If this works, I’ll call today a good Monday.

A mere moment before I type this now, an opposing though optioned itself into my imagination. Another what if. They’re like a … I don’t know. Luckily I can’t think of anything to compare it’s unique hell to.

I remembered this savior tool, is not as easy as I’d love.

I can’t just dump my gallery here with DIVI control. I have to it it one by one.

That is too much of the same for me to make it past 7… and if I know that now, I won’t make it past two… because once I have the memory, doing it is just wasted energy.

When weed becomes the thing, instead of the thing that goes with something, it’s time to evaluate again.

I still have not eaten. I decide cereal would be good soon enoughg.

Fruit Loops.

Oh how I miss Apple Jacks.

Yet another of foods I actually called favourites.

That is an inconsistency in a universe I’d write for myself. If I were my own god, I’d be eating that franco american white macaroni noodles (same as heinz version). After, I’d eat a row of Dad’;s shortbread chocolate chip. I know why they discontinued those. Heaven was using up so much, they couldn’t afford to share. I get that totally.

Entimens chocolate chips might not be gone, but since the Hasty Market on thIsabell street anymore, so they’re dead to me.

side reflection. On that corner of Isabella and Yionge street, I had two clients, and a barber, and at the park next ton where I park, some o my favourite stoned in the city memories.

I make the note, I was not always stoned when I was there, but I was never stoneed when I parked there.

Ok. So lets try the first video.

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