My sneaky tricks have failed me
Galley of playing around on my phone in the dark during the night hours

My sneaky tricks have failed me

There are two ways I determine if I’m alone in the house. Three if you could just listening. It’s 5:39am now and I can hear him walking around. The last mi ute tasks and saying goodbye to the animals with guilt in his voice. He’s gone over 12 hours every weekday.

The apps tell me he left. I can’t trust them anymore. I almost got up and turned on the lights as he was walking upstairs.

I think he’s gone now but there is no way to tell for sure this time.

I stand by the window to see if I can catch his car driving away.

Not yet. More downstairs noises. I wonder why his phone isn’t registering today. Maybe he forgot to charge it. I think he’s gone now. I missed seeing the car but the house is silent.

Good morning Tuesday. I’m ready.

Things I did between 1am and 5am. New filters and apps on my phone.



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