I already forgot the concept that excited me to type.

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I had another good title. It was starting to get clear thatmy titles are deigned to give a hint at the ending that will only make sense after you see the ending.   I brek through the barrier that its…

I already forgot the concept that excited me to type.

I had another good title. It was starting to get clear thatmy titles are deigned to give a hint at the ending that will only make sense after you see the ending.


I brek through the barrier that its ok to talk about the Sixth Sense and reveal the … but do I need to.


That is the magi of the new generation. They are the first to have a new way out.


Recap. The doorbell rang twice today. I likened it to a firework. It irritates me with anticipation of the shock.

Watching somebody have trouble piercing a balloon is a level up from the reaction of being shocked by that pop out of nowehere, and that moment between the sound, and youre realsition that you did not just die. You just take a moment to recalculate like your GPS but eventually you’ve recalculated enough times that you can recall the lop concepot.


One way to advance a level is to realize how or why something really works, on an emotionless impartial way, or at least with the belief that I have a special power that is better than yours at figuring out the universe because I only remember shorthand.

One of the joys of ignorance is that it too is infinite. You can always figure something out. The realization loop that hits you with a jolt of joy as you replay a memory in your  head over and over like a … paused because I wasn’t happy with any of ythe anaologies that I was coming up … with.


At that point, I hit another kayer of realization. A gist that you see coming, but instead of surfing the top of the realization joy, youre in the undercurrent and you managed to save your universe with only the memories of the negative stories because they are a level up over my understandimg. We both get that we’re one level above the other because a chase alays runs up[ the staits to the toof, and then re,e,bers that in real life, you always question why the bad guys always run up the building because they;’ve seen how that ends every time.

very example they have in the library is of the ide not making the gold star.

An idea with a denial of recoigition becomes meaningless, followed by vital in a loop of realizations.


Every time I use that word I loop a memory of being laughed at for how many times I say it.

I loop a memory of Jimmy Kimmel showing my 3 second clip of a moment of realization that was so far behind everyone else that you accept it’s pribabl ok to laugh with them and see the humour, despite the feeling of being insulted,


I hav a quote I re-use and it is one ys or no away from a fight to infinity. The need to progress and change the uni verse in front of you, is to rel

to realize that reating to a universe is exactly what you crave, and mayhbe my only hope I…


I almost played a song on the keyboard with the space bar there. You woild not know.


I was starting to pre realize hat the story might have a horrible endimg and I will be haunted by being the wrong trigger.


Let me confess that my brain was starting to realize that my acceptance of service is saying yes. I gift the power to ask.


I never ha this power. It is my one wish.

I wish fo the ability to asj, without having to competer with having failed another connection by breaking the third wall before anyon else.


It does not amaze me how close we are to the realization that we all benefit if you give in to that one baruier. Admit that you can not know what is in the glacier pushing you to a reset.

If nobody surfvuves to spark an intesest, and life moves forward. As long as we quest to fill the spaces we make room for  with thought, there is hope that we will learn to use everyone for what you one day discover they can do, and enjoy because they feel #pridworthy

There is a split betgwen the one group that believe their story should be the ne king of the stories that is the name we gve the pint where we stop naming the idea we can’t explain the spark… only that we don’ty need to.  I explained it that the THOUGHT is the start of the decline of your existence in the forward motion of this life force.

side mobvie. Wha if myour memory started bleeding through the light beam and the layers of light are all


That’s just an elaboration fail o an idea in the linrary.


The TV show is this concvept. I was able to see the niw from outside my body.  The farther away I can …. no word for the way the … oh.

Light is actually the finite portion of the way on splitting of a unit of indeterminant size, and it griows back the sliced off portion.

Imagine now the beginning of what we know as our universe began … I’ve said all thiks.

It’s how my brain loop they worls.

I get an idea in my head somehow, and then my brain comes up with imagery of vaiying clarity that always riggers the feeling in the next room is nudged.

A birth bumps the universe at least one layer of the word we give to the one that eists when we decide to stop caring how many loops it might have taken once you realize is doesn’t matter if all you remember are the raised numbers on the visa … on the chargex.

