My racing heartbeat.

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There are moments in any realation wave that you are lucid. One hell is knowing you won’t remember not remembering.  My heaven was to expetience not remembering and then I realized it was a trap. I could never enjoy the…

My racing heartbeat.

There are moments in any realation wave that you are lucid.

One hell is knowing you won’t remember not remembering.  My heaven was to expetience not remembering and then I realized it was a trap. I could never enjoy the moment of not remembering. It is an impossability, and in fact, may happen a million, blion, goole infinity times a day.

There is planty of room in the jello for every vibration to ignore every other, and crossovers are just a different sample.

There was a realization wave when a human first oticed that this sound was different than the now.  Noise.


The first part of my experience was deaf.

I lost the sense of hearing, and the inability to recognize any tools in the universe to record this now. It pains me in retrospect the moment the first man realized his community was out ofn snc and he had secerts.

First rule of ring theory. looptheory, don’t tell people everything wil be alreight if theyre not ready for thet realization.

I love this bible quote.

Evething will be alright in the end.
if it is not alright, it is not the end.

My origin story is a Marigold Hotel movie, but it sounds like a retold wisdom sized down to fit in the majority of people’s ..



Blank. Disraction. End.


Nex fun thing. Happy thoughts.


She will be as angry tomorrow as she is today, so why deal with it or worry about it till then.

There is a realistion moment where you realize worry is as futile as the Borg.


We learned of the borg 200 years early, and it became our new opposition.

The start of things going wrong was the moment of realization it was fairly easy to get people to join a group of bonded trust if you don’t care.


If you have no Santa to view you from your own mind.

If one person tells me the enjoyed parts of it, I feel like I might make a few more cuts in the memory beam befiore dropping off.  Abe Vagota had a great run in null time. We all remember him as old and unaging.

I’m especially proud of some of my realiations tonight.  Calling the universe the


The universe is the google of everthing. The highest number and the lowest number before somebody decided to document the fact that every day you’d wake up and it wasn’t the same day.

It must have been wild to figure out seasons first. Each first disover bringing it with it a stream with a gigantic wave of realition loops.

Replaying memories multiple times and seeing diferent ne stories each time.


There will alay be the story of silence.


When I was typing only one character at random to represent the passge of time like a ticking clock does.

I would turn it into music and have fun with it.  EVery time I’d stop and think a new thought, I’d hit the three space bars … no dots.. oh. That’s a real three dots.


I enjoyed the realization that it was OK that Steve Punter’s Word Perfect was using tag based programming.  He was one stge of realiation before the moment when you think, I can write the script of actions so that it doesn’t know about edits.

That is a big level jump. I on;y know the end is a loop of cool that the lasttaste .


nope. Why Iam I trying to relive hell.


It’s why I did this.


Everyone out there has their own story and beliefs, and some welcome changing the cards to the current colours and models each year and the realiation that colours ans fashion exist on multiple loops. Having a large group agreeing on a newly named colour that is between two other named colours. You can always half, until you can;’t. Just name it.

Healthcare doesn’t exist until things get named.


I don’t learn, I just  remember when something makes sense.

Logic needs no memory. It has no emotion and makes descisons based on some unspoken tally of positive loose end reactions that I could not have prediected to the ones I can perduict, that somebody has given a number to access my anxiety.


You’re either up or down of different levels and I can then dimish the entirety of evolution from the moment of realiation that zero is not a null value, it is just a shade of blue.

Everything we see is just dancing a certain way, and the light refkects the edge of one thingand the start io the next. The empty space on a dance floor could probably hold at least one other dance, and not ever touch the other group.



I had a moment. It is hard to stop thi duty.

The rea;izatiin that a lot pf perfect is never tested, and invention dies with me because thinking it works and making it work is just a job. the people who first figure it out lead.

the best story wins and the successful people figure out its power ina wave

The strongest power is the realizarion that ypu can prsuide people to join yout vollective without a clue what that means.

The moment people realize there is a benfit to followers that outweighs their man made human rights to treat everyone equal.

That’s a war we’re still looping on because its clear that fear of the other me increases the more their dance spreads out than yours.




Memory is recorded like a tree or a record.Your spere of now can be bought. We sign agreements to officially accept a stranhers version of a story that is yet to come.

A users agreement is a literal interactiom that signifies you accept this story as the one we all agree on.


We fist it.

One of ghe mloments of joy I reloop when I can, is



yad yad yada


To hard to work for.

lets try the porn again.


