Jimmy Kimmel is Mean

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Another edition of PAUSE, UNPAUSE. I was watching the Jimmy Kimmel opening monologue just now, and decided to pause and comment. I find a lot of jokes these days, attack the normal people. Not the celebrities and politians we’re apparently…

Jimmy Kimmel is Mean

Another edition of PAUSE, UNPAUSE.

I was watching the Jimmy Kimmel opening monologue just now, and decided to pause and comment. I find a lot of jokes these days, attack the normal people. Not the celebrities and politians we’re apparently allowed to bully and harass, but the average person, who never asked to have thgeir life changed and their secrets outted by a late night TV commeidain.

I feel the pain of the abused.  I think about what that joke means to them.  Some are really mean.  To be truthfuil, they are qrqually mean to the celebrities and politions too, but we’re supposed to allow those without feelings.

I take this time to confess, my own humour is similar at times, and it hurts me when I think about it later.  I go for the laugh, and worry aboiut who it upset later. I re-use the memories and stories my targets may rather forget. I use the anger as a basisis for jokes far to frequently. Much of the time, I witness the laugh, and don’t worry about the hurt that may be hidden, or delayed.

Since this humour is out there, in the morning show jocvks, to the stand up commedians to late night TV, mockering and humiliation humour is common.

I learned I did this close to 20 years ago, when I first notice d friuends were often mad at me.  I lost friends.

I learned I do it, but still do it.  It’s almost an instinct. If I see the opportunity to create a smile, I do it. Without thinking.  I go for the smile.  Even if it’s only in my head.

However the Kimmel writers are just mean because they don’t see those they’re hitting. It’s not personal, it’s humour.

Lame excuse, but society is OK with bullying in manhy ways… just not other ways.

Today, my morning radio choice had an in-studio mystery, of an embarrassing nature.

For twoi days, the mystery built, and I can’t deny that – had it been fiction, would have been one of the greatest radio dramas of all time.  A masterfully crafted twisting of the tail, to hold our fascination and create a MUST LISTEN radio moment that I would have hated to mikss.

Who shit in the staff bathroom, and made a mess all over the flor and walls.

I don’t know if it was the discusting-ness of the story, or the extreme embarrassment that the mystery would reveal.  It was bullying.

Mean bullying of a human being, who is now known as the secret shiter.  His heath and anal issues are all the discussion for the next 4 hours, and the  repeated over and ovefr every day, no doubt with many sound bites and clips for future recap and greatest shits specials, for years to come.

I’d love it if this was not the case.  I feel for Tim, who eventually was forced to come clean after not only lieing about it not being him, but even swearing on children that it wasn’t.

The drama was so compelling but the moment the culprit was revealed – I fely horrible for him.

I wondered how a lawsuit would work out.  That was above and beyond inhuman humiliation in a hostile workplace.

A lawsuit against Howard Stern for inner office abuse would – could change the legal world and destroy that show.  Howard is allowed to bully his staff. They know what this show is all about.  They know what ethey were getting into.


I wonder if EVERY staff member would cash out with settlements.  I’ve had to turn it off because they were so mean to each other, or the weirdos who jpoin the cast as fans.

As a Canadian, I will do nothing.  I will continue to watch and support this comedy, and call mysyefl a fan… but it’ll bother me internally every time.

That’s why we blog.


After the monologue, I popped in the CLIO awards, which are the top award for commercials.  The host is over the top awful, but that’s just because his persona is not from my universe. I forgive it.  Another demographic is probably laughing at him, or with him. I’m not sure if he’s supposed to be funny, or just diferent than me.

One commercial came up, and I had to hit PAUSE



I’ve seen Kotex go against the advertising of ytampons in oyther ads. They mock the way tampons are marketed, and hope you’ll agree and think they’re a better kind of people for advertsing a different way you don’t understand because they have not been exposed.

The barely heard of Amazing Randy dedicated the later part of his life to dbunking magicians selling themselves as actually magical, or psycic.  HE didn’t tell how the tricks were done. He just needed us to know they were tricks.  Noble maybe. You’ve read my views on crimes against trust before.

Penn and Teller – zeppelin

That was a mean jab at Randi. The truth is, lots of people know his name, and he’s the guy that debunks fraud.  There was no reason for my introduction and referral to editortialize he wasn’t famous.

Gosub return

Penn and Teller gained a lot of fame as magicians who didn’t stop at wanting you to know how tricks were done. They spoiled the game for all to come, but telling the secrets of some of – maybe many of the classics being used today.

Magic is often re-used and old tricks re-imagined, but Pen and Teller made people laugh, and exposed some of these to an audience that never even asked.  They spoiled to maghic of magic.

Today, Kotex attacks not only the other kotex ads, but advertising altogether. They show off the fourth wall of lies and tactics used to market cosmetics and tampons and fasion and anything else to women. It’s a buly move.  It’s giving away the secrst of your world and competition to get a head start.  Just because you want the world to move forward, it was still a dick move.

However I love the commercial. You’d have a hard time not, at least first viewing – because it DOES break the rules, and you feel almost inside. You gloss over the feelings of stupidity that may follow, as you realize and glance around the room, how manhy things you’ve bought because good looking people smiled and told you to buy it, while seemingly enjoying it themselves.

We need TV and radio to tell us what to do and buy.  The world worlks better when we’re all similar.  Fasion helps photographs, biograpohers and archeiologists determne time-lines and class.  People who care, vcan spot their own kind in a crowd.  Fasion creates class, and advertisies it in a way so suble, the majority doesn’t realize it.

Fasion mnore than kotex.

Bullying with an end result that is positive for all, and evolution progresses… is still bullying.



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