My Second Wind… It was like, Whoosh. Whoa. Oh yea, that’s it. Second wind.. Whoo

There certainly is an excitement building inside the scenarios I am imagining inside my head. Several of my ideas have been leaked to the #D avatar world and been liked. It has given me a boost, which unfortunately I am abusing. I am staying awake too much, and tonight, yet another night when I should have been able to force sleep by 10 …

— but yeah, probably not.


Can you handle my role play?

The scene opens… wait.  Is it worth it to look into that thing that converts into script format as I type?



I guess we’re not doing the two voices tonight. Fine. I would have answered for you anyway.  Yes.  The whole idea of these blogs is to follow the direction my brain says.

My advert in the bolour supplement.

Wanted. The woman who will change my universe and I will react.

Ryan Styles yell CHANGE from behind a curtain. We do not even see him. Easiest $10 he ever made.

Probably not.

pause… I’ll be right back I say to the room as if my personalities were all sitting around chilling, waiting for the fun to start.

ponder: Do I leave bolour supplement hanging there exactly the way bricks don’t? It’s a reference you either get or you don’t, jst like every other reference I make, or any show makes. Yellow flag excessive overthinking.