It’s still me.
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It’s still me.



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  • Bev Crushers’s Artie Connection.

    Bev Crushers’s Artie Connection.

    I don’t know why exactly, but I think of the episode of Star Trek Next Generation, where Beverly Crusher is …
  • The Smartphone taught me to read.

    The Smartphone taught me to read.

    I had a smartphone before you did. Long before. It took me a lot of mental memory just now, but …
  • Fiction first draft #3

    Fiction first draft #3

    Ron walks onto the stage from the left and the screen is so big you don’t realize its a man …
  • I read my cock manual today

    I read my cock manual today

    Somebody made the joke… Read the fucking manual.  I followed up; No really, it’s the fucking manual. More accurately, the …
  • Streaming Progress

    Streaming Progress

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