My first official music release
My latest music video and first music public release into the mainstream market.

My first official music release

In my idle time between the morning feed and the afternoon feed today the task I decided to take up was researching companies that would take my songs from and release them to the various music outlets around the internet. I signed up with the first one I found and it offered at least one release without paying the $10 a month. I’m not sure if it will allow a second. 

As is often the case with things that I do, I didn’t really read a lot of the fine print and I certainly didn’t read the terms and conditions before I clicked the box that said I did. However I did read that the song would be reviewed and if accepted it would be released to at least four free outlets which included YouTube and Facebook and I think Instagram which would make sense since it’s also the same company and maybe Spotify. Instagram is really the one I’m most interested in because people add songs to their single frame photos quite regularly there and if you type the keyword in the songs that match it come up. 

The song I chose to release is called couch potato Life and it is a light fun song about not doing anything during the day except scrolling social media and posting memes and videos. It is somewhat biographical but I suspect it might appeal to many people who for one reason or another don’t have daytime employment. 

For a very brief period of time, I will let myself indulge in the fantasy of it becoming popular enough to make $4. I just picked that number arbitrarily as something better than $1. In reality I didn’t read the fine print on purpose but I suspect it might need 1 million plays to make a dollar. It’s not a get rich quick scheme for a 60-year-old guy but in truth, my age and demographic don’t matter and the music industry is fickle. A fun song could certainly be spontaneously popular. 

Probably not that one though. It is however possible that songs that contain the names of drugs could be a market to these outlets if they allow them and I think they should because there certainly other music that famously mentions cocaine and others. Not so many that mention meth. Probably not many who mention heroin or fentanyl in a positive light either. 

Still, after this one is approved it will give me a good feeling and I will probably either release some of my others or rework them into something I’m a little more proud of. The more effort I put into adjusting the lyrics and music the better I will feel about presenting it under my name. Nothing I read indicated I needed to give credit to Suno and several website briefings from Google seemed to indicate it was okay. I can’t necessarily copyright those songs but I can release them and profit from them apparently. 

I’ll find out in a day or two I suppose. 

It would be neat to have a catalog of 10 or so songs that relate to me and perhaps others like me. Maybe I’ll start doing some ADHD songs with all of the symptoms people are talking about on TikTok these days. That could be quite cool. It probably won’t monetize me because TikTok doesn’t really support Canada but it would still be fun to see my song being used as the background in others. 

The farm songs are probably less popular. The drug songs don’t get played at all on TikTok. 

Here then is Couch Potato Life 

And the B side bonus track; Afraid to be Famous


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