My trip to a doctor.

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It’s probably been 4 years maybe just three since I visited a doctor. I always have to consider the pandemic is two years and it’s been more than two years since I lived on Dixon so that gets added in.I…

My trip to a doctor.

It’s probably been 4 years maybe just three since I visited a doctor. I always have to consider the pandemic is two years and it’s been more than two years since I lived on Dixon so that gets added in.I had established a fairly good relationship with a female doctor there but it’s time for a new one. I found the bus route to the walk-in clinic at Walmart which was a fairly short trip and only $3 each way. Probably less if I bought to it once maybe I didn’t actually check the rules of transfers it’s possible but I could have gotten home on one price but I didn’t so I’m sitting at the bus stop now.Sadly I wasn’t able to see a doctor even though the wait times were fairly short. As soon as I mentioned it was the respiratory issues they whisked me out of the office. I said it’s not covered related covid related but that didn’t matter. Apparently anything respiratory might be covid even if I’ve had it for 2 and 1/2 weeks already.They would only see me after a rapid test which I didn’t understand but apparently it’s a test you do yourself and it gives you almost immediate results. I have no idea why other people are waiting for their results.

The walk home hasn’t been too interesting. It’s along a route that I travel by car occasionally and every time I come and go to Niagara. None of the stores surprised me. However there was an amazing discovery at Walmart too actually. Foods that I would not otherwise have seen, proving that occasionally it’s worth visiting the store because you don’t always spot things on the website

0 The universe is a funny place because I was just the other day thinking about or talking about one of my favorite foods that got discontinued. It’s a frequent topic of mine because it seems like nine out of 10 of my all time racist favorite foods have been discontinued over the years and some of them other people agree with but the most joy came from discovering Walmart is selling my Apple Danish noodles or whatever they’re called The footlong 4 in wide apple gooey delicious with white icing.These aren’t the same brand so I’m not sure they will have exactly the same taste that makes me float up and down like muggly the dog but I bought three anyway. I’ve been craving apples. I hope they’re not there just during the apple season because if there is good as I remember, I’ll want more.In addition to that I found a large package of mock chicken loaf for $5. A few years ago everyone seems to have discontinued the mock chicken slash macaroni and cheese sandwich meat that I used to call my favorite. First the Schneider’s brand vanished and they wouldn’t respond to my emails It was about 2 years I think probably before a new company reappeared selling almost exclusively that lunch meat and nothing else although since then they have expanded their brand to 3 or 4 different types of meat.The butcher shop always seemed to have the macaroni and cheese loaf but that’s a lot more inconvenient and I never really remember. It’s probably more expensive too. So next time I order food I’ll probably pick up a $5 pack of moch chicken see if it’s any good. I remember it was a reasonably good meat to eat without bread rolled up into a tube.On my way back home I was tempted to go into McDonald’s just because of the Monopoly game but I had eaten a satisfying lunch earlier so I didn’t. Instead I foolishly bought an apple fritter Tim Hortons which cost more than double the price of the apple fritter at McDonald’s and it was also kind of a silly purchase because I just bought three huge apple loafs to enjoy when I get home.The bus is about 5 minutes out I think based on Google’s very accurate directions. It might take me that long to get up off the ground so I’ll start now


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