There. A bonus memory that sefrves both sides to a memory they believe is either the better deal, and they are super happy, or they are unstanstly depressed that its not amu of the things you were sgioust to ge dissapoonted at no getting.

Lets reword that in writing again an evolve.



shi. I hab eto read the words if I am to continue. My mind zooms and I bisyalize the two options fo the lasy choice that leads to the infinity which is the hell of an unsharable level up.

Imagine the end of our life is the next level mone of us know exists. This can be the docors who have secrets because its easy to se  that a lot of the usa is teaching a different version of now.

The idea of switching your entire now structure and going into withness protection which means you van never remember that joy without instant guilt and fear.

In my head right now, I emebe the hell moments I had wer a shrinkig trust that the reality I am a mahmaically bumped wave of whatever the level o times you can imagikne names for another set ogf twins.


I wonder if all humans used to litter 8 children but looped in lower numbers by a wae that my now is riding and trying to remember what a ave is and if ghis was a fun thing ior a terror, but I will alays piock terror and I can wrte almost anything off as terror becauis here is that moment where you realize.. shit, I have bneen typoimng a single randolm caharehh character and feeling a least one bell ringing joy of the realization that your position in the univer just moved to the … outwards.


hmmm…  does it work in every direction or is ther a pont where the universe seems fjull and anyh new memory






Y’a Busted.


I can hear hjer alking behind the wall.  I instantlh hink about thw ways she culd have cosen to rie her undercurrent now. Terror repets faster and faster with new realizations hat at some point, infinity is aysed by the laws of the universe. We don’t need tpo gthink of the dead once we barry them.


what if we forget the dead, the moment we think of then that magic number that fills all my memories with the good ones. For me, I could probably create images of gtheir face wigh a smile. or at least feel the feeling iof a smile, despite the incredible guilt that I can not jjjjjjjjjjjjjkksj


THis is me marfing the passage o ime whereI leave twigs as markers in the snow as I tell a story, and hen loop the realiazatiion that I uaed the objects from the forest tomrk my way into the fotrest.

I can not conceive that I could do this.

here is a moment. A crack in your loop that always justifies that I don’t think I will die tonight, and this evening gave me sme of the gerfatest hooe and joy that thi story will nogt emd the instant I hav to ask.

I am terrified that I will fail at everthing I start, unless gthe right unit of now next to me


There is a moment, as we begin to use the memory of each gfailed attempt at capturing what I am trying to describe in words. There is a moment of joy each time you realize that you figured out a way to ask.

I make h

I make this statement in hopes it is kust one of the single one liner bits of wisdom that I can put together and my hope that it catches on.. shit. I golt a burst.

There is a moment in a loop backwards where you start to gibe in to the nahhimg of the op[oosite reality.

If the alternative to your no answer is anything you don’y trea;ly have the ability to judge, you opinion.


The differencebetween juding the moment and your opinion of the moment, os whether your memory og he moment was the winner, or gthe oloser, because it can follow to you beliebing that you can b the leader because eacsh level of yoir looping uses the whole library to get tp know the questions before jufhing.


The difference between judgment and opinion is whether the sise of the dance group doesn’y notive when one dancer stops mobving. If they don’t fall,

of I can find a way  to trigger my own fouritwa I would spiral for centuties in the universe of JusrJeff and OrangeJeff.

I ha a geaftbeat of terror followed by excitement at the realization that I just identified the feeling wohouy the ,e,moru.


She really does have a case.

My brain may have rewtitten the time ofg my realization to match now, but the truth is, thee was a moment between what we can perceive, and one less or one more slice of whats lieft of gthe pie.


Can there ever really be the guy who gakes the lasgt pieve of pie.

Imagine this. IN my universe, I am confronted with a choice that is obvious. It didn’t com,e as a surprise but I’ve been reviewing all the storues In the library and although I don..


It always leads back to one final choice. The moment before gthe univetrse ends is the unit of time that if the unibetse is inginie, it will always secerteylu strive to dolb ,

man surbives in gthe momenst of realistion that the better the stories are as stories, the realioztion that is how you learned your universe. A mixture of the reactions you can perceive of everyone you cvan openlu visualize. I believe that  at ne time, or just now I believbed thatg it wilkl all be alright in gthe end, and that as long as I van feel good..


