My four rules and other quotes
Some quotes that you would know if I said them when I was famous.

My four rules and other quotes

Browsing my original blog. this morning which has posts from the 90s. and we discovered one of my favorites that I decided needed to refresh here in my in my current blog. 

Famous Quotations

Does it seem fair that only famous people and politicians get their quotations remembered?  Regular people often say magnificent things right off the top of their heads. Sometimes these are planned and repeated at appropriate times throughout their lives and sometimes nobody even takes special not of the random genius that just comes out of our mouths spontaneously. This probably happens more with humour that deep philosophical fonts of wisdom, but we are all capable of one liners that see worthy of a speech and to be remembered for prosperity.
The Interet places such quotes in either bold fonts or curly serif typefaces atop pleasant jpeg images and forwards them around as Facebook memes. We see someone every day during our moring browse of social media. Daily affirmations are easy. I mean real deep thoughts.
I have always noticed when I say something in situations that I feel deserves a little extra attention, so I store many of the in my head and re-use them whenever I can. I was delighted the first time I heard one being re-used by a former roommate of mine. I had passed on quotable wisdom that was relevant two generations  later. For a moment, I felt like a dad.
If I was famous, I could get away with the arrogance of thinking my words should rightfully be published in school books to study years from now, but I’m just a guy with a blog I still don’t share with the masses. Sometimes I may feel strongly enough about a quote that I’ll pick a font typeface and slap it on a JPEG and share it on Facebook.
Here are some I was proud of 20 years ago. None have become part of our culture, but there is hope. Always.

Four Rules:
Think before you say,
Read before you ask,
Know before you tell,
Be nice when others don’t.

  • The world isn’t a horrible place. It just plays one on TV  
  • Shakespeare said the world is a stage.  I think, of all the roles we play in life, we are most often the spectators.
  • If everything doesn’t seem profound, then you don’t get it.
  • Things that go without saying should be said more often (lest they be forgot).
  • The scariest thing in the world is a new belief.
  • The best non-religious reason for not killing yourself is curiosity.
  • The Internet brings strangers closer, and lets friends be farther apart.
  • A moment is defined only by it’s end. What are a couple of moments?
  • Life isn’t like a bowl of cherries… Life INCLUDES a bowl of cherries.  
  • Drugs are illegal because conspiracies make sense.
  • Life is a make work project
  • Geeks are the new jocks



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