Judge a book by its words

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As I was typing a typical long winded wordy reply to a video, a new thought occured to me. We use our word choice to signal our peers. This may seem obvious but it just occurred to me tonight. I…

Judge a book by its words

As I was typing a typical long winded wordy reply to a video, a new thought occured to me. We use our word choice to signal our peers. This may seem obvious but it just occurred to me tonight.

I use a vocabulary and sentence structure that is showing a certain level of intelligence. Other intelligent people can spot that. Less intelligent people accept it but don’t necessarily speak the same way. They have their own set of words that are unique to their peer group. Where I might say something like; after further evaluation, I’ve decided to take that video down as it didn’t portray the best image of me. Someone else might say; bro. That rocks

Every interaction with another human being ends one of two ways. It’s brief and you never see each other again. Or one of you is intrigued enough to say more, or do more. Or a potentially continue a relationship of some kind.

I call this click or clash and in most cases it is instantaneous. Or at least a few sentences deep. It is up to the individuals to do something about it if they click. Dating couples may ask for a number or social. Tennis players may make arrangements to have a match together. Movie lovers, beer drinkers, whatever community you may fit into, people can make connections that fast.

Very few of us do It’s too scary.

I don’t know if it’s just me but if I tend to fall in love or at least what I perceive to be love, within a few minutes. There’s a few deal breakers I could discover but in general. I like more people than I dislike but there are some people I just immediately click with.

Equally, or perhaps less than equally, I can tell if I don’t like you right away but I still generally try. There are just some loss of respect phrases and worldviews that I have difficulty being friends with.

One can rebuild trust in my opinion, but it’s very difficult to rebuild respect. To me, respect means you’re not going to do things that I personally would be bothered by. Most of these would be obvious things like child pornography or murder or general crimes but on a deeper level I believe there is a mindset that is difficult to change and if you’re willing to hurt other people either emotionally financially or physically, for your own gain. I don’t think we can be friends.

And quite often people don’t realize that crime is a line not everyone wants to cross and they openly share things they’ve done as early as 5 days ago or 10 minutes ago.

I truly believe the one thing that would change the world a little bit at least, is if we started treating crimes against trust as the most punishable evil of all.

Our world has lost the ability to trust and that will be its biggest downfall. The idea of scams is a very intricate way to bring a country to its knees. Once we completely lose the ability to trust nothing will get done and I can’t predict how bad it could be.

Almost all of the world problems degrade our trust not only in the government but the industry, the retail giants, the billionaires, the people who message us on Facebook, the messages we get claiming we won.

The list goes on and on but in subtle ways each loss of trust degrades our ability to function. Think of how many contests can no longer email the winners because no one will believe it. When distrust becomes the norm we are doomed. Some might argue this has already happened.

America is it a turning point where a parently half the nation trusts a liar, and the other half doesn’t trust anybody. That’s the kind of talk and belief that starts wars. Nobody wants to hear the thing they’ve trusted wasn’t trustworthy and they’ll fight to keep you from saying it out loud.

If you find out you were wrong about enough things you’ll start to doubt anything.

The weed is wearing off so I’ll stop here.

“This sucks man”


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