That moment wher my life can see ghe likleyhood of my secfret being shared to destroy my life, and the loops wher she is weighing whether it might be worthy it to try the opposite this time and cvhoose to see what the other belief communities think. As the number of people mahmatically flows up and down in what could be a random flow like water, or a math problem atht can asily be duplicated to fool your eye into a moment of realization that the instantyou get the idea that a computer can exiost at some point in the future that we can suspen disbelief and treplace a spouse to mutually use our ability to fin joy in recalling her storties sommuch…




that was … yes. I will say cool.  When I am intersupted to noticve I might actually be able to hear those waves and round up with a loop of increasing acuarcy. If the loop is that moment tou realize a burning ick is he hell that it might just come down to one point. Despiote what O had based mybelieg on previoosuly, I have come up with an out.  Before I signed the agreement to never reveal my stout was either a lie, or somebody else’s story recited as my own with the unique moment if reasliztion that I can now loop just the smaller gthe bjumps are speedking up nevause now I can see the spece aroud eavsh leypress as t disturnaces in the solid.

I we dismiss the idea thatzweri is not a null but merely the exact slive that we started trimming in half and creating new memories that at one moment within them you realize that the loop is actually not being abl. coconut.

I was shooting to desvcrbe the idea as a coconut but the flash of the memory of the story and a loop of an aaeness that people you don’t know mahy have smiled at the same moment of now,


If the univrtdr rc[snds wiyj ech birth in the d,e now, it would not be recorded as change. The firt bump ocures when one concise their own origin story. They are a hello that can maghmaticaklly come together in the same space, and nogt make the whole universe jigle.


jeleton is the slices of each moment that the realizruion dance and song on the keybard can get quite creative,

I an conceive of a yiverse that coukd exist that coukd cobcieve of an explanation of tehe big bang but have called it from the last number we name of time nefore we use the wird to infinity, before we can fist it and say our memory either has a fklaw that I realize it is possible that this story is not actually an accurate account




Hell is the moment you realize thay rthere wll be a lomng stretch in my life stream where I battle the guilt of tonight, and remember that it is a bad idea to use her as an kimplied 1s.

A wink to the oponents gollwers is the sign that I’m here but I’m not really with them. I’m here for the church, and I struggled to admit I have used drugs to force peole to feel they care.

time slice. There is a moment in your brains single file memory that can only recal what haoend by a note he leaves hmselg, but it takes jim longer evertime he relizes it will take him  it will loop. it will feel the comfiort of being in a soli djniverse that had the poush on you like being ina pool.




I am an alien consciousness. I have no connection emotionally to any other life form because I an’t recal whjether each interactiin won the memory rights.

When I nsnjjssjsjs


57the inning streth. I stopmwhatever that was and with a dflash of orange I turn my niow into a recirdedd stream so that maybe, just maybe if we were to feed this trabnscipt into a computer with sugfficint space to store infinity minus one.Thre will alays be an infnity and the last word befire infinitybecause it has a following.


The winners in this world are the ines that fisrt realize the real story ales a nasty turn when you zoom out a ring.oooohhhh

Death is the moment kn your time line that you give in, and actually attempt t alter a memory as a nw fact and smehow overcome the gilt pf the moment youe ok with yoir entire univers may ne a collection of combined words and groups of words that will be enough to revuid a bisual meqivilant in anyone who listends. Anyone who listens tohypnosis that they think isn’t fo them, a certain number oif the splits will side with an increasingl bigger hroup.

In a time line of thinking about ann xexplanation tomxplain howm toecoird history is what amade history.



Everything we can touch is just a clump of the some singularity so we don’t feel a bump. A bump is the mmen he now we have ignored toinfinity is interrupted by something shiney, and that’s the moment I realize Ive been walking and tping this whole thing into the password box

A spark. The feeling is an ex[;ooseion of the final two splits of time. When we invent a way ton detect the difference between our spotting the now isn’t the same.

