Live Stream Promotional Share
A non-drug featured compilation video to showcase the live streams,

Live Stream Promotional Share

Like most demos, it turns out to be far more interesting than the real thing.


  • portage done, back in the stream.

    portage done, back in the stream.

    Brownies 3 and four were amazing. like oh so good and not a hint of thc flavour. maybe it stuck …
  • Wakey wakey

    Wakey wakey

    I only woke up twice last night and I only had to pee one of those times. Then I woke …
  • Day 2. Still not perfect

    Day 2. Still not perfect

    I know I should not be concentrating on the negatives but… I’m still smiling despite the setbacks. The amount of …
  • idea


    rent a phone booth space and create a speakers corner in toronto or any topwen or city. stream 24/7 from booth. a …
  • Sadness Looms

    Sadness Looms

    I’m doing well. I’m smiling. I’m finding hoy as I look around me at the people, and spring emerging.   …


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