If I can master the flip between the moments of joy when a new thought was shiney and the moment a flash of oposition crushes hope.

When you say you… fraglle. I am going to do my best to stay in first operson, because a firstvdraft is allowed to be far removed from anything … I pause as I think how I want to end this sentence. I really believe I can run out my clock because I work best as more and more of the safeguards I have get used up, or turn out to be immaginary. The moment my evolution made a connection it hadn’t seen, apparently in my fridge, behind the mustard.

OOO. Spike example. I smile as the fingers hit the period.I got to use a favourte line of mine.

In less delay than I might expect from a real best friend to talk to and not go crazy, I chose to make my first share to the memory chest in the cloud, instead of the hand writen ones from the chapters of my life when i was writing instead of crying… or both.

I stopped.. adjusted on the bed… looked up and thought… Wait, what?

How did I end up just appearing here in … I abandon at let three jokes to save myself and reset the matrix in the right window.

I laugh. I realize one of the things I enjoy when I’m high, is other people showing thhey’re high by making … reframe by allowing us to see how brains solve puzzles but at regular speed, some peole have learned …

I state I enjoy seeing loops in others that make open conections from everything I have a story from. Who I am today is primarily because I didn’t really let anybody know.

hmmm. I say ot loud, You know. I bet I could write a book on how I did absolutly nothing in my life if I had to decide alone. ding. I have not figured out how.

ding. Every level of high filters a different type of content.

So it tirns out this is the right window. It’s just a firstie for this blog on this computer with the DIVI Interface.

Brain Fuck. Am I excited to take myself seriously and just try to market the real value, which is – people wil pay to keep me as a go to guy.

SO  I ding back to my business gottagetaguy. THe morning drive radio spots I imagined will relate. It is a busiess that will fade away eventually, but then loop.

Story. I drove by a whole in the ground in the place formerly happy not being a whole, by being a whole School. All the kids had apparently not replenished in the area so the school lost it’s worth and was sold to be a condo with stores. Ironically, a Whole foods.

On the fence placed to keep a wall between the gigantic whole you can’t quite see the end of, because your entire view is through a square hole conveniently the size of an electrical lightswitch box.

As I type this, I reflect in my head the kids in shop class at my highschool. I would never have imagined having an auto repair shop inside the school. It was down the tech wing and I never needed to go farther than … I was ging to say… and then I placed every class into a map I’ve been keeping in my head.

The voice wishes he could tell you at least two more stories here, but I will tell you I think yourtime is better served by sticking to the main story tonight, because I’m getting tired.  I will use that end of setence, but it’s from the sock drawer. I have forgotten that whole thing. The Jeff I call the NOW Jeff wears a set of those leather … I try to think of anything I can use here as a describer. They are best described as eye patches that don’t cover the eye like what you might have already visually linked to the moment you her eye patch, but if I end the sentence with; “except imagine they’re square, and sit on the side of the horses face, only to cover the horses peripheral. They have a name.

I made myself laugh by asking my first fake woman a question and then regretting having asked even before I would have detected her elevated inhail, and known her reation was the one I didn’t see coming.

My fake girlfriend is an idiot, but odly relatable, and there may still be some value to a third voice on my mental team that is worn as an exteral artificial limb, only not a cane, but a phone with ear pieve.

I imagine in my head that whoooOoooooup sound a childrens toy whistle that squeezes air like a trombone but in a clown way one might imagine coming from the happy clown immediatly following a failure that we are trained it is fine. THe idea of a clown is to make us laugh, and to not make it quite so hurtful, they paint unbreakable smiles and accept an income making peole laugh doesn’t need much framing to tell the story as a success and dream come true, and I’d adapt to that now.

I think I’m jumbling. Bad writing. Once the story included boobs.  It didn’t? I’m high. Most stories include boobs.

Summary recap. I am excited by my joy for less than one second before the orcestra plays the microphone off stage. I thank the advancement in Amaerican theatre. I heard those giant wire hooks hurt like hell when the boss would yank you. I’m glad I live in the time where they don’t make me leave. They just make staying really reallly horrible, and horrible.