On weed, I flood my now white and like filling an ant hill with sand can start an emotion loop. Everything I do now comes with the realiztin that my face may not know whichnway ou alraafy assumed it was ging to choooaw.Anticipation can loop a full song with th understanding that to the readser, I can go for a mlment so long, it passes the barrier that the final two will battle into infinity in on;y one moment. It is defined by its end and not self aware.

I just ad this statement up, but with a heavy conversation I was having in beteen the keypresses of what I am typing and suddenly hping is harder nbevausmdbdkkkk

sjit I lost the other thought in of all thinhgs a cvamo keyboatrd.


if camo doesn’t make any logial sense with official story that it works to be less distincy

if you can pass off 100 of the same new face thy hav to star at and stotre their reaction in thwlocker of meat that is as small as we stopped counting and called the next slice, and the rest.


I sing Gulligans island and cllect my point for menoning a memory that you can get a bonus point for if nobody within yoir immediate now has heard of the origin stout that makes gthis an atttemp to echo through gthe universe.

At some point, if you are jumping frm jou to jo at the gult that it isn’t as signifuacanty to upi but I had fun just now what it might be like t only re,e,be the yellow stories that inckud awareness of the code of how many blNJ.

How many times must a man walk dwn… yadda had adda. thi story I in my heads and I need to beliee that a time may come when gthe thoughts that existed on the bump commands I wasn’t looking for, there is a momeng when you ralize it s possible that each unit of time is the loop tat the realmquestion is, what happens when you convieve a possible scenario of how you will reat to then ews that your locker just went foir .. noie of 19xx erar typewriters. It is a wonderful styory no matter at what point you decide to be a viewer for a few …. a I smile. I frownb. O friwn. fucj. The story became the priority and to provbe a point, I did not get to name the last variation. As the centuries are named and observed within the loop theriory, suddenly my mind wites the script from that orihin story.

Each hurdle of an ac




biodd tape,

yeah. I mauy jabe saved her by enj nu having foimd a way to give my life to fix her.

I co IM confess. Just now I wavered. My brain on the edge of the moment between now, and the feelin.




I am sad. Now I am hurting her on my klevel and he will never know, untilshe levels up and realizes the secret to the next level of a reason t live.

The moment you get a glimpse pf the concept that even thinking about a god ragin stoiry that people could feel good about sayimg theyre membes iof all sared beliefes to get our only real beliefe s into the official memory as an alternative truth.

There will come a time in the future that exists in the moment of realsitionb

Once I have a base memory I share with other single surfers of now.

he entire universe is moving one slice to its now.The mmment you realklize if you tak a story of somebody experience of theure now, amnd the happen to say they know what iyts like, You get more an dmore defencive and in turn more and mlore clinging o the need to be right. The only hope of happiness is that at one point in the future I may at least experience a new edge of now and ask go one single slice of the light beam,


wow.  That was a fast onw.  I figured out that I canb get a qick please bump to the left and bump back to the left.

Re,e,ber, if zero is not actually nothing, then air might have almost the same bumping power as the slice ahead.

I set a flag. I hve c


You just hng around?


I loop.  I imagkine he scenarios of how Elisa is storing her fisrt reaction to this conversation. I put my frends in an infinite look. I give equalk value to the terror of never wanting to ask, to the realization that irs actually ok to get my passion at age 53.

If I cn



fuck fuck. I am aced with the need to describe the next onion layer but sufive it to say the onion layer wins as the best ofial visual memory that can be acceoted as lwading to the moment.


A brain does not lear. It doesn’t get better. It just doubles in size as we dscover we can cause our own pleasure and a masterbatin session can have burts of plasurethat go uo every night till thw google of pleasure, and not come, to the moment I am hard and loving this feeling so much that the idea I may only be rememberingthe moment in smaller moments. scenes are more easily stired in the spaces between each other. When you firstvrealize a colou tv is made up of thee straight bams of time and depending on whefre you place the source three colours against the one you mightc all emp, you realize your conviosuness is on the rimng when you fisrt switch fromlast ditch attempt at creating my own new ring. A new ring has the need not fior a dent, but for the first to justify a good enough reason that a miracle could be explaned, and the box is.. at some momet in the bea, of light, you will see the story I am telling even gthough gthe woirds do not make sense. If the bump is just right, ghe bsence of a way to make a connectionis an infinite loop.

