I said OMFG a lot
I had quite a lot of moments of realization moments this weekend. They are… another one just now. A moment of realization is like the orgasm of firsties and the prize of learning something new, and saving it to your library as final beta draft. I know that sentense is filled with too many words… Read More »

I said OMFG a lot

I had quite a lot of moments of realization moments this weekend. They are… another one just now.

A moment of realization is like the orgasm of firsties and the prize of learning something new, and saving it to your library as final beta draft.

I know that sentense is filled with too many words but I was trying to crame in a fridge magnet mad words list of keywords or hashtags to consider rearranging while I edit.

On certain drugs, my mind loses the negative voice filter, and operates twice as fast, a leap beyond my ability to retell it as a story to my library.

my … the river analogy.

short form

book image,

My Orange Canoe



The Stories of Sunday Adventures in my Orange Canoe.

Overnight Adventures in my Orange Canoe

Like The Lewis and Clark of the mental stream that is always running downstream in my mind.

Except I have not found my Lewis. I must navigate the rapids alone.

The Forks of choosing

Everything great and everything horror

fridge maget these thoughts. I hope that makes sense to me.

all change 

book title

Navigating Forks

The forks of the credit

Help make better vhioices as your river of though eets each new fork.

all good things come from choosing the right direction, when you have to choose

i used to say, all of the universe .


My attemopt to explain the universe, in a 

plaque sized paragraph suitible for book covers or stand out quitaion block online. a soundbyte+

Just small enough to be rememberd.

Then go smaller. Can the secret to understanding the universe be shrunken down to a tweet?  140 characters or less?

Perhaps less… 5 words or less. Smart people have described that humans seem to have a very specific number of words | objects | numbers | emoji | steps that they are each comfortable holding in active fast memory, before they have to disc cache and swap back and forth with the library.

They demonstrate it by telling the bible story, and asking the reader to recall their memory of rainman as an example.

. clippy is detecting you are reading about the story of a brain being able to see and interpret 5 objects on the floor in front of them and some people can see 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or more before having to delay infiniltesimafhgdgghly and count.

In my blogs this weekend i ran my brain at 1. I got in my orange canoe and entered the stream of one thought thinking as I type. The small amount of brain activity it requires me to type while looking at my fingers still, but do it quickly.

DING. THe river stops while I must look up and check I typed.  I hate.





Fork: I was pondering whether to use OMFG and Jesus Christ and then my Silver Bell went off…. in my head, I’m going to save it to the library as I don’t actually hear a bell, but I do pop up a sudden mental image of the bell goiong off. I have trained myself to interup with a ding when a background process has a realization point.





I am exited.

I can see down the river and there are so many forks.

I love all these idea best.

Writing without the negativ voice is joy.


When there are so many forks in the road, it is dangerous in the canoe.  It is best to pick a side, and change your enviornment.

In a canoe, it is unsafe to spend too much time looking up into the sky, and for example, point everython in the boats attention to a zeppelin. IT may be time to change scenary. 

I wonder if there is a word for the term.to get back in the canoe after the river has calmed.



Picture of ERic Chapman in officer Monty Python.  Stop That too silly.


A tage for the reader to insert from the BOOKRETURN their own image 

!out of order



I just realized.  We think non liniar and liniar at the same time. I can recall images from memory if the subject doesn’t privide them. When your brain is deveopling, it needs those images to come from an external source. Our brains are… The library starts with only the binary stream contained in the egg born of two seperate long streams of binary dna.

This dna could be a game cheat code.  It answers the first 2000 fork choices.


Left right right right left left right.

To understand, the smart people have set the world up to make it easy fior the people who don’t yet realize life is navigating the stream, and choosing the right forks as often as possible.

Some play it like zingo #meme Prive is right

Fork Bob Barker or …. Name not found.

!intern runs in.  Drew Cary Sir.

!Right, see if you can get an image of the two of them together playing pingo

#credit. Nomination number one.

!legal – see if we’re allowed to make our own and legally publish it inthe blog. If we canm’t refer to a meme enough people know, we’ll need to create new one. 

#firsties bonus 100


Success in life. pause. 

Considerthe idea of selling these writings as art.. except sell them in REAL TIME. In other words a video file of me, as I type.  At the speed of my thoughts a d see where I pause.


#anchor. I drop my anchor at this fork, and take a 



Sometimes I have to stop and briefy go to mental court to ask both 


Bcause I am writing, I have to think slower, and so I stop and in my head, think of a word. Sometimes, like above, I can’t recall Drew Cary and

#credit Big fan. I loved the ideas of the Drew Cary show and woud have clicked like a lot had I lived in the time where TV has become .

#I ….

awww crap.  To many good ideas in my head now want to come to the mic. 

…. Longer pauses are decisons.  Who akkes the cut.  I am no longer in a river, but I’m the director and too many egment producers are in front of me with their usb sticks.

Original image submitted, Newspaper reporters gawking at a candidate  | prison release | celebrity |superman

Oh Oh. My head has imagined the negative voice is screaming very loudly. The joy in the library slences even more.

