Monday meth Mix
Last one for a while. Related posts: New Site Promotion videos Video Blogging Webcam Hits for December Caught on the cams

Monday meth Mix

Last one for a while.


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  • Glad to have Porn Hub in both universes. Related posts: Porn Questions Twitter has yet another use Punchline it forward
  • Starting at 5pm

    Starting at 5pm

    It’s Wednesday of the week back work week and as of 5pm, I’ve done nothing. I had a glorious uninterrupted …
  • No Internet Blogging

    No Internet Blogging

    When the Internet is down, the email editor seems to be the best way to blog. It still works like …
  • Google Video Test

    Google Video Test

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  • I think I’ve done acid more than 300 times since the 90s raves Related posts:


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