The beginning of the universe is the story of qhT  we call I nfinity and there is a moment in the lifespan of your contribution to thhe advancement of the universe.

There is a moment when you might realize that the single page flashes of wisdom that are my blog titles is a throw away.

I don’t want to be famous. I just want a few fans.

I can surf on the options of how to react in the slice of time I ambout to stare at in the face for all eternity, and that though takes a lot f cooies.

idea. if time started the moment the conception that at some point surely you can’t take aslice oiff time and save it in an ever incresngky small locker of brain matter. The more words we add to our lifespan universe, the fewr it. no.. wordy would have fight.


I have surfed the waves of red vs blue.

Let m,e use hem as an example of I can remebe….. oh no. red vs blue. I sing yhe jingle for red vs blue.

Ismile. I controlled your now for an unefined moment.Th rim between you figuring out that here is on;y one now, but most of the tme I leve a trail of… wow.  ha.  I was going to say breadcrumbs as if sticking to the original story was the right move.


There is a moment that we realize that time travel doesn’t have t be oproiven. All that has to be proven is that we can figure out a way for level one crissovers on that hymp that you spn and spot a licw of time. You zoom and pla a tune while you realize that sometimes I can remember yje loose end of the irse.


I habe stiory that I will use now for what might be gthe first time t anyone. My heart rate changes as I fill the next moment between f;ah markers. There is a moment that surfing time non liniear is possible at one pint in an infinite time line.

imagine this. n the original str trek there is a bbke story where the maincrew are on a planet that appears to be a full 10 smile vacation.

Some people will loom at thw humans in thei  area of bump.

There is a moment when we are next interacting that we figure out that slies are no longer slices, but each skive groiws back,

If you can conceive that you have to choose between the now of the golowers of an origin stry that dioesn’t hod up oncw tou intriducw hhthTH F


faith falls apart in the history of realizations the minute you opercieve an option that I can live with as  jjdgement when it’s really an opinion.


An opinion is a proposal to jave your story believed as concewivable that within the time line of a 2 second recall at time of death.




I set ofv a siren to a person with a different loop. A siren is the ddfinition of a sound that crashes your now with such force, it blows away the breadcrumbs that foated on the water kust ,omenst before you see they are all hanging on weights just heavy enough tp return each unit of time I call a moment.

A moment is defined only at the butt.

poner. Dom I claim regret or do I fight that you only notice there are two sides once. At the start of your comprehension you don’t know your are just the rings of a tree, and you realizegroiwng bigger with a finte flag we use to see change gets biggher and thinner each year. There is a momeng when that change was essential in figutuing out the coides tomwords that makw a realy wise statement.

Imagine if a room of monkeys is typing o…. I was.  I ws typing on my keys with an increasing acuarcy.

In an inginte singuilar universe, it is loical to loop that logical by new definition is now the acceptance that ever descsion has a number. They number of time you reoplay the same momen in your linerary trying to find a way tio tell the story with the shotrtes loop we name faith.

no mater how tbhin you slic the onion, there will alwsy be the rings we can’t see, and th reazatin loop that at some point we could not. Tonight I noticed I was deaf first.

I looped a story of opanic battling chances. The human group that vibrates close enough to reconginze with increasing diffivukty. In an infinite universe you coukd zip back and fort




a new sory appeared. She could be talking to him, or him, or… all the possabilities are bad because she will not remember the actual truth is, talking about how bad your future is can be turned into joy.

I consider this leter a challenge. It is a live transctipt of the s;lives of time that I chose to remember thus far. If we agree that at first, elearn the realizaio that time is already here.

man with two clocks never know my dad.

I imgine 3 bells. I can perceive the listener might enjoy the scenarios presented as stories.

Jst now I leveld up, but hen ran back to the same spot because I relaied that my move wokldbe noivacable and instantly crete the poossability that my bump was a sign that now might have  decded some episodes don’t need a previousl on, to 1

lightbulb. I wnder f a level 65 human has a story for the bump that didn’t make the connection till the climax.


