I got the call to action
I'm always happy to be called into service to feed the animals on my days off. I just wish I had advance notice sometimes.

I got the call to action

 it’s Saturday at about 5:30 and I get the startling phone call that is not going to be home in time can I feed the pig and put them away. I’m not surprised by this behavior although I’ve tried to correct it by asking him to let me know when he’s going out but I don’t press the point. Being available last minute is one of the benefits of having a roommate at home when you’re out socializing the one day a week you can.

And amazingly, it’s still bright outside. I don’t need the flashlight to guide me back to the chicken coop at the rear of the property. It didn’t really even need it half an hour later when I do the second phase and cover the pig in the blanket.

I had expected to give the pig a bright surprise and cover him this evening in a new to him, house warm blanket. I have three spares I’m no longer using. Sadly, it wasn’t where I expected it to be which is puzzling because I live in a 12×12 room and there’s not a lot of places to hide a huge blanket. Ironically it’s not in the blanket bag. Oh well. That gift will have to wait for another day.

Once again I forgot to remove the blanket I would have the way when I fed him but luckily it was off to the side anyway. It is entirely possible that I forgot that I did that and it’s muscle memory now. I’d like to believe I’ll never forget again. I do believe that, until it happens.

I let the dogs out during feeding and they were surprised it was me and now they’re sad and moping because they’re confused by the weekday and the weekend when he was here and now he’s not I could be giving the dogs too much credit yet they seem fussy now he’ll be home before midnight I suspect



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