The Webcams
I have a number of webcams in my bedroom/office and frequently they are on. You can watch and interact with me.

The Webcams

Interactive Lava Lamps
They take about 6 seconds

If you see video above, it’s a LIVE feed from my bedroom/office.

One of the things that made my original FROGSTAR.COM website popular was my webcam/chat accessibility.

Having a live webcam showing me at work was unique at the time, and I enjoyed chatting with people who found the idea fascinating. I am happy to bring that tradition back.

If I’m around when you check, you can turn on the Lave lamps to let me know you’re there.

Interactive Lamps

You can turn my bedroom lava lamps on and off. If the webcams are active, then you can watch.

YouTube Channel

Not all my webcam streams go to YouTube, especially if I show drug use, or have background copyright music. This is my safe YouTube archive.

Webcam Archive

This is an expanding archive of webcam videos that may include things YouTube doesn’t allow Drug use, nose picking, and music or TV in the background. Not all include audio or anything of real interest.

Focus Fuel Webcam Hit

Focus Fuel Webcam Hit

Every day I turn on my webcams and start working on customer support issues, website updates, and my own project at club.frogstar. I stream this on the webcams but I don't usually talk much, so all you see is me working, or taking hits off the bong.

Webcam Bingo

Webcam Bingo

I don't have an easy was to make a Bingo card up at this moment, but I thought of some good entries. See me re-use the knife and fork without washing. See my dentures See me without my teeth in. See me adjust my privates inside my pants. See me tuck my pants in my...

Controlling the Lava Lamps

Controlling the Lava Lamps

Controlling the Lava LampsI’ve had a webcam and a Lava Lamp in my office or bedroom since I discovered the original X10 power control boxes. Some of you may remember X10. For a while, their ads were plastered everywhere. My roommate at the time wrote a small utility...

Back at work: New Shirt Day

May 3rd

Live Streamed from my bed on a Sunny Sunday afternoon [widget id="wpwws_widget-19"] [useyourdrive dir="drive" account="103565702162300383126" mode="video" viewrole="administrator|author|contributor|editor|subscriber|guest" downloadrole="all"]May 3rd - Webcam 1...

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