It’s so easy to be spoiled

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Since I don’t have a car, I have adopted to the idea of having everything delivered to me. I could take the bus now that I found it’s not as expensive or inconvenient as I once thought it was, but…

It’s so easy to be spoiled

Since I don’t have a car, I have adopted to the idea of having everything delivered to me. I could take the bus now that I found it’s not as expensive or inconvenient as I once thought it was, but the convenience of delivery allows me to not have to change my clothes and put on shoes and leave the house.

For my Uber eats and my grocery delivery from Walmart, I don’t even pay the delivery fees because I’ve invested in an annual membership in there discount systems.

It’s also extremely convenient for me with attention deficit disorder because I remember what I need because the app tells me what I ordered last time. The last time I visited Walmart with an idea to purchase a few things I left with none of them and didn’t remember until I got home.

I also love the idea that the apps show me the driver’s car and its position on the map telling me exactly when to come outside and pick the food or groceries up.

The one app that doesn’t do this is Domino’s Pizza. They have the capability, but the drivers don’t use the tracking GPS in every car so it tells me when it’s leaving, but that’s it s only notification until the driver arrives.

I suspect one of the reasons they do this is because a driver may deliver more than one pizza and if I’m watching them closely on the GPS map, I might get upset that I wasn’t given higher priority.

In any case it makes me realize I’ve been spoiled. Woo woo. I’ve been ordering pizzas delivered to my house for decades and only recently have the other apps added the ability to track the delivery. The fact that my pizza app doesn’t shouldn’t really upset me as much as it does.

And yet here I am sitting out on the porch in very nice weather, thinking about sitting here on the porch in very poor weather coming up soon. Hopefully not too soon, as the winters around this area have shifted from mid October to mid December in many cases. November maybe stormy but we don’t usually get snow until much later in the year than when I was young.

In any case I know that I will be sitting here waiting for my pizza in any weather. It’s also one of the only apps that doesn’t let me prepay so I actually have to be physically present to receive the delivery. All the others are prepaid and they can just leave it on the porch.

I’ve been reading the neighborhood newsletter and this area doesn’t seem to be one that porch pirates hang out in and steal Amazon packages before they can be picked up. That’s a good sign. It’s a nice neighborhood.

On a good day it takes about 15 minutes to get from Domino’s to my doorstep on the will send me a text message when they get here so I suppose I’m really just complaining primarily because I’m sitting on the porch with my phone and there’s nothing better to do.

I timed it poorly as I believe the pig is probably out back waiting it’s food. It doesn’t get any GPS delivery notifications. It just walks out of its chicken coop and wanders around wondering where the food is. I don’t think that pig even knows that I’m the one delivering it. He seldom looks up and I’m not sure that he has good eyesight even if he cared or understood. They say pigs are smart but this pig doesn’t show any indication of that because it doesn’t really have any opportunity to show intelligence.

I just noticed it does actually try and estimate the time and at the writing of this blog I have 5 minutes left. So I wait. Another 5 to 10 minutes who knows. Meanwhile the pig waits. The chickens wait. All because there’s no GPS on my delivery man.

I’ll be sure to tell the hens it was Domino’s fault.


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