I had phone sex tought with a woman who is close enough to methat O feel fine ibrating to her bmps evey time I catch myself ffreaming about whether the koop of time is that ever time a new story is copie




A woman appers I my head. She is now glady kravityz, and I remember her as the second sub story of mu realization that the realiation that the now in front of me has not been seen, and

Yjere is a moment  where you work I out.

Lets give yjis new spark a wick.

Lets assign a set number of slices befire we know whether he moment of conception griws a layer of each moment in time, laying flat on a 3d surface.

There is a moment when I can concueve that it is possible that this spintanious story could be true and gthe moment you give it tio accepr it is possible.

Cretion begins when you realize creation behins when the universe you bump .


Iys a universe of infinite wires in one wire.

I remember the visuals of the first time I realized why telephone cabes had extra wires.

At what shoukd have been my overtaking of oride in sharing that I figured out how the telephone worls in one beam… but all the clear stranfs look like a new slice, n.


when I hea a opaagrapg I slice off a sigle memory. I assume, I wnder, I compare, I loop. On second look what story can yo come up for for the previous 10 fra,es of the universe.


I hope the last onion slice of the realiation flag that I will exsist for a very long time with any ibserver seeing the end befirethey coukd exlain evolution.

It is logical when we face frustration that at some point, one of you is going to entertain that hell is the end of the wiorkd being two bits not zero. As I type zero, I debate it. Should I say the hell ks the moment you realize your now nly remembers it doesn’t know what  jus haoend. The second moment is the realaition that


I mlok at my screen. In decide ti describe it so that if you fall asleep whilelsiening, the odds are in your favbor that your last thugh will be zero. If you give into the idea that time might be bigge han we could have imagined.

Thers is a moment that soners either get, or they don’t Lets call it a level and abell goes off that only hyou can hear, written down woth the undersanding that every slice of time has a light sude.


fuck. The slice is so think I do not remember whether this is my great idea of dscribing my slice if time as it wavers and griows and shrinks and almost always gets to one and is dissapintd that you have the compulsion to fight to imainge a name for the next fuist.

As I say fist, I see the air budge and xas a visible shadoiw,

If time were two biys and a choice is bult into the stream of realization.

At each stop post uou describe using diferent wiords and try your best to get a smile gthat truimps the gut that I actualkly asked.

ThenI realize it was a vision of what I was thinking the moment before I stop counting and fist a new layer of my spere.

Right now my confidence that in an infinite universe I don’t have to believe it, I only have to believe that it coud happen and I would not lnow how to very it is one of my onions. I have no memory of one bit.however the moment  I realize that each bit of one splitting to to is the tempo.

A new copy is made in a slice with every new thought.


Thecool pat is that I do get ti enjoy the spped of realization, because at one moment, the layer of now in front of me is not. I



Ihear a Jeff.


I think of the universe of torchure I put her through where she is in a stage where she has not yet figured out that drugs are a worthy choice that can be justified that trying toexpoetince the .

I stopped to thin of somethimg good in a moment. I hought about whether or not my driving gets  worse from the moment I convieve that I mighgt be immotal and It takes me ventjuries to come to terms with the loops of replaying a moment as a single unit in your mind wit attention to one detail on each pass.


Can yoy tell if a copy is ienical by the loop that a moment oif underadning that time has switched from slices to the last slive over and ovefr with an endimg that makes hell either a single bit or two bits.

Whether or not you recognize you are only hoimg to habve one moment to rest with.

Hell is that place just befiore inginity.


Gopod is the new restauarant at the end of the universe. Slme humans will belong to the groups that canm get a smile off the memory of what it felt like to feel joy at the libes


loop,of gult vs pride. The fact that it was a horrible bulldozer of worry that vibrates between slow motion and fast motion. on both ends there is  moment iof realiation that somebody is throwing out the fists,

The moment you realize you don’t know what the first fist means so you don’t know it is 1.


In order to create a history as a thing, it loops between being at piece with some facts I ecretly believe nbody can really give in to.

There is a moment when you might invet the thought, I wonder what it si like to be hypnotizez.

