It happened to me
It's happened to other people and I felt superior. Now it's happened to me.

It happened to me

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  • Remix. Old video new again

    Remix. Old video new again

    This is from 5 or 6 years ago, redone with today's filters.
  • i-am-your-dealer-and-i: Shout out to you drug addicts who think they’re not good at anything. Youre good at being a drug …
  • Starting strong and early

    Starting strong and early

    I decided today would be a good day. I wasted my Monday, but there are things that need doing. The …
  • Sunday Experiments

    Sunday Experiments

    I woke up at about 8:15am and decided today was a day to give some of the week’s backlog of …
  • Canadian Idol

    Canadian Idol

    I wonder if everyone is coached to be happy…Most starving artists aren’t. On LAST COMIC STANDING, everybody is homeless, depressed …


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