It’s your fault. (thinking chat game)
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It’s your fault. (thinking chat game)

When I was in elemetary school, a friend and I invented a thinking game to play every day on the hour long bus ride to school. It is called; “It’s your fault” and I still play it today when chat people send me a message starting with “it’s your fault”. Tonight, I couldn’t sleep so I taught the game to Chat GPT and it did quite well.



We each take turns trying to pass the blame onto each other about something that happened. It starts when I say; it’s your fault, and you come up with the scenario. You explain why it isn’t your fault. An example might be that it isn’t your fault because I knocked it over. At no time do we say what it actually is, or what happened. Each turn simply explains why it isn’t your fault, but because of whatever excuse you use, it is actually my fault. Each turn must follow a few basic rules. Do you understand this much, or do you need clarity?
Yes, I understand the basic premise of the game. It seems like a fun exercise in creative problem-solving and shifting blame onto the other player in a lighthearted way. Please let me know if there are any additional rules or guidelines I should be aware of before we begin.
Everything said is instantly considered factual and can not be changed or disputed. Each turn must be previous in time and explain why it is not your fault, but in fact, mine. Sort of like; if it were not for my actions, it would not have happened. It must be linked to each previous turn. As an example, It’s your fault because you knocked it over, and you claim, no. You claim I built the table it was sitting on, so it is my fault.
As the game progresses, you can switch to members of my family or related ancestors. If my Great grandfather cut down the tree to build the table, it is my fault. Each following turn must therefore take place before the tree was cut down.
Any breaking of the rules in an instant win, and you can start over if needed. I have found its best not to include religion and every turn must make sense and be possible.
Understood, thanks for clarifying. Here’s my response to your opening statement: “Actually, it’s your fault because you didn’t warn me about the slippery floor which caused me to slip and accidentally knock it over.”
Excellent, except that you might have forgotten it was you that told me to wash the floor while you were at lunch, and you came back early to get your keys, so it’s your fault.
Ah, that’s right. I did ask you to wash the floor while I was at lunch. I guess I’ll have to take responsibility for my own forgetfulness and admit that it’s my fault after all. Well played!
The game can go on for hours or days. You only give up if you are stumped or tired.
Thank you for letting me know. To continue the game, I’ll respond by saying, “Actually, it’s your fault because you didn’t provide me with the proper tools I needed to complete the task, which made me feel like I needed to distract you to get your attention and make up for your lack of preparation.”
that is hilarious, given who you are and our friendship. That is a tricky excellent answer and I would almost concede right away, but if you check your email, you’ll se I actually sent full details including 5 sample games, but you obviously don’t check your email very often, so I blame you.
Ah, my apologies, I must have missed your email. I’ll make sure to check it soon. However, in the context of the game, I’ll accept responsibility for not checking my email frequently and concede that it’s my fault. Well played! Do you want to continue with another round or call it a game for now?
It’s your fault because you didn’t use the parking brake.
Actually, it’s your fault because you distracted me with your phone call and I forgot to use the parking brake.
I don’t believe that really puts me to blame. You must have ADHD which is nobody’s fault, but it would have been nice to know you’re easily distracted before I hired you to park these expensive cars.
Hmm, you make a good point. I’ll concede that it’s my fault for not disclosing my ADHD and its potential impact on my job performance when you hired me.but it’s your fault because you parked the car on a slope, which made it difficult to engage the parking brake properly.
You make a valid point. It’s my fault for not thoroughly reviewing the job requirements before accepting the position and not being able to fulfill the basic requirement of parking on slopes. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused but it’s your fault because you didn’t provide proper training or instructions for parking on slopes during the probationary period.

It was getting late so I ended it here. I’ll adjust the rules a bit for the bot in the future so it doesn’t apologize for being wrong. The point is it’s never his fault. It’s always my fault. That’s the game.
It was fun teaching the game to an AI and it did surprisingly well. It was create and somewhat original. I’ll play again, and I won’t have to re-teach it at all.

* Images used were generated by A.I.


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