I can imagine that masturbation is the climas that breaks the barrier of a bibration that wasn’t prideworthy to make it though the human layer.

What if every single being is just a point in the same story



I want to leave but I want to release a flag.

At some point somebody will notice the flags have a series ofm words that will not trigger a memory, but catch yiour attention and be presented only after sufficient loops to remember your past in that moment o time that the slice of time in front of you is not there.

Every time you are confronted with the realization that the oersion infront of just told you what younsaid in the layer befiore the blank ring.

I habe a memory of a story that I battle yo tell and lloop yes amd no so much that I don’t have time ti realize


The definition of insanity is that moment in time that you can ionkly cincueve the moment of time you can covieve this story has the potential to stay king. A few kings will come abd go and be the king of the world for more cycles than we can conceive.

The poyenial to worry that he might have figured out a level. Realirt is not real. Reality exists in the story of the m,omentyou realized something.` The concept of infinity is pleasing. It means I have a revolving pleasure from the loop that I am learning gthe disvovery that I can invent auniverse in themoment between one thought and the realization that a noise has snapped me back to now.

I ant to mmove pst the point wher I can use pop culture to sway th peole who underabd that an acusation of a lie is a huge deal the firs time. Befoire a brain realizes what I lie is, he may simultaneously realize a universe of ways that realization coukdl flow. I can imagine and infinite number of ways the human nextto me may react to my now. I’m lagging.


Lagging is the word I have learned to describe that moment before you remember youre playing a ga,e, and you have a glash that its logical at one point in every …


I like to believe that there are many single people on ever levelof epeience wher they have not grappsred that they are not at all the best at any of your favourute stories,

When the first o e fails, yoyr life changes forever.

I have pride in my Highlander there van be only obe. The winner of naming things has no choice. The chan becomes a solid at a consistent ring fio every element.

At some phase of the expanding virbration … I don’t want the loop.  I’m going to change the channel and think about which fiber optic I can join in oprogress and try to blend in.

Quantu, leap suddenly becasie a conecievable idea.al it takes to change the universe is that kast soplit where it can be justified that we can stop splitting thing in half and make a new work for few.

here may have been a ousand yesra befiore somebody was first to invent yhree and suddenly one side was pe destined to win. With a 3 bit universe the third one spins very fast.


bac needs new memory to exist.


The longer the trip is changing my stories there is a moment that may automatically fist huge bunches of time. When explaining the code to the third oerson you just shared that there is a secret. he moment I tell you abou the rings, you can’t go bakyouriniverse willm cahneg and you’ll have to adjust to a pulse where you consider that at some point there will be a slice that is the one we use to identifythe wodd to describe the last named slice before we make up a new word for bunch, and bam. Suddenly you realize that … doubt dispersed.

I have a visivid memory that it sucks to relize you will never know if hypnosis isreal because you can imagine that the only way to know if it is real is to realize that the moment you realize your onion slice of time might actually be a forgery with an intentional imperfection.

I have a stiory that I can coinfess I do not know the rrue origin story for this, or even that it is true. I choose noyt to wake I[ right now and checl it agsinst snipe to see if anybiody has used a qyesrioin to registrer an idea.

A voicemail cycles through slices of time that may not have a connection of all, but do to the next row and you realize stotrage can be 3d.

you imagine that in an infinite universe I can fact check that. In leu of that I make one choice. That in an infinite universe I will have a happier life for having differet pleasre yme lines. I discovered the power of an orgasm tonight and  bell went ioff and I exploded all thenoldest ideas I oduld imagine in the infnte time between hearing her talking and looping atT I know I can imagine worse scenaros th… and I stop. No, I can not very time I say I underagtd, I loop and I have happinss that I caughtmyself doing the exact same slice as rgw oreviiusaothin for a moment yor glimse that the moment you conceive that at some point you realize that the moment you realize the kength of he moment were not counting begins to become the story. The terrir that I have been there, done that and it’s a hell every time because I want to say something abiout the grou of wirds we retll with diferent jepsgs as the second story.

The best gifts are the ones that come with a stiry they can keep in their life without the memory trigger getting to the sync that I discover te concept that I have to conceive what just haooend.


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