I pause and ponder using horrible and horrible again. If you know it, I think it could be a surprise callback. din…pause.


Praise point. I believe my progress perhaps caused by the regularity, and of course the drugs. I … laugh. I need non stoners to understnd that weed has opened up a combination of effects that allow me to plan time to think. It works against inexperience.. inexperince might predct being alone is all think time. For the brain that I’m …

I spolied it. I am both excited by a new idea on multiple levels that pay out regardless of outcome. I had a lot of revelations this past week. A lot of lightbulb. I passed trendy nightclub that … If I could… Oh wait. I bet I can.

Question: The idea. I stopped in the middle of the setup to a joke I had just then lost faith in. In my head, the internatioanal shared story of writers starting, and then pulling up the single sheet, crumpling into a ball, which can be directed to work with either a sexy writer starting off poorly that will get it within the next two bad ideas, but the camera shot will reveal 37 other crmpled sheets. It is aaccepted story that we undersabd.

I stop and say, holy shit thats cool. I just realzed that society hadbeen self regulating not only the shared official stories at church, but individual one off sketch visual aids for everything.

Star Trek Light Bulb Moment. A celebrated moment flash. Joy. I onnected another lesson I learned, but didn’t know was a lesson until I saw it in a loop. Star Trek Next Generation has an episode which gets points for all sorts of smiles. If a Star Trek epidoe clicked for you, the points start adding up the moment you click you just heard Darmack and Fred at Tanagra.  Science still hasn’t been able eto match a human and understanding what you meant even when given the worst source material.

Language isn’t what we thought. Digital to analoge and back to digital has always been a part of change in the history of each time somebody who was passing on the official stories and feeling smart; each time they tod you Bell Canada could now do 1200 baud. A huge improvement. I remember the loop was always closed.  Don’t even ask. This is the fastest the phone lines can handle. Remember, the phone was invented in a time so far behind in what we even comprehended was possible, We shoukld be closing on the invention of Bell as a happy note.

The more words I say, the farther I get from the story baout Darmock and that guy who played the bad guys drinking buddy on the show were the cops partner is a recluse in a motel. The chessmaster one.


I rise my arm and inhale in a gesture so grand, william shatner agrees to a reaction cutaway shot we had it on file and .

I’m there.  I prefer to stop than have to finish the sentneces once I thougt the punchline. There is a fear tht is hard to describe to you if you havn;t hd it. Your fear of not being liked, or whataver. Any fear. Whatver you might be afraid of. I can not say I can lessen what happened. but learning I have never been funny would break my universe.

idea. We find these, written ones, or we do one each night lie this, but dedicte some time in the stream to seal the loops.A google search for seal hoops.

Its has never been about the words. It’s been about using the words to conveny examples .

or not. trust. sleep.

insert gif of sheep.


last minute save, in the original literal use of the word. Secret power. To anyone reading this story, you have no way of .

In any writing, there is no way to know whether I just came back from a quick run to the store befre it closes at midnight to get food. This binge high has drained me, as it alys does.

ding loop close. I always remember familiarities out of context. On certaindrugs, I developed a thing were anyone I’d look at twice would seem familar, and I’d often lose myself in that distraction.

no difference between doing the thing, and writing that I did. One awards points for creativity and cheating the system when you figure out Things that go without saying,

The end of this sentence left intentionaly blank, but that joke needs a second punchline so the ones that missed the first was even a joke laugh anyway.

I also make a connection that much of, if not all that I experiencing makes sense, but it also makes abso.. it makes really great sense that the universe fits into the new sory beter.—

it is vital to understand that in the final moment, at some point, The greates lightbulbs may connect and In the oface of joy points, I die.

It is possible to claim you completer Grand Theft Auto 5 quite fast and impress people while simultaiously being judged by people who know finishing it is a goal, but evenif you win, THe Turtle will have way better stories and the best people.

I had up  downs tonight but nough to —

I’m stickimg to the plan till I can’t. My genius is blirted linerally, but fits … emd


1am. so much for 6pm sleep.

lights out after food.