I am proud of my 50 year scripted reveals.hhs


I imagine a scenario, an the imagine how I could make that work in this story of the universe, and suddenly it is so.

The moment you  believe that believing has an evect, everything changes.


One stock answer I give to a looped question to ponder, There are some everytyhing changes moments, but one is realizing they are allk everything changes momenst, it’s just most of time is lemmings. time in motion can’t stop on a dime without an explosion.

my theory, by Anne Elk,



The moment you relize you’ve been the one they blindsided today on survivor and your entire memory of what if’s is wrong. Now you have to decide if you spend the rest of your life with this loss a go-to memory. I can see how you can obcess on an open memory. The linger of the loop before like a reel tob reel glimpse of the future rubbing through when they were stacked on the reel.

I am in awe that our universe provided us with the tools to put things together to solve every need.

If you think it, it’s your choice to hire somebody to follow up, or just keep it in the safe  where you can rem,ember it as one of the ides that would have been the one to make me rich.

The realition that some peole can find their way back to a story after the zeppelins move away. I accept that ideas are so easy, if I miss recording them, I don’t have to feel dro





that mix between wanting thes ewords to be right, and the conselation I’ll say I’m hapy with if I’m second.

Tesla probably never knew how unknown he’d be under the evil fame stealer Edison.


Society is retelling that stoiry now. We soften history as we learn the evolution of thought in a non linear library.

holding down the o in a tune was my way of saying there is joy in realing how long you take to tell a story is a challenge.

At some point it becomes non linear and the moment of reakiation you have to debate whether to change, or switch your story to one that allows you to not hate the …





I really want to second life and interact, but the universe has thrown the usual obstaclles.


When I am unable to keep up with the now because the flashbacks of selection to go with griws.


Hell is the realiation that your only thought can be a loop that this is it, and you’ll continuously miss being able to tell your best friend tomorrow.


You may spend four hours imagining the joy of sharing thi secret.

Is that the right thing to do.

end of this part. plus side. I am still positive that this passage of now will gather at least one fan.  All it takes is a single nod to start a dance group.


All it takes is one fan.

I don’t want to be famous, I just want a few fans.


I am plessed that this evolution of repeating the same thing over and over again in my head, yielded a new door I didn’t see.  a new story.

The bdefintion of hell is realizing that youre a genius to be the first, and you have no way to warn the self next to you.  Death is being unable to vibrate the universe, but still hearing the band play in the bar two doors down.

There is a line where we accept the place in the universe that is an inconvenience, and there is a line when that crosses and needs to bee resolved.

For me, I realized that it’s easier to not do the bad thing until I have to.  The bad things in my past don’t have to be.


Paste performance does not guarantee success.


A tweet that was accepted as widom.


We are in the age of jpeg wisdom. The most common way we now see our generational equibvilant og the cat post hang in there, or monkey.


I can recall on demand a set number iof any one specific item.

If you nmam e anything, I will either not know what it is, or have a sory. Even if the story is that I don’t have a story, that is a story that you can easily turn to highlight somebody who you feel derevs it.

Sharing a referral is how everyone chooses their reality.


too much now.


I’m Donna Knoble. I have more thoughts than I have lockers in the gray matter.

Time for another split. Each unit of measurement is halfed again and named.  a whole new ring to reloop our memories to guide our future.

Shout out to Candian show about a cute girl who is given the opportunity one day to visit her past and see how the realoty differs from your memory, and thengive you / her the opportunity to change it and see where the ripples land this time.


There was a brief moment in time where I believed I was goiod at a game of chance. I believed that science eventuallystops having an item once they can identify it.



too much.  I pick a story and go with it till the shiny object is a zeppelin above.


Come on. No matter what your level of language is, everyone will say, oh look, a zeppelin and point to the sky when one passes overhead.


You can’t not at first. It’s a huge firstie that is non sequiyter and rare. You have to share. You have to give the joy of a surprise recall of a memory you don’t get to loop very often.

The first time you saw a blimp, it was a moment of reaction. It is not what you imagined because if it was, this isn’t your first blimp. You worked up to it on your own. INvention happens at the same time because we are not fast enough to share.

TECnology now let us claim firsties almost .. well, at an ever increasingly small rat, with long wavs of no chang that could last a century.

I had a tink outside the box idea or three during this and other highs. I hope I can remember it while I type this rubbish.


nope. Lost it. It was here and gone like a snapchat.



leave. go do something else.

You will stil exist without recording the passage of time.



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