I upset people tonight being me.

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First, the parents of a friend I recently photographed through a window while she was asleep were suitably unimpressed. They called me a pervert and asked I stay away from her. Whoops. : Please do not come back to my…

I upset people tonight being me.

First, the parents of a friend I recently photographed through a window while she was asleep were suitably unimpressed. They called me a pervert and asked I stay away from her.


: Please do not come back to my daughter’s house taking pics of her that is fucking creepy u have some serious issues u are a dirty perv don’t ever let me find out u r here doing this shit to her again

Orange Jeff replied: It was never my intention to do it for creepy purposes. I sincerely thought she would be awake, but forgot the time difference, and then was trying out a new super new camera so I wandered the yards. I understand how it looks. I am sorry, and it will not happen again.

Then her father sent me pretty much the same message.  I guess the whole family was there for Thanksgiving and she was shown the art photography I took one morning on her farm.

We were having such a great time.  Cool stoner chick I’d met a few days prior invites me over to her really very beautiful loft.  It was very comfortable, and I lay on the kind of couch I always wanted.  In fact, her whole place was pretty much what I’ve always wanted.

We watched some TV, some weird music videos and such and it was chill.  Like Netflix and chill except Netflix doesn’t really work in SL so it was YouTube and chill…Youtube is a much shorter attention span and isn’t designed to just watch. She was a channel flipper, which is fine.  We both take out our weed and toke a few. I started with the new weed pipe I’d been given and she rolled a joint.  Her tastes in music seemed a bit harsher than mine. Although I can listen to just about anything, her choices seemed to be harsh black rap from Tupac, and as it turns out, that guy says nigger a lot. Pretty much every line.  The lyrics online seem to want me to believe he was saying the less offensive nigga’ but it sure didn’t sound like that to me. Tupac might have died before they even came up the the cheesy nigga cover story.

This is what I heard.

Ha ha ha, yeah nigga, that’s how we do that shit
LS in this bitch, nigga that’s how we do that shit
Live live on the westside, eastside right, niggas can’t understand it, no doubt, no doubt
My scandalous family, insanity
It ain’t no playin’ nigga we’re takin’ over the whole industry
You bitch made niggas can’t believe that shit
LS and niggas so crazy
You only have to pay, to pull up on that bitch
You’ve been clowned, to make it to that ground
These niggas snatchin’ your business kid

Now I thought about this for a moment before speaking. To me, this huge shock value rap was kind of like a really really loud fart in an elevator.  Some things are weird NOT to comment on.

I mentioned that this music wasn’;t to my taste, but I chose to use the word nigger as part of the reason I objected. It was a crazy slapping in my face, like a silly shcoolyard game.  Nya Nya .. I can say nigger but you can’t.  I believe most people probably have never even heard this verion because the radio would play something quite diferent.

So I’m not a Tu Pac fan. I didn’t know when I Googled Tu Pac Lyrics nigger, that all his sings would come up. It’s his thing.

My main error, apart from pre determining that some people may believe TuPac is a legend and geniious and his lyrics art art I dare not speak. My main error was how I said it.  Poorly.  It made the entire meaning of what I intended to conveny, and turned it the wworst possible way.  I understand that to many people, it is crazy ofencive for me to use the word nigger in any instance, let alone when referring to black people.  I petrsonally have non issue with the usage in the above context. I am talking abouit a word that a cultuire has not only taken as their own, they bully us into believeing it has power and we are nopt allowed to say it.  Only they are.

Ridiculous notion, but I must adhere to sociatal rules. I don’t use it as intended, or as used today.

I did however make it look like I intended to do so.

What I should have said, if at all.  Can we perhaps play something a little less strong.  This music says nigger way to much for my taste. It was always my intention to use the word. AT the least, I expected it to start a conversation.

What I actualy said was;  “That is a litle harsh for me. I’m more pop or EDM than “nigger music” (grin)”

Yup… that does sound a lot worse when I see it written down.

She kicked me out.


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