kramering means, I might do better having my stories told by a celebrity as their own, than I do not figuring out to have more than 7 people want to click a link with all words or videos that often last 60 minutes.

I wonder if ding branded.  Pondering. I like the word.

OH MY GOD INteruption!

 edit. at this moment, now decided to pull a c64 garbage collection. 300-+ words might have triggered worthy observation so it was sent to be read by agent Sparkles. The mock Alanis Moreesette inside joke that was tresured by tyhose who saw the second nlevel joke or not.
fuck. I am typing. Noooo;. I can’t.

this is serious injury needs healing.
——-that was new cintent to explain next section was paste from other editors.
I click loudlywhen I’m dehyrdated.

I am writing you this letter because my Universe was guided this direction just now. BAM… I may have lost half my auidence just there. This is not a plea for you to believe what I do about the universe, but it is an invitation to be part of my first shares. The peole that I have in my memory as a series of stories.
… Oh… my train is here… a saying I just made up to compare to the timee I waited for WordPress to come back from the snooze that bhas been in computers since my first Commodre 64, and I assume before, but less noticable on the VIC.

Ding, I remembered the ending on the VIC haste on.

Ding bon… oh fuck,. I forgot this is damaging my left. I have a limp left arm because of this.
ding. is that a thing? is that what briungs us down?

ya. I wont become famous tyonight.
my universe has spoken in a way I can tell the stories the good way.
If you can learn to feel emotions, then doing the good things does get reward. Is it possible that emotions need to be taught and practiced with people to grow, and that I am oinly learning this because of drugs like ecstasy, but mostly weed.

I see a future just now of a world not negative because smart people on weed might advance our world so much faster than the restricted numbers the war has limited. As long as only the minds noit likley to …. That is an unfair comment that would be considered whatver the term is for racist, except having nothing to do with rasism.
maybe that is the anwer. Rasism doesn’t exist anymore, but we have a new word,m because it isn’t really the race that people are treating unfairly, its the different story means my absolute is no longer valid as confirmed, and the origin of the universe is still an open cliffhanger, and then I die.
I made the joke as a kid, if I die and heaven is real, and Catholic, I’ll never knolw. If that is the case, I cann only learn what the version of the bad place is when I die, and I think there needs ton be a shift in our stories that there is a middle.
bam that is how it enjds.
President Trump comes out for a pre written speach that he keeps in his poket. He reads.
South prk could do this.
I could do this.
I will write this here and never share.
Ding is the typewriter carriage return, the origin of why keyboards used to say return, not enter… and why return to me meant, back to the start. New thought.

The double spaced line break.
end paste.


Sad face emoji. I am so excited oand perhaps close to manic about how much I deserve the concept of profit from fame, but fear the concept of fame with nowhere to run. Imagine my life suddenly turning to my river but my audience is yelling right or left red or blue this stream or that one. They’re yelling like the audience of The Price is Right either with Tony Hall or Bruce from …. SHit I hate not knowing names but names are not the story, and a distraction if i pause and you didn’t know what that was anyway.
It’s sad that I have to think, if I could only remember the black guys name, and not have at least some of my audience feel a spontanious reactioin emotion. I reveled a choice and it can either be a plus or minus in the mind of the person reacting.

I recently was. ding o n face.
fuck. thumbs must be a priority.

end of this part

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