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CULTS ARE WHAT CHURCHES CALL NEW CHURCHESIT’S PART OF THE NEGATIVE CAMPAIGN In the old days, there was one Church, and all was good. And when I say one, I mean, only one any single person knew about. The fat…

My Cult Prospect


In the old days, there was one Church, and all was good.

And when I say one, I mean, only one any single person knew about.

The fat started getting hit when we started to travel, and found a people who somehow had grown up with a different answer to the eternal questions of life, the universe, creation and God.

They must be wrong. That’s the only explanation. Our God was the answer.

The problem of course, was that they felt the same way, with all the same justifications. There obviously couldn’t be two creators of the universe, so everybody else is wrong.

Minorities or majorities didn’t matter. Suddenly, armies did.

And by armies, I just mean people told to kill anybody they couldn’t convince.

Suddenly, a lot more people were convinced. The best threats often won.

I don’t have an explanation why they started making a bunch of odd rules to separate themselves more from society, and to make believing so hard. I suspect it had to do with faith and loyalty. If there were no odd rules, how would you know if you were faking. It had to be hard to believe.

I guess.

The problem as I see it, was that they’d spent so much time demanding their answers were the right ones, even themselves were forced to stick with their story, and never admit error. Rules and lifestyles and beliefs that were relevant 2000 years ago were hard to change, without looking foolish.

In most aspects of life, smart people are free and willing to debate topics and collaborate for the best outcome. In religion, the rules were set by God, who is not allowed to make mistakes, so we’re stuck with them.

Seemingly forever.

It gets harder to believe every year.

The wars and killing have stopped for some, at least in my country, but we send people to other countries to help kill those they can’t convert even today.

This system is just wrong, but I can understand a little of how it happened. Power has always, and will always be an addictive draw, even beyond money for some. People need to know answers, or at least we’ve been bred to be curious and wonder. An answer of the creator is a comfort and often a crutch to those people who would prefer any answer, in absence of the answer.

And call it the answer.

We’re not feady for the real answer. In fact, we show that every day as those who believe they know the only true story, kill those who preach their version. If one was true, there would be no way of knowing it anyway.

We need to just accept that we don’t know. We may in fact never be ready to know, however I believe that we can start teaching our youth a different way, and move towards a better universe. Not today, and not maybe for your grandkids even. Most good changes need a lot of stubborn people to die, or at least shut up.

The Americas still make a lot of choices for the world, and they’re apparently 50% conservative. Canada is only conservative for a year or two every generation.

My issue is that I can’t start a new religion. I can’t start a church.


They won’t let me. Just like Microsoft won’t let Mac or Linux catch up. It’s not in their best interest. Churches will crush me.

First step.

Any new religion is a cult. Scary. Stay Away or we’ll mick you in our comedy shows and stand up routines. We’ll black-ball you secretly, even if only in our minds.

Scientology is a startup religion. An idea written by a smart man. A story to pick, and go with it. You don’t need to believe. You just need to say you believe, and follow their silly rules.

It may be a good idea. A church. A community.

All good. Who cares what the story part is. Jesus was a carpenter from a poor family. Space aliens is isn’t any more hard to believe. It’s a different kind of faith. We are allowed to believe what we do not know, or understand, or what logic may tell us to not believe.

The best God stories are a little wacky.

Wait till you hear my Church idea. Not tonight. It’s too good for a blog nobody reads.


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