I am an idiot. Make fun of me at my own expence

I don’t feel high, but I’ve made a few high stoner type blunders today. Correcting people using the wrong YOU’RE. An Opinion. I understand we’re not perfect. I make a lot of errors when I type that I often ask…

I don’t feel high, but I’ve made a few high stoner type blunders today.

Correcting people using the wrong YOU’RE. An Opinion.

I understand we’re not perfect. I make a lot of errors when I type that I often ask you to excuse. I even have a gigantic blog that I announce is not proofread and is filled with many atrocious errors. Some are caused by actual spelling errors, while others may be typing errors or hilariously unpredictable word predictions that keyboard makes. I am still perplexed by how amazing auto correction be one minute, and then the next it is swapping of the word sins with flashlight.  Sins.. spelled correctly is swapped out for another word that isn’t 4 letters and doesn’t start with an S… and then later I’ll type glightwriter and it won’t know all it needs is a T instead of a G.

However, there are some errors that are not the fault of the computer, and really are not spelling errors. I will admit I don’t fully get the effect/affect differences but I learned the big three pretty long ago. The ones that people will correct you on.

The theres, the twos and the right your.

To say it offends me when I see the wrong your somewhere isn’t quite true. That word almost has a new meaning as the default position for attention seeking emotional people that need you to know they so strongly disagree with whatever it is today that they choose to say they are offended, which in most cases is ridiculous.

However, having said that, seeing the wrong your is my top beef, because it tells me you just don’t care. As forgiving, I am with the idea that it’s OK to not care. You can talk all day long about how many fucks you have to give about anything. However, as I age I discovered the second level of not caring. It becomes a part of your story in my universe… and you are OK with not caring about that either.

That is a superpower I’m still learning, and can’t fully comprehend. I use similar logic with the two levels of racism. I am fine if people want to live their lives with the first belief they were taught, and not upgrade. If you learned to hate black people and fear foreigners, I’m OK with that. But the second level is, you should at least be self-aware to know that you’re not in the majority and that sharing those feelings openly with pride is what shocks me.

It’s OK to be wrong or ignorant in this world today. You might actually be with the majority on some opinions and views, but I have a problem with people who take pride in their ignorance even after demonstrating awareness of those views being wrong. I lose respect for people who respond to a YOU’RE correction with anything that shows they know there are two yours but continue to use the wrong one.

With the three theirs and three two, I’ll let pass. The reason I hate the your confusion is because you SHOULD know it because they are not two versions of your at all. Unlike their and there, your is a word, and you’re is two words, contracted. You should not have to ask Google or a smart friend like you might with THEIR… You should know that you’re even SOUNDS different… Argh.

However, I must enter a mental debate every time I see it wrong because it can be a real error and you’re not ignorant… I just have a hard time comprehending the mindset that they know, but they don’t care. It’s just a typo, but one that I can almost equate to wearing a Cocaine T-Shirt to a job interview. Even if you understand it’s wrong, you don’t understand that other people will judge you without guilt or delay that you …

I’m going to stop.  I lost my mojo when the computer did something and my attention was diverted. The previous paragraph was started almost an hour ago. I’m only finishing now because it deserved an end… but in truth, I don’t have an end.

This is an example of a new word which has evolved this decade. One I was reluctant to use initially but then gave it.  Sometimes it’s just enough to say;


Just know, when you use the wrong your, you gain a few demerit points in my memory profile of you. If you tell me you don’t care, you gain a few more. If you tell me it doesn’t matter, you will probably start a conversation… Even if you don’t have esteem issues and are self confident, how other people see you is important. IT is so easy to not be noticed.


Not satisfying.