Meth Hits

Meth Hits

Welcome to the home of the Frogstar Webcams and the Orange Shirt Blogs.

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Care to comment?



Care to comment?

  • Checking out the dispensary in my Second Life neighbourhood.
  • The 420 toast

    The 420 toast

    It was 420am. On a Saturday. We’ve sung that song already but as I was blogging the 4:20 report here, …
  • Tolerance


    I hate when the drug no longer hives the desired effects, but I still want to take it. I take …
  • Idea


    I think there may be a market For an extra set of classes to teach non school stuff. Common sense. …
  • Snapchat Filter Gallery

    Snapchat Filter Gallery

    I will admit it. I am a childish immature man when it comes to funny faces and Snapchat filters.


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