This blog is not perfect and I ca’t show it.


left side

right side

good side

bad side

Can you imagine a pop quiz where all the answers were a or b but really, just alays B but you never actually knew this, because they are not labled.

Is it possible the world has been set up so that one type of person can usually choose A, the right side and one type of person can usualy choose B.


There are two kinds of peop,le in ythis world joke

The binary one was actually right all along.

The world works better when we have a shared library. 

I hate when my two competing media providers have exclusivity. I don’t want to have to join everything to collect my tastes for my library.

People call me picky.  I am a refined curator of the library of my universe.


Everything within the universe is in my handwriting


I quite literaly am the manager | boss | leader |President | God of my universe

That didn’t include judge. A judge is just a guy who knows and understand the law… no. A judge is another person, who has legal justice to chose the forks for other people… or not. A judge is somebody you go to when you want to go left and they don’t.

I am the God of my Universe. I review and rewite the stuff I like into my library. 

The library has a problem with removal, but the archive happens by adding all material into the middle gooey areas and pushes everything else deeper into the cells outword. In theory, archive memories are binary and can be stored in any on/off media / body part.

In my imagination, binary with meat may not be on,off but infinite shades. As long as both sides have the key, Then 1 bit can contain a lot.

Algebra.  All we really ever had to learn was X can equal anything, but X always has to remain X and both people have to know what X is.

I have learned some codes. WHen I see the word “hello” I know it is a greeting. I’ve learned that code.

My brain can understand about 20,000 words and what they mean.

I can then combine those words, and read sentences that allow me to understand. For most words, I can do this quickly enough to imagine and understand while I read.

To my memory, I do not care the source. My brain is just moving forward at one point in time within the entire universe. All beings aher the same now.

!intern – do they


The brain is the office of the library.


I’m Jeff Goebel, and this is an Orange Shirt Blog.

I start with an idea. I stand at the front of my room, and I say to the parts of my brain that submit ideas to think about.

“Ok team. It’s Sunday night. We’re going to write another blog about the weekend. I think I’m going to write about the power of jingles and slogans.

Fictional writer raises hand and says

I thought you were on a binge from that river anaology high. I’d run that river for a while and see what mountain top you end up at. 


The thought went like this.

The Ugly Zeppelin

Sometimes when I am brainstorming at the writers desk, I consider the bad options too. Failure. Truth be told, Failure is the loudest mouth at the table, often saying things like WRONG, WRONG, DIDN’T HAPPEN at me while the other pitchers are spitballing.

#cut to editor in screening room behind glass.  Nodding. I like it.

Behind the window the actor playing me in the writers room stops, looks back and says;

So like what – is this a script now?

Director me loks into the camera and says

I’ve always had a fascination with the fourt wall. 

Hello. Every so often I’ll do a hard cut to a orange shirt real me, sitting in my bed, typing this.

I am torn, because I am not live, and so you hve no idea — I have no idea if this is crazy, or genious, or both – geniius that is too cfrazy to folow.

I consider I am descending into madness… but it’s so much cooler than sanity.

Question: DOesn’t it deserve a story, that the possibility is, Hell is a great place. All your friends are there, the women are all as beautiful and friendly as you’d imagine. Best of all, very frew whiney religious freeks are there.

Edit… probably not a good choice

I want to continue now, with what I write a few hours ago, before I was going to inert one idea in a different sequnce.

Tech note: don’t edit while streaming. BAd form and it messes up the timeline.

Time Travel Note: Know that you do not go back in time, you just borrow a copy of that time stream and put it in front of you. 

edit: iffy

-pause.  I will break here.  I will leave for a while… you wil read on.

A slogan, suitable for appearing under your name whenever mentioned, and so catchy that even haters can’t help but name associate it with the memory of me. Then default popup of my story.


Previously in my brain…

I was working towards the idea that short slogans can stay in people’s short term memory. It’s like the book return at the Library. Right here.

Not yet stored away.

We sing jingles

We remember slogans.

Tweets are not new. They’re just the best way to revive the ever long lasting sharing of slogans that makes us laugh, and often think deeper and reacall a memory or save a new story to the library.

Slogans can also be used to link to people or things. When digging through deep memories in the deeper library, it is far easier to remember a top hat visual and a slogan or catch phrase than a name. Names do not have slogan power, unless the name is a unique catch phrase, and they only stay unique for a generation.

Cher and Madonna are the first two that come to mind. Beyonce might for you.

When I say Michael you may come to a diferent mental image.

When you look up Michael in the dictionary, you see a lot of lictures.

Wood carvings and metal punchouts were the kitchen art of my parents. Bumber stickers on a rack at the gas stations would make us smile and we might buy it if the mere sight of it triggers a trip to the memory for somethinng uou like.

Ok.  I am going to bed. it’s 6pm.


maybe not.


Although this is online and public, it’s not really finished. I wrote it while on weed, and I think I am probably proud of much of it. It is my live first draft and I’m not saving it to the library.

The blog is the one anyone can visit.

Stories from my Library.

Orange Shirt Stories.


Register and chat to that NOW

Ok, tomorrow morning. 




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