I just zipped through the severly complex process of starting a new paragraph in my blog. I changed. Doing something daily was the first step it took me till now to start, and I am still not sharing everything because the first drafts were all open about other people’s stories during the times whenour stories were one. The names are not changed to protect the innocent. They were not changed to protect me, far from innocent, going to a new life in an orange suit… for a silly reson.

Imagine if your universe cinsisted of your circle of awarness. My fear just leveled up. Not being funny is bad, but I rememberd a I GOT YOU BEAT battle in the last moments of the time I spent ina hell, designed just for me. I always assumed they have a lot of prefab things in hell that can be used over and over again but still make it feel like my own speial hell.

A prop house, like I imagine Saturday Night Live must share.

ding Noticed somebody else’s inside joke. In comedy, call backs are a puncline laugh that exists based on something unrelated within the goldylocks amount of time that it is a shared story. One of my favourute stories . ding delayed crush. Things I had pride in, seem shame worthy when I get to witness reations. I named a disorder about that. That thing I thought was just me but then found out a lot of people do, so they named it and now I don’t ever have to do that thing again because it’s clear even f I started and wanted to, if I was alone, you’d wake up and I’d be in the pool trying to see how far theadore can hear my scream underwater.


Umm.. can I be so bold as to request you type your thoughts into this box. Well yes, I know this is all new, but it’s not really. You just kept avoiding learning it because you said if something is going to be miserable to change, it means I will be open to failing in public. Some of my fans may be keeping score. Everybody knows “The Points don’t matter” officially, but eve guy knows no matter how often she assures you the points don’t matter, you both know she may not have a clue what youre talking about but you both know. If women are keeping track, the points matter.

I have created the back story in my universe of how points came to represent burst of wht I only describe as a pleasent I have trained myself to detect when high on weed. I enjoy thta time because I see hapiness in everything around me, if I hve time to follow a moment in time just reacting. I love retelling the day I rested in a park and enjoyed a comical story of nature. A gathering of fresh pegeons ready to go through their loop. The male has to present with confidence and win the hert of a mate, or fail and exit stage left.

He probably won’t raise one leg up like a four and windmill your feet fr a half second before vanishing.

I was trial running blog entry from bed with bluetooth keyboard and wired mouse on the big screen bedroom system. The DIVI is almost limited and clearly not the best choice for the kind of Pausnblogging I’m inventing.

I stare. I zombie. I worry. I smile. I know I can master worry, but I really don’t want my story to be I blogged about finally soling the last waterfall challenge and slipping to death while aceting the trophy.

I invent stories for the fights I can somtime almost overhear. We’re not ready to go public. I don’t want to be imperfect. I don’t want my first share to be the most glorious of reations better than I expect or … I don’t trust. You love me? Really? What part of Africa are you working from? Yours already suspcious falling for me in record time I’m willing to ignore at least until I’m notjust saying yes because of drugs and a hope towards a goal of touch and intimacy.

My brain turns the bedroom light back on. Thanks, I hate myself again.


I love myself for the writing and hate myself that I am not acting on any of my ideas because none have been share tested so they may all be 100% stoner joy and although I claim a pride point each time I claim to be an expert. My expertise was making connections. Without ever having to learn past understanding the core basics of ife, the univers and computers, all I had to be an expert at, was knowing the answers that fear was keeping other people away from understanding.

We all tend to do things the hard way because we think the easy way will be hard. It is hard to lead a life without regret when your philosophy needed to remove it from your toolbox in order to make way for an interstellar bypass. Twenty years of fandom have taught me, Douglas Adams wrote time lapse bile stories.

I only make the connectionto hisinsanity When a random connection lights and I smile. I hope he had at least one good fan he could trust, or else brains like ours either relearn to be content our genius is

I am starting to imagine that my conspiracy thery that it might actually be a life choice worthy of considering. Could I live a life rold playing crazy?  It’s really quite nice to not care selectivly, and care too much at others, but forget without concern before voices raise.


End of his part. 1:35am

Try 2.